Friends of Harmonica Town

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  1. Harmonica Town was a place that Rory didn't fully understand. It was more of an island, but he supposed under the circumstances of there being a town on part of it and other areas around the town, it could be a bit more understandable. The town was fairly small- something that caused Rory, who's purpose in life was to ship things for other people. Or rather, carry heavy objects on a regular basis. Though Rory called himself the local shipping man, he tended to more just do odd jobs for people. After all, for shipments, he mostly just carried things from the shipping bins in town to the docks for Pascal to bring out on his boat. However, he also helped bring supplies to people, whether it be from outside sources that came through Pascal, or from one shop to another. So, shipping was still technically what he did, no matter what the meaning behind it.

    That day was an ordinary day for Rory as well. He'd woken up fairly early, leaving the inn he lived at for the moment to take an early walk. He was always awake before the inn actually opened for business- it was a natural habit, which often lead to having to be very careful not to wake up the family that owned it. However, no one seemed to mind, even though it was fairly well known- something Rory tended not to realize or accept. That morning though, he had woken up early too. And thus, he spent the morning walking along the nearby coast, taking in the early sunlight as if trying to enjoy photosynthesis like the flora of the land.

    A deep sigh escaped him, however. His brown eyes opened gently to look at the water directly, similar colored hair falling into his face. His arms were relaxed behind his head lightly, but he didn't seem to have much relaxation on his gentle yet rugged features. "This town is quiet in the morning...It's nice, but...I think I'm getting too used to the noise of the day." He let his arms down, looking towards the road to the church. "Then again, some areas are always quiet...I guess I shouldn't complain too much. It's going to get busy later today, right?" He chuckled, turning away from the water completely as the sun was starting to get a bit higher into the sky. "Guess I'll head back. Maybe I can help out again today...After all, I'm sure Maya will ruin something if she's allowed in the kitchen. I can always take care of the garbage." Chuckling to himself, he took a few steps back towards town. "Maybe I'll take another walk after opening...Pascal said he wouldn't have anything for me today..."
  2. Something was on the horizon. What was it? A woman. A young woman who didn't appear to be moving much. Sent into their lives to turn things upside down in their little seaside paradise from some foreign, unknown place. Her land was far harsher than the one here where everyone knew everyone and were neighbors. Everyone where she was from fought all the time.

    She had bright red hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Long spiral curls of it. Oh and the color red? It wasn't an orange red. It was a vibrant blood red. Naturally. Her eyes were aquamarine and she had a small line of freckles over the bridge of her feminine nose and cheeks. She was short, only 5'4, and had petite curves that suited her body perfectly.

    The lone figure was on a raft. Laying down to be precise. She'd been beaten before she was banished from some place unknown, and she'd been at sea ever since. No
    food, no shelter, no idea where she was at, or where she was going.Food for the sea? Perhaps.That had been the original idea.

    She was asleep as her blood stained clothes stuck to her body. There wasn't much on she was wearing. It was a thin blouse with a skirt that went just past her knees. they were mere rags now. The raft was just off the shores of Harmonica Town.
  3. The sound of the raft hitting the shore caught Rory's attention as he was walking away. A local dog's barking added to it. Turning around, he was shocked to say the least. He was sure he knew basically everyone in the area, from the inn keepers that gave him shelter to the farmers and their children in Flute Fields that gave him things to ship. This girl, however, bore little resemblance to someone he could recognize. Selena? Perhaps a bit- the red hair did seem similar. But this girl was definitely not someone he knew. Not yet, anyway.

    Rushing to the raft, he bent his knees to look at her carefully. She was asleep, unconscious, and covered in blood. "What in the world...? Goddess, what is this?" His eyes were glazed with a sense of discomfort and concern as he put a hand to a piece of her skin- she felt a bit lifeless, but there was some life in her, he could sense. There was only one thing he could think to do about it. Lifting her carefully off the raft, with a foot on the raft to bury it into the sand for future proof, he used his knack for carrying large amounts and heavy objects. He noticed she wasn't all that heavy, either. Had she been starved for a while?

