Friends with Benefits

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  1. Name: Fiona Gallagher
    Age: 24
    About 5'6 and 134 lbs. Dark curly brown hair with green eyes. Has a tattoo of a rose on her hip, not colored.
    Background: Fiona recently graduated from college as an art major and is currently working at a small dance studio in the city, where her studio apartment resides. Her parents live close by, as do her older brother and sister. Fiona's mother and father are very well off and constantly are hovering over her to live in an upper class way as they do, but her individualistic mindset won't allow herself to be babied.

    Clad in a little black dress, a light jacket and high heels, Fiona made her way into the popular bar and grill where she was to meet up with a friend of hers for their birthday celebration. She was glad they picked this place, it was close enough to home that she could walk, not to mention she was familiar with the bartenders that worked there and she knew - she would even argue - they made some of the best drinks in the city.

    In a few short strides from the door, she was at Kyle's table, also known as the friend she was there to see. After wishing him a happy birthday, pressing a kiss to his cheek and giving him a good natured hug, she sauntered off to the bar area and grabbed a stool once she'd excused herself to buy a drink. Tapping a manicured finger against the counter, Fiona ordered a salted margarita, her chin propped in her hand as she waited for it to be made.