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  1. We are no longer recruiting.

    This RP is on hiatus and graveyarded in advance for personal preference. Thanks for the ride everyone!

    This roleplay may contain sexual content and is 18+ (redstars) only.
    Thank you for your interest!

    IC Thread Here


    Dear Citizen of Voltapolis
    Have you ever wanted to roam the streets an exciting city, kicking ass, catching bad people, and getting all the attention while having to live a double BORING life?

    Now is your chance to stand out!

    If you think you have superpowers, strong enough to stop the baddies and save the day, but still have a rational fear of guns (I mean those are pretty scary) despite your rippling muscles -- you have come to the right place!

    We are now recruiting freaks people just like you directly in your city!
    If you have an ego the size of Jupiter, we think you might not be the best fit for this group, sorry.

    This is a once in-a-lifetime opportunity which you cannot pass. You'd never forgive yourself! Besides, you realize you do need a social life, friends who understand you, or even money to make ends meet... What will it be, chuckles? Are you ready for stardom?

    If you are interested in keeping your neighborhood safe, please follow the information on the back of this brochure.

    Voltapolis Superhero Recruitment Form

    We are looking for street-level superheroes. Just like the comic book legends of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Electra, Catwoman, Spiderman... If a bullet can hurt and possibly kill you, you're what we need!

    Voltapolis is a large coastal metropolitan city on the Western coast of the United States of America, located close to the Canadian border. The population is roughly 750K, and is very rich in diversity and culture.

    There has been a lot of reports lately of a group of misfits wrecking havoc amongst the otherwise serene population, and the police chief and mayor have decided that enough was enough, and it was time to retaliate punish the crime-doers!

    Will you be one of them? Do you have what it takes? There are only so many superhero spots, make it quick!

    Come talk to the Mayor on Discord!

    Here is a sample registration form! Make sure to talk to the Major, she doesn't want forms to get lost in the mail!
    You can now post your registration form in this thread!

    Registration Form

    Character sheet

    Name: If you don’t want the other players to know your character in “real life”, you can leave this out

    Alias: Necessary. No offensive names pls :)

    Secret identity? If no, MUST have a Name

    Age: Min 18, max 45 (unless special reasons)

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Pictures would be appreciated for civil, but description is fine. Please no anime pics!

    Superpower: You MUST have run this by me or Snakey BEFORE posting it, if not your sheet is automatically denied.

    Reason to join: Why would they need to join a group of makeshift superheroes?

    Bio: A bit about your character, family, life objectives, day occupation. At least a few paragraphs.

    Hexcode: Since collab posts will happen, I would like all of us to get used to using coloured-speech text! Most players have a black background, so please keep that in mind while choosing your colour :) Here is a useful colour guide by Holmishire.


    Very simple rules to follow to be eligible for the recruitment!

    1. You must be 18+ to join. This is more of a personal preference, I feel more comfortable roleplaying with people my own age. Sorry bluestars!
    2. Sexual content is allowed as long as it follows the rules of Iwaku for non-Redstar bedroom (non-Libertine) roleplaying. PLEASE READ THIS!
    3. Do not post the CS without first confirming with me if the superpower is OK. I want to avoid overpowered characters, this is street level. If a bullet cannot hurt you, you are too stronk.
    4. This roleplay is aiming to be fun and light, maybe a little silly. There might be some "darker" themes or scenes, even death -- but mostly this is just to relax and have not-so-serious fun. Please remain polite and respectful.
    5. Character diversity is strongly encouraged. This is a modern setting in the USA after all, even if a fictional city.
    6. I will be reviewing your character sheets completely, and will PM you if I think there is something we need to discuss.
    7. All the tags are relevant to the roleplay. If something makes your uncomfortable, perhaps this is not the RP for you.
    8. My words are law! If I tell you to fuck off politely, well, please do so c:
    9. Join the Discord channel so you can interact with your comrades!
    10. Please chose a hexcode (color #) for your dialogue text. PLEASE!!
    11. Please do not do any meta-gaming. We have an OOC chat channel to discuss character options and the like, but please: player knowledge is NOT character knowledge!
    12. This universe is near-futuristic. The tech is more advanced than what we have today. Please swing by me any kind of "special" tech you would like to have.
    Heroes for Hire