    Banging on the clinic door, he yelled in. "Hey, we have an emergency! I found an unconscious girl, and she's in bad shape! Open up!" The nurse of the clinic, the doctor's relative, opened the door and was shocked as well, but hurried the boy inside with the girl in his arms. He did as Irene instructed, taking her to one of the beds, and then was pushed out of the room forcefully so that the girl could be treated. He sat in wait, rather than returning to the inn. "Goddess, just what are you thinking...?"
  4. It went a little bit, but eventually with all the poking and prodding, she came to life. It wasn't much, but it was something. The girl's eyelids moved a bit and soon they opened to reveal her shining irises. Even in their weak state they shone as brightly as diamonds. She looked around weakly, then realized she was somewhere new and sat up stark stiff. She winced immediately after regretting it. She fell back to the bed and started to scream. "Back! Stay away from me! Get back!"
  5. Rory entered the room with a sigh once he heard screaming. "I can take that as 'she woke up' right, Irene?" He looked at the girl blankly afterwards, staying fairly far back so she wouldn't be afraid. "Just calm down. I don't know what happened to you, but you were pretty beat up. I found you on the shore on a raft."

    "We're lucky Rory was on one of his morning walks," The old woman said in agreement. "I took care of your wounds as much as I could. You should try to rest more."

    "I'll get her a room at the inn for now," Rory added. "I meant to head back anyway. Ah..." He looked at the girl. "My name's Rory, by the way. What's yours? So I can let the inn know who the new person staying for now is."
  6. She seemed to have been disoriented because now that she saw that they meant her no harm, she painfully sat up to face them both. Her chest rose and fell rather quickly from her previous panic. She looked between the two. "Where am I?" She asked softly. When she spoke at a normal tone, her voice was rather soft and quiet, and right now just a hair hoarse because of her screaming. She spoke. "I'm Kieara...."
  7. Rory gave a small smile when she seemed to have calmed down. "This is Choral Clinic. Ah- you're in Harmonica Town, by the way. You probably have been on that raft for a while, so..." He scratched his cheek slightly, not really sure if he should pry into why she was on a raft and so battered in the first place. Seeing as she seemed relaxed, he took a step or two closer, trying to not get too close as to not scare her again, but also to get a better view. He moved his lightly gloved hand into his pocket. "As I said, you were on a raft on the shore just near town. You were unconscious, so I brought you here to be seen by Irene."

    "Which is when I took care of your wounds before you woke up. You've calmed down a bit. That's good." The older woman looked to Rory. "Ah...Rory, while you're away, can you get some clothes from the tailor? I'll pay for them. I have my doubts she'd fit mine, or like them. But she needs something more suitable than these tattered old things." He nodded as he left, and the woman returned to Kieara. She took some time to explain the area to the girl while Rory was gone, but he came back fairly quickly, since his two stops were very closeby. When he returned, he seemed to be feeling slightly awkward, but held out a bag with the clothes.

    "Colleen is making a room for you at the inn. These are the clothes I was told to get...Um...I don't really know much about girl's clothes, so I just gave them your height, mentioned you were really light, and had them take care of it. The girls there know girls clothes better, most likely, so..."
  8. Kieara smiled as she told her about town. She wondered when she'd get out of here. "Thank you." She said gently taking the bag and set it on her legs. "You seem nice..." she said though she seemed rather weary.. She wasn't used to people. Nice people at least. She looked through the bag. "Thank you." she spoke to him and gave a charming smile.
  9. Nice, huh? Well, that's not a new one... He mused lightly, before smiling in return. "Nice, huh? Well, pretty much everyone in this town is nice, despite their eccentricities." He leaned his hands behind his head again, looking over at Irene with a nod before looking at Kieara. "I'll leave so you can get changed without being worried. Come out when you're done so I can take you to the inn." He waved a bit with one hand before heading out of the room. Irene looked at him as he left, before smiling to Kieara.

    "You seem like you can handle it yourself, so I'll wait for you outside as well. But you should be careful. You have some heavy injuries, it looked to me. Don't push too hard, and ask for help if you need it."
  10. Kieara smiled at his words. she didn't really know what else to say to him. She wasn't used to kindness. She got changed, albeit that it was difficult. She was in a lot of pain. She soon came out the bruises and such on her arms showing as she exited. She was really beaten up bad. She spoke. "Okay i'm ready to go." She said to him.
  11. He looked at her bruised arms with concern, but decided to not ask about it- he wouldn't pry unless she told him to. Instead, he tried to pretend to ignore it, instead responding to her as he held the door open. "Well then, looks like we're off. Irene, thanks again." He then began to lead the way to the inn, just down the road. "We're going to Ocarina Inn. It's run by a pretty nice family...and I live there too. So if you need anything, you'll be able to find me there so long as I'm not working." He smiled, turning to walk there.

