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    Dear Citizen of Voltapolis
    Have you ever wanted to roam the streets an exciting city, kicking ass, catching bad people, and getting all the attention while having to live a double BORING life?

    Now is your chance to stand out!

    If you think you have superpowers, strong enough to stop the baddies and save the day, but still have a rational fear of guns (I mean those are pretty scary) despite your rippling muscles -- you have come to the right place!

    We are now recruiting freaks people just like you directly in your city!
    If you have an ego the size of Jupiter, we think you might not be the best fit for this group, sorry.

    This is a once in-a-lifetime opportunity which you cannot pass. You'd never forgive yourself! Besides, you realize you do need a social life, friends who understand you, or even money to make ends meet... What will it be, chuckles? Are you ready for stardom?

    If you are interested in keeping your neighborhood safe, please follow the information on the back of this brochure.

    Voltapolis Superhero Recruitment Form

    We are looking for street-level superheroes. Just like the comic book legends of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Electra, Catwoman, Spiderman... If a bullet can hurt and possibly kill you, you're what we need!

    Voltapolis is a large coastal metropolitan city on the Western coast of the United States of America, located close to the Canadian border. The population is roughly 750K, and is very rich in diversity and culture.

    There has been a lot of reports lately of a group of misfits wrecking havoc amongst the otherwise serene population, and the police chief and mayor have decided that enough was enough, and it was time to retaliate punish the crime-doers!

    Will you be one of them? Do you have what it takes? There are 8 superhero spots, make it quick!

    Come talk to the Mayor and Police Chief on Discord!

    Here is a sample registration form! Make sure to talk to the Major, she doesn't want forms to get lost in the mail!
    Registration Form

    Character sheet

    Name: If you don’t want the other players to know your character in “real life”, you can leave this out

    Alias: Necessary. No offensive names pls :)

    Secret identity? If no, MUST have a Name

    Age: Min 18, max 45 (unless special reasons)

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Pictures would be appreciated for civil, but description is fine. Please no anime pics!

    Superpower: You MUST have run this by me or Snakey BEFORE posting it, if not your sheet is automatically denied.

    Reason to join: Why would they need to join a group of makeshift superheroes?

    Bio: A bit about your character, family, life objectives, day occupation. At least a few paragraphs.


    Very simple rules to follow to be eligible for the recruitment!

    1. You must be 18+ to join. This is more of a personal preference, I feel more comfortable roleplaying with people my own age. Sorry bluestars!
    2. Sexual content is allowed as long as it follows the rules of Iwaku for non-Redstar bedroom (non-Libertine) roleplaying. PLEASE READ THIS!
    3. Do not post the CS without first confirming with me or Snakey if the superpower is OK. We want to avoid overpowered characters, this is street level. If a bullet cannot hurt you, you are too stronk.
    4. This roleplay is aiming to be fun and light, maybe a little silly. There might be some "darker" themes or scenes, even death -- but mostly this is just to relax and have not-so-serious fun. Please remain polite and respectful.
    5. Character diversity is strongly encouraged. This is a modern setting in the USA after all, even if a fictional city.
    6. Do not use the Interest Check to post your CS!
    7. My and Snakey's words are law! If we tell you to fuck off politely, well, please do so c:
    8. Join the Discord channel so you can interact with your comrades!

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  2. This looks super gay and I'm interested.
  3. ...Sure, I'm down.
  4. *touches*

    This was exactly what I was craving, yah psychics.
    I'm going to be joining this.
  5. awww yeaaaah !

    For those who seem to be having trouble joining the Discord server, you can follow the very easy steps to join Iwaku's main server, then send me a private message!

    Here's a very useful thing.
  6. Sounds awesome, I shall be looking to apply!
  7. Awesome! Come join us on Discord :)
  8. Sounds like good fun. I am in.
  9. Where will we be posting CSes, if not here?
  10. This was mostly to see if anyone was interested 8D

    I posted the character sheet skeleton to give you guys an advance footing in preparing and discussing it.

    I'll leave this up for another day at least haha, then I will post an OOC thread!
  11. I am super interested (get it?), but you may already know that.
  12. I get that an interest check exists to...well...gauge interest. I'm just wondering what to do with this mostly-complete CS :p
  13. You're too excited for this Limey!

    Hold onto it for a day or two :)
  14. A'ight. I just like doing things.
  15. Know what? I am living this RP every single day of my life in my head!!! :333~

    So yeah~yeah! Boo is interested!!^^!!
  16. I will leave this Interest check up until :

    Tuesday September 13th

    Then it will be graveyarded :)
  17. *lurks* 8) I will think about joining!
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