    Currently signed up

    Alias | Player | Status

    Glitter Bomb | Tyrannosaurus Rekt | Alive
    Fuse | Potatocat | Alive
    Red Riot | Niiwa | Alive
    Exo-Titan | Cerulean | Alive
    Hustle | LimeyPanda | Alive
    Snooze | Jorick | Alive
    Morphix | Noctis the Devious | Alive
    Black Blossom | Pahn | Alive
    Metallic Angel | Brea | Alive
    Parsha | Goldmarble | Alive
    Q | Mundane Monster | Alive
    Graviton Gauss | DeadAxl | Poof into the air (quit)
    Althea | Absinthe | Alive
    Darkfang| Stryder | Alive
    Wildwood | DinoFeather | Alive

    • Ms Mayor
      Name: Rin Maki

      Secret identity? REDACTED

      Age: 48

      Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Japanese, 5 feet 4, 120 lbs. Dark brown eyes, long black hair usually in a tight ponytail or bun. Often seen dressed wearing perfectly tailored pantsuits, Rin enjoys wearing more casual clothing in the comfort of her home.

      Superpower: REDACTED

      Reason to join: She has her own reasons for joining along some missions with the other heroes, though mostly she will be leading them from the comfort of her office.

      Bio: Rin Maki became mayor of Voltapolis two years prior to the current events. She was born in America, but her parents are first generation immigrants from Japan. She speaks fluent Japanese, English, some Mandarin, and Spanish. She was never married, but had a daughter who passed away a decade ago, from a mysterious but violent crime. The mainstream story is she got mugged and was accidentally killed by the mugger. Rin’s mind has never been to rest about this unresolved murder, and it was one of the reasons why she began campaigning for mayor a couple years ago.

      When she was finally elected, she swore she would bring to justice even the pettiest of criminals, and does not condone vigilantism. However, as recent events have gotten out of hand and even the local police force was unable to deal with supernatural and superhuman crimes, the mayor decided to contract an unnamed benefactor to recruit citizens and make a “legal” vigilante group called Volt Patrol. Each individual was recruited from the form sent by postal mail, and everyone was hired on the basis of their powers and their reasons for joining.

      Hexcode: #ff9500

      Police Chief
      Name: Arnold Mackenzie

      Alias: Old Mac or Chief

      Secret identity?: No, but whenever referencing him during a mission, he strongly insists his name is not mentioned, and instead referred to Chief or Old Mac. He does not want to put his family in danger.

      Age: 60

      Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): He is 5 feet 11, 190 lbs. Mackenzie is usually seen in dress pants and a dress shirt tucked in his pants. He sometimes wears suspenders and a coat, but usually he’ll go for a pretty simple look. He wears thin-rimmed glasses.

      Superpower: None, he is a regular human. He is an excellent police chief and has the right drive to lead a group of people.

      Reason to join: His hand was forced by the Mayor, he did not want to get involved in superpowered people nonsense.

      Bio: Arnold Mackenzie, whom no one calls Arnold except his wife (even calls him Arnie, the audacity!) is married to Juliet Mackenzie. They have two three older kids (25, 29, 32) who do not reside in Voltapolis. Mackenzie was born in the city and has never left it. He does not have a very positive opinion on mutants and their kind, but he is obviously extremely respectful of the law, as he represents the law. He is courageous but not dumb – he will always think two, three, four times before jumping into action and will evaluate every possible outcome to his actions.

      He is a moderately stubborn and grumpy man, but most say this comes with old age. Indeed, at 60, Mackenzie is only a few years from retirement and honestly just wants his city to be peaceful again. Perhaps that is his biggest drive: have a golden city where he can chill for the rest of his days with his wife Juliet.

      Hexcode: #b0ae00

    • Longwei Yu

      Name: Longwei Yu

      Alias: Great Dragon

      Secret identity? Publicly, yes. Towards the authorities and most of his circle, no.

      Age: 41

      Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Chinese-American, 6 feet 2, 185 lbs. Tattoos on his forearms that read “Only God can judge me.” Short dark brown hair, light facial hair around his mouth and along his jawline. Two piercings on his left eyebrow, along with a bunch on both his ears. Longwei usually wears expensive suits and has them tailored to be fireproof.

      Superpower: Pyrokinesis. Longwei can create, shape and manipulate fire up to the size of a human head. His powers originate from a pact he made with a demon however, they are not innate. He practices black magic, and that where his powers originate. He can summon demons and evil entities through long and arduous rituals, but there is never any guarantees that they will obey him. Because of this, Longwei is constantly plagued with wraithlike aggressiveness and anger.

