Friendship in the form of words (Always Open for More)

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  1. Good day to you--whomever is reading. I am Endless, or sleep, or dragon, or whatever you really want to call me, I'll even answer to hey you or idiot. (I am that desperate for an rp right now)

    Anyway, I have two things you can look at if you are so interested. First will be the link to a google doc with several (30 I think) plots in it that I have that I'm interested in. Here

    Second of all, if you don't want to read through the plots and/or have a plot of your own, here is a list of things I feel up to doing. Know that I love romance and do like to have a good mix of sex and plot , and maybe a little bit of lead up before any sex happens though that isn't a requirement. :)

    • Prince/princess/royalty/noble/etc x bodyguard
    • Guard x Knight
    • Sex slave x Pirate --I sort of have an idea for this one if you are curious though it would need some fleshing out with someone
    • more to come when I think of them...
    I am always open to new pairings so if you have one you are interested in, send it to me and I'll see if I think I can do it. Either leave a message here or pm me though, in all honesty, I tend to pay attention to pm's a bit more than threads. I tend to play the more girly, shy types better though I am trying to branch out. I do all ranges -- fxf, fxm, mxm.

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  2. I'd be interested in the sex slave x pirate idea, pm me with your thoughts on it?
  3. I'm interested in the sex slave/pirate idea. I prefer f/f and m/m, though it's up to which of those you'd prefer. :3
  4. Anyone else? :D I'm still looking for others lovelies~
  5. i'd be interested in doing some roleplays with you. The pirate x sex slave sounds exciting and from your lists i'd pick student x student- D, E, and B.

    PM me and let me know.
    Best of luck finding partners!
    • Noble houses have married one another for ages. It is expected for many young nobles to spend time together and choose another house to join with their own in marriage—for the betterment of both houses, of course. What happens when two young nobles make a pact to marry one another even if it wasn’t for the best of both households because both are suspected of traitorous acts against their king and country? Will this bring the wrath of the king upon them, or will a simple vow of marriage protect both from a larger truth—that one of the houses is in fact planning a rebellion?
    • Five shifters were taken. Three girls, two boys. They were taken to see if they could make good soldiers. If so, will they be forced into experiment after experiment? Will their minds survive the battery of tests that are pushed upon them? Will they bond as sisters and brothers against their holders or as lovers to protect one another from the abuse? Will a sympathetic guard help them gain freedom or refuse to do so, so that they might keep the on they desire at their side?
    • In a world where everyone is a shifter, those few that can’t shift are frowned upon and relentlessly teased or bullied. No one likes the Shiftless, and no one wants to be caught dead near one. When one is found out during a job interview, they are quickly thrown out—right into a Shifter that is rich, powerful and dangerous. To pay for damages, the Shiftless one works for the Shifter, hiding their lack of powers for as long as they can. What will the Shifter do if they do figure out they have a Shiftless working for them? Will the Shiftless become nothing, or will they find a way to save themself from the horrid fate most shiftless are doomed to?
    • They had been on the same team ever since they were kids. They were best friends, teammates, backup for each other in the most trying of times. But after a disastrous loss at a key game because e of one of their (enter type of game here) failing, they comfort one another long into the night. They even manage to get a hold of some alcohol and drown their regret in it. When one comes out to the other over a bottle of beer, will the other simply accept them or will it change their relationship forever? Will the one that comes out be left alone without their rock for the rest of the games?
    • The college is dual serving. Both Vampires and Humans are allowed to go to the school. They take classes together and many times, instinctually are drawn to one another. Some humans get hooked with the adrenaline that is released into their system when a vampire feeds off them. Like a drug, it pulls them under, making it hard to get away. When a past Bite-hooker enters the college for the arts program, they are fighting a forever pull to let the vampires drink from them once more. But they have been clean, unbitten for three years, and they are not going to fall back into that lifestyle. They have sworn they wouldn’t. Will they resist it completely? Or will they fall into the open arms of a fellow student that offers the adrenaline laced kiss?
    • Being the King’s lover can have its perks. Presents that are expensive. New homes that rival a palace. Horses, pets, outfits, you name it, the king could provide it, within reason. All one has to do is sleep with the king and risk the queen’s wrath. But what happens when the lover falls in love with a guard assigned to keep them safe? Will they be able to keep their king from finding out? Or will they resist the feelings to the guard in order to protect themselves from the king’s wrath? Will the queen, who previously hated the lover, turn sweet to help them escape so that she may once more be who the king takes to bed?
    • As a child, the heir to the thrown had escaped the castle and played with the cities and servant’s children many times. They had made friends, gotten into trouble, and otherwise caused commotions. One of their playmates became their best friend and they stayed that way, even into adulthood. When the commoner joins the palace servants and is assigned to wait personally on the heir, they are given a chance to once again spend time together uninterrupted. Will their obvious difference in station, that had been muted as children, strain their friendship, or will they remain as close as they had been as children? Or perhaps a worse fate awaits them?
    • They have been together for years. The guard has protected the noble since assigned to them. The noble has offered rewards but been turned down each time no matter what the reward was. When the guard is wounded in the line of duty, will the noble press their luck by forcing a reward on the guard? What happens when the guard requests something a noble would never consider giving to someone of lower rank than them?
    • Raves. So many things can happen at one. Drugs, alcohol, dangerous, exciting, kissing, lusting. When a regular rave goer comes across someone that is both there alone and at their first rave, they are drawn to both their guts and their seeming innocence that coats all their actions. Will they be able to bring the new person completely under their spell, or will the new person be the one drug the Raver can’t handle?
    I like all of these ideas. I prefer to do MxM, but MxF is fine as well ^^
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