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  1. You. Yeah, you. Remember that group of friend's you had since god knows how long? Ever stop and think to yourself "What the fuck ever happened to those losers?" Maybe they're working crappy jobs, or maybe huge Hollywood producers. Let's go back to your high school prom, and work your way up. You've had the same group of five other friend, you guys were tight. Let's fill in the gaps, shall we?
  2. I Like this! Does the protagonist have to go back to the prom time and relive from there? If so, Thats cool ^^
  3. Well actually, it's about a group of people reminiscing about their life starting from prom. The sort of vivid memories are relived.
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  4. Ohhh okay, still cool though! Thanks for the clear up, the story had reminded me of a rp i did a while back. :D
  5. So are you interested in joining this?
  6. Yeah of course!
  7. Yay! So, how close will your character be to mine (a question I'll be asking everyone)?
  8. First before I answer that question, may I ask, are the friends all guys, all girls, mixed?
  9. Mixed probably. I'm playing a guy so yeah.
  10. Oh okay then. Ill just put his mini-persona here. Just a litlle bit about himself and stuff. (In 3rd person)
    Also If you don't want him like that PLEASE tell me! Ill change him up to your likings!

    My Character Info (open)
    My chara will be pretty close. He knew him since they were kids, had some secrets he kept from him in order to keep their friendship going. He, for a long time knew he was gay but never openly admitted it. He kept it a secret, because he ended up developing feelings for him, feelings he could only keep to himself obviously. Though he knew this mustard seed love would soon grow, he continued to stay by his side, deciding that, one day he would tell him his true feelings. In the mean while, he would be putting up a front to make it less noticeable. He knew he wouldn't be able to pull off the delinquent front, his appearance would make it to fake, so after trying a couple of other things, he decided to go the innocent route. Having his feelings completely unnoticeable by expressing it openly. That, making him look like the loving, caring friend he should be. Just that will be enough. (If your not into the bromance thing, you don't have to return his feelings!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.