      Reason behind Dragon’s Tail: Originally just Longwei and his two brothers, the small coven was formed when they discovered they all had some kind of natural magic ability. Their rituals required specific animal organs and body parts, which at first they could discreetly acquire. But now that their coven has grown, they run an entire black market venue of resold various animal parts. Longwei’s eldest brother overtook their father’s business for drug trafficking as well, including opium and heroin.

      Bio: The Chinese-American man is married and has a few offspring running around. Not much else if known about the man.

      Hexcode: #ca3200

    • TO BE ADDED (as they are acquired)

    • Completed missions



    The Chinatown district of Voltapolis has always been a booming trading and business center. Artisans and merchants always find the crowd or niche for their goods. Everything is tightly regulated to avoid any illegal smuggling, black markets, and back alley dealings.

    However, in the past few months an American-Chinese smuggler known as LONGWEI YU has been bypassing local laws to sneak in various animal body parts. He’s the gang leader of the most infamous black magic circle in Voltapolis, and their activities have gone up all across Chinatown lately. When they stuck to the underground, they weren’t having much of an effect. However, now that some upstanding residents of Chinatown have reported his whereabouts to the local authorities, Longwei’s goons have doubled… both in size and in quantity. Their black magic circle is nicknamed DRAGON’S TAIL and on top of illegal smuggling of animal parts and similar nasties, their distribution of OPIUM has increased. They are a nuisance for Voltapolis’ outstanding community standards.


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  2. Name: Michael Alexander Graham

    Alias: Hustle

    Secret identity? Yes, Michael and Hustle are, for all intents and purposes, separate entities. Michael is the husband of the CEO of one of Voltapolis’ biggest companies. He also does work as an author, but mostly acts as arm-candy to his more successful wife.

    Age: Thirty-Three

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Michael is a handsome man in his early-thirties. He stands at a solid Five foot, ten, and weighs in at a solid two-hundred and thirty pounds. He is muscular and broad, with a brown hair and brown eyes. He generally keeps a trimmed beard, although sometimes he lets it grow more rugged, mostly when it ‘tickles his fancy.’ He favours simple clothing; Jeans, Shirts, Plain Tops, and the like; but he is most commonly seen in public wearing a suit; attending his wife’s various parties, events, and soirees.

    As Hustle, Michael wears attire similar to a Casino Dealer’s. A white shirt, a black waist-coat, black business trousers and a bow-tie are all worn in addition to a black domino mask and a Cow-boy hat. At his hip, Michael wears a small dispenser of ‘chips’ – Nickel coins that he uses as conduits for his Metallomancy.

    Superpower: Metallomancy – Michael has had a strange mutation for as long as he can remember. His power allows him to ‘sense’ metals within a one-hundred paces of him. The sense is a sort of strange awareness, which lets him pin-point most any metals that are nearby. His other power, and the one that makes him qualified to be a hero, as opposed to a human metal-detector, is the ability to assert magnetic force onto metals. The rules of his powers are limiting enough: He can only push or pull; he can only influence magnetic metals, such as Iron, Cobolt, Nickel, and alloys of those metals; he can only influence metals he’s sensed with his powers, although he can bypass the one-hundred paces rule, assuming there is nothing heavily interfering with his powers; and he can only put so much force as his body would naturally be able to exert. This means that while he can influence objects larger than himself, he will often be pushed away if he is attempting to push it, or pulled towards it if he is attempting to pull it. He also can’t force an object through something harder than it, and he’ll still be pushed away if he is attempting to influence it.

    This, however, is where ingenuity and intelligence comes in. Michael has learned to use his powers to do a number of things: Including firing small, powerful projectiles; disable bad guys with specially designed restraints; create a unique short-to-midrange fighting style using metal batons; and fly. That last trick is his most prized, as he is able to push on objects that are too heavy to influence to catapult himself into the air, or use coins as anchor points to launch himself into the air or speed himself up by pushing on them against a solid object.

    Reason to join: Michael is, for the most part, a very bored man. He is the trophy husband of a very successful business woman, and he doesn’t really do much. His work as an author keeps him busy sometimes, but he’s always been tempted to try his hand at superhero-ing, and the advertisement has managed to peak his interest. Now all he has to do is to keep his secret identity…Mostly from his wife.

    Bio: Michael is a fairly normal person, apart from his superpower. He was an intelligent middle-class boy, who grew into an intelligent middle-class University student. He attended the Voltapolis University with the intent of studying literature and theatre. It was here he met his would-be-wife, and the two were married not long after they graduated.

