Friends First?

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  1. Joe woke up easily that morning- for once, he'd fallen asleep without a hassle, though as usual he still had a book in hand. When he got up from his bed, looking around at his similar surroundings, he let out a content sigh. He'd rested well, which was a relief.

    He dug for his phone in his pajama pocket, yawning mildly while looking at it. The last text, as usual, was from his best friend. Most people didn't understand how a guy and girl could be best friends their entire lives, but he'd always thought of her that way, ever since they were little. Now, they were going to the same school, which made life much more easy for him. As usual, thinking of this, he responded to the text that he'd see her soon and put it away, getting ready to leave.

    After a quick breakfast he was out the door, jogging towards school and the direction of her house. He was at ease that day, the sun mildly hitting his chestnut hair, making his similar colored eyes shine a bit as he stopped at the usual place, looking around for his friend. The best start to a morning is a good breakfast, a good jog, and a good friend. Though a good book wouldn't have hurt.‚Äč
  2. Lily woke up twenty minutes before school.
    Her phone buzzing woke her up- a text from Joe.

    She smiled and yawned, then made her way to her small bathroom to take a quick shower,
    dry her hair, get dressed, and put on makeup.
    She was pretty fast with all of this, so she still had five minutes before she had to leave.

    On her way out the door, she grabbed a water bottle and her pack of gum, along with her car keys, wallet, sunglasses, and purse.
    She made her way to her car, and spotted Joe jogging up to her house.
    She waved at him, smiling.

    Her phone buzzed again.
    A text from Liza.

    Where r u?!

    She text back quickly.

    Getting Joe. I'll be to school soon, love.

    Another text.


    Lily laughed. She and Joe were best friends, nothing more.
    No one believed her though.

  3. Seeing Lily already at her car and waving back, he mentally griped that she always got out before he even got there, even though he was almost positive she hadn't been awake before he messaged her. Joe took longer to get ready than she did, even if only by a few minutes- he wasn't sure if he should be proud of her, or feel regretful for himself that he took so long to do so.

    Making it to the car, he laughed a bit as he waved a proper greeting. "Morning. You're out fast as always. Excited for a new day too?" He smiled easily, rubbing his head slightly as he stood still, slightly rocking back and forth to warm down from his mild but fulfilling jog. His hand moved through his brown hair to comb it, as it had gotten slightly disheveled from exercise. So far, everything seemed to be the same as usual- and he was pretty sure he liked it that way.
  4. Lily laughed.
    "Not really excited, but I'm ready."
    She popped in a piece of gum.
    "Got breakfast."

    She smiled at him.
    "Come on, get in. We're gonna be late."

  5. Joe didn't bother to hesitate when he got into the passenger's side. It wasn't that he didn't have a license, but he didn't really like it much. Thus, the rare occasions he wasi n cars was with Lily.

    "You should really eat a better breakfast than gum...Are you on a diet or something? You don't need one, so I don't see the point." He smiled simply, leaning back while he put on his seatbelt. "I don't eat much either, but I still eat...Somehow, gum doesn't seem so much like eating."
  6. Lily shrugged.
    "I'm on a diet, like usual. I don't even eat real food anymore, Joe. Only gum."
    She laughed weakly.

    "I'm kidding."
  7. He paled for a moment before he'd been told it was a joke. A deep sigh escaped him. "Don't make those kinds of jokes! You're going to give me a heart attack someday Lily." As he spoke, his phone vibrated. Answering it lead him to get a message with a shopping list, which he worked hard not to laugh at the sudden expression of a reminder. "Seriously, is my memory that bad? I know I get lost in my books quickly, but I don't usually forget my chores that much..." He shook it off, looking at her. "Hm...Well, mind if I steal a piece of your breakfast? Gum is pretty good for keeping your brain active in class. And I'm starting to fail math because it's so early in the morning."
  8. Lily handed him two pieces of gum and began to drive.
    "I hate math."
    She said, smiling.

    But everyone knew Lily was a straight A student.
  9. "Says the person whose actually good at it." Joseph muttered. "I don't understand how you can be so good at things you hate. Hating it is probably why I'm failing so much, but it's just not as interesting as history is..." Well, some might debate that, but Joe did love history and reading- anyone who just knew of him knew that. Accepting the gum, he popped a piece in his mouth. "I'm really not looking forward to the test coming up...I'm gonna need to pull some all-nighters to figure out some of it." He was a studious one, but some things were just beyond him.
  10. Lily smiled at him.
    "I can help you study. Mom won't care if I spend the night."
    She turned into the school parking lot.

    "I'd like to help, anyway. I hate seeing you struggle, while I, the grade queen, pass everything."
    She turned and laughed.
    Lily turned her car off and got out.
  11. Joe got out around the same time, laughing at her earlier statement. "Either way is fine. I can go to your house or you can come to mine. Either way, I thank you in advance, oh mighty queen of grades. I, but a peasant, am not worthy." He smiled a bit to show he was clearly joining her joke, before getting his bag out of the car and closing the door while making sure it was properly locked. "Thanks for the ride, as always. Going to school together is always more fun than going alone."
  12. Lily smiled back at him.
    "Let's go to my house, cause' I have cookie dough."
    She laughed happily and walked inside the school, holding the door open for him.

    "And you're welcome. I enjoy your company, pesant." She winked at him.
  13. He couldn't hold back his laughter from her response, but moved inside without a thought, murmuring, "Thank you, m'lady." His voice inflected a deep English accent despite not actually having one, showing he was purposely being polite in a silly manner. As they entered, he looked around, trying to recall. "Wait, do we have any classes together today? I'm too tired to remember."
  14. Lily stared at him.
    "We have first, second, and third together. Just like every day."
    She laughed.

    "I think you're more tired than you realize."
  15. Yawning clearly, he rubbed his eyes. "Seriously, I'm that out of it? Also, how can I be so tired in math if you're there anyway?" He shook his head rapidly to try to get rid of the fatigue, just barely keeping from swallowing his gum on accident.

    "I guess I need to go to bed earlier...I fell asleep with my book in my hands again."
  16. Lily sighed.
    "You really should go to bed early. It helps."
    She smiled.
    "I go to bed at nine."

    She made her way to the classroom.
  17. He held the door open to her once they reached the classroom, a curious smile on his face. "Nine? That's the time the youngest usually go to bed at home. I didn't bother to look at a clock after ten, but I'm sure I was up at least an hour or two longer finishing the chapter I was on."