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  1. Heya, Names Oni and I am new to Iwaku courtesy of a friend of mine. I've been RP'ing for going on 11 years now and am told I'm pretty good at it. Most of my posts average between three paragraphs and a page of text with decent content.

    I personally prefer fantasy or fan-based settings but I only play original characters. How much creativity can you have if all you play are pre-made characters? Lol not that it's bad if you do, but personally I refuse to play any character made by someone else.

    That being said i'm completely open to new ideas for plots and settings, love anyone with creativity regardless of rp skill level, and a strong driver of plot with the occasional break to be silly or relax.
  2. Hey, I'm up for a rp.
  3. Hi there! I may be interested in doing an RP with you, depending on what you're looking for at the moment in terms of a story. I checked out your resume, and you seem like you'd be interesting to play with. Fantasy is fine, and I'll play male and female characters mostly equally, though I admit to having a preference for females out of natural habit. I have the same feeling as you do in regards to pre-made characters, in the respect that I'll only play original characters when doing fan based. Of course, most of my characters are pre-made in a sense that I made them earlier on, and they've stuck with me, but I do blend them a bit to the scenario while trying to keep their general personality and most of their back-story in tact (My characters are like my children to me, so I tend to try to keep them as they are...Although I do torture them many times.)

    Fantasy and fan-based are both fine, but for fan-based, it'd be best if I knew what it's based off of...So for that, just listing stuff you'd like might be best. Actually...In general, giving me a general idea or list of your general cravings at the moment might help (as I may or may not have a story already for you for fantasy, depending on what form of fantasy you mean...Fantasy has a lot of elements to it, after all). But overall, I am interested in possibly doing something with you. If you are as well, of course.