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    A former 'wallflower' with zero friends in high school, a loser who skips out on all the college parties, joins the lamest possible sorority and ends up with no friends or social connections. But then after a sudden life and death epiphany, she turns a new leaf and throws herself out into the world. Within two months, she has three best friends and a wide circle of lesser friends but friends all the same.


    Well, she wrote a book detailing this process, called "The 12 Steps to Friendship" and you can buy it at your local bookstore for 29.99 [taxes and surcharges vary depending on state. Book not available in Delaware.]

    Bu-uut, if you've already read her book and you still haven't succeeded in getting at least one friend, you can audition to be on her hit new survival reality show, Friendship Incorporated (or just Friendship Inc.). Obviously, being the busy bust woman that she is, Evangeline won't be able to appear more than two times (first and last episode) during the season, but she does have a hand in the tasks and events that will eventually result in you getting some friends!

    If you are accepted to the show, you will be staying in the Friendship Villa where you will share a room with one other person! The villa also has a pool, fully stocked kitchen, four bathrooms, and one recreational room. But don't get too comfortable! At the end of every Friday, voting will be held to see whose trying their hardest to make friends and who isn't! The voting is completely anonymous, but if you get enough votes against you, you're out!

    Participant must be at least 21 years of age.
    Participant must not be allergic to pet dander.
    Participant must fit description of 'wallflower', 'shut in' and/or 'friend-less loser'

    No Godmodding, Special Snow Flakes, Mary Sues etc.
    Appearances must be real
    No excessive cursing, but cursing is allowed.
    Making out is the limit for any romance, anything else, fade to black.
    3 Characters Per Person Max.
    Characters can and will be voted off.
    In true TV show fashion, 'auditions' (character sheets) will be sent to me, and when accepted, you may post in the 'Off Set' (OOC) and 'Friend Zone' (in character).

    Reality + Survivor
    Comedy + Drama
    21 Spots - (Character elimination will be frequent so don't worry about the character count.)

    At least 5 sentences per post.
    Third Person Past Tense.


    HEADSHOT [Image of Character]
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Preferred Name: (Nicknames etc.)
    Age: 21+
    Current Occupation: (If applicable)

    Other Health Issues:
    Family: (Name, Age, Occupation)
    Emergency Contact: (Put Xs for the number)

    Most Recent Education:
    Major: (if applicable)

    Five Words to Describe You: (Respond in character)
    Have You Ever Had Friends: (Respond in character and elaborate if answer is yes.)
    Your Hobbies: (Respond in character)
    Seven or More Sentences to Describe Your Past: (Respond in character)
    Sexual Orientation:

    Friend Goal: (Respond in character. How many friends do you want?)
    Three Juicy Secrets: (Respond in character)
    Fears: (Respond in character)
    Favorite Color: (Respond in character)
    Favorite Food: (Respond in character)
    Favorite Music: (Respond in character)
    Ice Cream or Yogurt (Respond in character)
    Jello or Pudding (Respond in character)
    Cats or Dogs (Respond in character)
    Trust Falls? (Respond in character)
    Willing to Cut Hair? (Respond in character)

    Okay so this may look like a Sign Up, but it is not. However you may send me CSs if you're interested. I just put this up here to see if there's interest before I make the other threads.
  2. Hmm, I like the idea of an 'off-set'. So how would you do it? Have the OOC thread be sort of like the viewing area for watchers as if it were a TV show, so you'd have those camera rooms where the participants write out their thoughts? Could be pretty fun to have the OOC also kind of a mini-roleplay, where you're RPing as someone sitting on the sofa complaining about the show XD
  3. I actually wasn't planning for that but that is an AWESOME idea!
  4. Of course it's an awesome idea, I came up with it :P
    Anyway, I might join, I might not. I think I'd definitely do the complaining on a sofa bit, but I'm not very good at engaging with real-appearance characters so whether or not I make an actual character is uncertain.
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