    "This area of town is the main town...There's the inn, the town hall, the clinic, a bar and the tailor's here...Oh, and a photo shop and fishery. The people are generally nice, so you won't have to worry about that. There are a couple houses around here, too...I'm pretty sure the guy who lives just north near the church district never sleeps. So maybe you'll be able to visit him in the wee hours if you need to chat and the rest of us are sleeping." He tried to remember the last time he'd talked to the man in the house he'd mentioned. "Most of us just call him the Wizard, but I'm not sure really what his actual name is. Or what type of magic he can use as a wizard..."
  12. Kieara thought it was nice he didn't pry, but at the same time she felt she could trust him. She followed listening to his words and nodded her thanks to Irene, then looked around as he toured her. She thought this little town was rather quaint, very quiet. Not much seemed to be happening, time nearly seemed to stand still. She liked the change of scenery though. She spoke. "Okay." She said showing she was listening to all his instructions.
  13. He smiled to her a bit- he was glad to see she was listening, though at the same time, hadn't expected much else. He opened the door to the inn, calling out that he was back before turning to her. "This is Ocarina Inn. That guy over there is Jake- he owns it with his wife, Colleen..." He nodded over to the kitchen. "And that's Yolanda. She's his mother and does the cooking here. She's a great cook, so you'll be happy with your meals. Ah, and..." He jumped out of the way as Maya came rushing towards the two, causing her to fall. "That's Jake's daughter, Maya. She's hyper and shouldn't be trusted in the kitchen."

    "Hey, I'm learning!" Maya whined, looking to Kieara with a smile. "Hi! I'm Maya! Want to eat something? You should eat when you're hungry...Or not feeling good. Or anytime."

    "Well that's a new addition to your usual statement," Rory responded. "Colleen's getting the room ready right? I was told which it is, so I'll take her there. Maya, don't bother her too much. Also, don't push food too much- eating too much is bad for you. Though, eating is a good thing too..."

    "I'll go get her something to eat and bring it to the room!" Maya cheered before rushing to the kitchen. Rory tried desperately not to laugh.

    "She's energetic and clumsy, but she's a good girl. And she has a point. You look like you haven't eaten much in at least days, if not longer. We'll get some food into you, but let me show you your room while she gets it." He began to lead his way into the back, towards where the rooms were for guests. He passed his on the way, pointing at it. "That's my room. Yours is..." He walked next door. "Right here."
  14. Kieara smiled. "This place seems so quiet." Of course the girl herself mimicked that notion. She wa quiet and barely said a word. She followed him in and was a bit overwhelmed by maya but smiled politely to try to show she meant no harm. However maya spazzed out and ran off she found a strange relief in her leaving. She followed rory up and smiled. "We're neighbors." She smiled.
  15. "Yep." He mused, before Colleen came out. "Ah, seems our timing was perfect."

    "Welcome back, Rory! This must be our new neighbor...Are you alright now, dear?"

    "She'll be fine, Irene said." Rory responded easily. "And Maya's getting her some food. She should get some rest...I'll go to town hall and let the mayor know." He looked at Kieara easily. "Mayor Hamilton will probably come back with me when I'm done to see you. You know, to tell you about town and such. You should relax as much as you need though, okay? This town is a very peaceful one, like you said earlier. Just take things at your own pace."
  16. Kieara smiled up at the woman and bowed slightly. "Thank you for letting me stay." She said and stuck close to Rory. She listened and nodded. "Is mayor Hamilton nice?" She asked him softly. She didn't much care for mean people.
  17. "Yeah, generally." Rory mused. "I'm biased and think everyone in town is nice, basically. Even Chase when he's teaching you to cook is nice, although he's a bit rough around the edges at times. Everyone has their good points and bad points though, you know? With Hamilton...He's a generally good guy, but sometimes he exaggerates a bit about town. I think it's just because he really loves it a lot though, so he thinks of it that way."
  18. Kieara nodded liking to know what to expect a bit. She was sore and stiff though from her long travels. She wanted nothing more than to get to rest in a comfortable bed and relax. She spoke. "Well, thanks again Rory."S he said preparing to go in and smiled at him happily.
  19. Rory smiled in return. "No problem. I'm always happy to help. For now, get some rest...I'll go ahead and talk to the mayor. When you're feeling better, go back out to the main room. I'll wait with him for you there." With that, he left and went to the town hall, talking to the mayor briefly and describing the scenario. When they were done talking, the two returned to the inn, sitting and chatting at the inn instead. The mayor as usual tried to talk Rory into 'settling down', which basically used up a good amount of time while they waited. "I'm happy as I am, sir. Living and helping at the inn isn't bad...And it helps me get to other places to do odd jobs or shipments afterwards. It's fine as it is."
  20. Kieara rested for a bit, but soon came down to visit with Mayor Hamilton. She came into the room quietly her hands folded in front of her. She smiled nervously and sat lightly beside Rory. "Hello Mr. Hamilton." she said to him in a polite manner.