Friends with a Wolf

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  1. Katherin carefully made her way down the street. She knew it was late. She could hear the decreased activity around her. She used her cane to check the path in front of her. She traveled this route often enough that she wasn't worried about getting lost without a guide. As a blind orphan she was use to making her own way. She was halfway a crossed the street when a sound from the alley caught her attention.
  2. Min Jae was actually just managing to escape from whom most would consider an 'abuser'. His battered, blood soaked, black fur stood on end at every slight sound that occurred around him. He didn't know this part of the city as he has been held in captivity by his alcoholic step-father ever since he was sixteen years old. Now at twenty-two, he finally managed to escape the drunkard's hands. Although, he could not help but feel grateful that it was indeed late into the evening so he would not have to worry about his step-father finding him too easily. It was then that he noticed a blind lady, whom looked about his age, walking across the street. On the defense, he backed away, further into the darkness as a growl escaped his throat.

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  3. Katherine tilted her heard in the direction of the growl. It didn't sound like a dog. She paused but animal didn't approach. Did it need help? She didn't wonder off her set path often. It wasn't a size thing for a blind person to do. Still she wasn't willing to leave until she assured herself that was alright. "It's alright. I won't hurt you."
  4. Min Jae's growling began to cease when he heard the blind lady's voice. What are you doing? You know you can't trust anybody anymore, is what crossed the Korean wolf's thoughts. He didn't approach right away, but he was able to figure out that she was not going to be leaving him there, but how could he know she would help him? How was he supposed to understand what it means to be compassionate about others, and putting another's needs before his own? So, he figured that he should probably save her the trouble and just give her the benefit of the doubt. With an awful limp on his front right leg--which would 'translate' to his right wrist--he crossed the street so she wouldn't have to put herself in danger. If a car were to hit him right then and there, why bother caring? Once he got to her side, he kept his distance but began sniffing her hand and arm, ignoring all of the stings from the cuts underneath his fur, and the sharp, shooting pain in his front leg.
  5. "See I'm not a threat." Katherine spoke softly her voice teasing. "No need to be afraid of the blind lady. She could hurt you." She gave him a sweet smile until her fingers brushed through a wet spot. She lifted her fingers to her nose. She gasped. "Your bleeding. Oh you poor thing. People can be so cruel! Can you follow me? Your too big for me to carry one handed. My house isn't far."
  6. Min Jae had resisted all of the urges to not growl as she had begun to pat him, but he decided he would let this lady satisfy her curiosity while he managed to figure her out. So, since he also knew that she wouldn't be able to see him nodding, so he just let out a soft sigh to allow Katherine to know that he was willing to follow her. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! That thought caused the softest whine to escape his throat, especially when he began putting weight on that injured leg. Why not just shift? Because now she knows you as the beast you are, his conscience mocked him, which resulted in a scoff escaping his wolf mouth as he followed Katherine at whatever pace she decided to lead.
  7. Katherin straightened. Using her cane she carefully continued down the road. Like she told the wolf it wasn't far to her house. The turned towards a small grey gingerbread like house. It was cute in an odd away. It was painted the ugliest orange ever created. It had red tiles on the roof and tacky green shutters. She unlocked the door and held it open for the animal following her. "Just lay down in the living room. I'll get my first aide kit."
  8. Min Jae initially hesitated when he was shown the home, indirectly shown actually. He did follow her directions because he knew it would be difficult for her to figure out where he was if it didn't actually follow them. Slowly, at his own pained pace, he limped towards the living room, and laid there like he was instructed. He also didn't want to get blood on the lady's floor either, but he knew there was a low chance of that happening. He placed his injured paw over the other front paw and just tried to slow down his racing, anxiety filled heartbeat.
  9. Katherin carefully made her way to the bathroom. She had long ago memorized the lay out of her house. She grabbed a armful of towels and her first aid kit. "Alright. Just be patient with me. It isn't going to be easy doctoring you blind but I will do my best." She told him as she entered the living room. She made her way towards him. She felt around until she found felt his fur under her hand. She laid the stuff she had gathered on the floor by him. She took a wet rag in her hand. She gently began running her fingers over his body cleaning whenever she felt a wound.