Friends with Benefits

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  1. This role-play centers around a young woman and a man; they are, as the title would suggest, friends with benefits. No strings attached, right? Wrong. The woman is the man's live-in maid, paid well due to the fact that she cleans a New York pent house.

    Though, she's engaged and getting married to a man who happens to be one hell of an asshole. As she slowly looses interest in him, she begins to gain feelings for the man she's cheating on him with, which just so happens to be her boss as well as the boss of a major journalism company as well as a few other corporations. What happens when one day, he comes by and witnesses them doing the deed? By then, how will her 'boss' feel about her.

    Keep in mind that this will be more plot than sex. We'll start at the very beginning when he finds her as a waitress, working at a local restaurant. He hires her, they get home that night, flirting leads to something else. That's how it starts.

    If you've any ideas to contribute to the story, those ideas are welcomed.

    All Iwaku rules apply.

    Please note that I want a more descriptive and advanced writer for this role-play. I have the right to decline you if I feel you do not meet my criteria. Thank you for understanding.

    I'll also need a basic character sheet.

    One more thing- you'll be playing the man. I always have to play the guy, so. :P
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  2. I love the idea... I wish I could roleplay with you but I'm afraid I'll mess everything up... :/
  3. Is it because I required my partner to play the guy? I don't mind; I really just added that to see how right I was about the fact that many prefer to play the female. I want to do it so I don't care, and it'd be fun from the guy's point of view too. If you mean otherwise- you're a great role-player so I don't see how. :)
  4. Oh! I thought otherwise like you preferred to play the female for this! >.<

    Well, I'm just... kind of squeamish if I play a guy... especially in sex scenes... I'd feel so uncomfortable... I don't want to ruin this for you though! But if you insist... I'd really like to do it with you... if I can play the female lolz
  5. I understand; I actually scare myself with how comfortable I am playing the man. I mean, even IN sex scenes. I'm like... WHA? I'm not a guy yet I portray them well. Could be because I grew up around them and all that- I've always been a tomboy. Got a lot of preps at my school so I hang with the dudes. XD

    Or maybe I was a guy in the past life. That is if reincarnation is even real. Religion confuses me right now.
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  8. I've always loved Athena... :3
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  9. Don't get me started. I can seriously name all of them and their purpose. XD Athena is one of my favorites too!
  10. Have you ever thought we were getting off-topic? XD
  11. I'm going to act childish and say you started it

    Ha, it'll have to wait till' tomorrow before we continue, though. I'm tired, and I'll need to get up earlier than usual tomorrow.
  12. I'm fine with waiting Flicker! As long as we can roleplay it~ <3
  13. Alright, I'll get started on a small bio.
  14. Okay~ ^^
  15. Here is mine; The history isn't done yet but I have her appearance, basic info, and general personality.
  16. *coughs* I need to redo my character since... Yeah. I still want to do this though! :3
  17. I'm actually putting tons of work on this character for some reason. XD
  18. What kind of stuff are you doing? :3
  19. I actually have been insanely busy in life; I'm nearly done with my character.
  20. Great! I can't wait to see him! :)
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