    At first, the marriage seemed ideal. Michael’s wife joined the upper echelons of a highly successful company, and Michael was free to pursue his hobby of writing and make a career out of it; becoming a moderately successful Crime Fiction author. Things soon took a rocky turn though, as things so often did.

    Six-months ago, Michael caught his wife cheating on him. It was a blow to the man’s confidence, and shook his relationship with his wife to the limits. In the end, the two agreed not to separate; as it would hurt her career and, to be frank, Michael still had the dying embers of a romantic attachment to his wife. Things turned sour a few times, but Michael tried to make things work; as did Michael’s wife, in the beginning. Ever since though, Michael’s authorial work has dried up, and he spends more time thinking about Super Hero work, even writing a non-fiction piece on America’s Greatest Superheroes.

    With the new opportunity to become a hero however, Michael has found something that might bring a new spark into his life; what with his romantic and authorial passion having been snuffed out. He decided to quickly put together a simple identity and alias; something obscure enough to make it nearly impossible to connect the dots. Funnily enough, Michael got the idea for Hustle from his brief forays into Online Poker, and he liked the double-meaning behind it; as his powers allow him to move and manoeuvre very quickly, should he need to.

    Hexcode Choice: #0047AB.
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  3. Name: Marcus Oru

    Alias: Darkfang

    Secret identity?: Yes

    Age: 23

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable):
    Marcus usually tends to wear formal or semi-formal clothing.

    Civil (open)

    Costume (open)

    Thanks to the 'treatment' Marcus had undergone, he received a number of superhuman abilities as a trade off so to speak. His abilities include heightened senses, his eyesight his much better than a human's, so much that he is able to see in extreme low light environments.

    His hearing is almost as acute as any canines, allowing him to easily hone in on a conversation a mile away in a busy city.

    His sense of smell detect specific scents, and locate their origin. He may even be able to tell if someone is lying by which hormones they excrete.

    As far as training and ability, in his captivity, Marcus was pushed through a grueling and punishing training regiment. He picked up the style of Silat, a Malay art that allows him to focus on his opponent's potential weak points and exploit them and though he is not a master in it, he demonstrates remarkable skill.​

    Reason to join: To better dedicate his abilities to people.

    Marcus was a child of a special nature, his meta-gene had manifested itself at birth, a baby boy that had been perfectly health by all standards, but very much inhuman in comparison. From the moment the child opened his eyes, uneasy expressions were staring back at him, the sclera of his eyes had been a brilliant light blue surrounding the void-like blackness' that were his iris' innocently looked up to an alarmed mother, father, and group of doctors. Quickly though, the boy's....condition had made local headlines and soon within a year of infancy, strange men arrived at the child's home.

    With some 'persuasion' Marcus was taken in by these new captors, as time passed, the newly orphaned Marcus had been put through an academy, taught to read, write, speak, as well as other academic necessities. A bare infrastructure had been his home now, almost like a massive underground bunker, that couldn't have been further from what it really was, a facility for gifted children like himself. Though the schooling was rough, he managed through, advancing through this grueling academy quickly, at the age of nineteen he was finally 'granted' leave into the outside world that had been miles above the surface. As time progressed further, Marcus saw an opportunity to use himself as a weapon for others less able, donning a costume and a name to go with it, Darkfang was born.

    Speech text!
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  4. dit.jpg
    Corey George
    Alias: Exo-Titan
    Secret identity? Kinda hard to hide when you look like an insect.
    Age: 25
    Dimensions: 5'9 343lbs (a good portion of it from the exoskeleton)
    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): His body is almost entirely covered in exoskeleton. Not need for clothes as his manparts are covered.
    Superpower: Super Strength - 'struggle-to-lift-regular-car' level strength
    Dermal Armor (The exoskeleton) - Resistant to most small-arms fire. When his 'armor' takes damage it is compromised a little bit, eventually making it useless after it shatters. (Not to mention extremely painful)
    Ability to fly - Clumsy, he can't perform complete aerial maneuvers and can't keep going for too long before fatigue sets in.
    Can communicate with beetles

    Reason to join: Because no one else will truly accept him.
    Bio: Corey...was just never a guy that was going to be able to coast through life. He was born in a lower-middle class family and the name looks like an angry blueberry. Blueberry being one of the nicknames the kids liked to call him. That or Blueballs. Frequently, he bullied and pushed around to the point where he had to switch schools more than once. As a result, he became very withdrawn until high school came around. During that time he decided to come out of his shell (at the request of his parents) started to do extracurricular activities. Developing a deep love for art and sport over the next few years helped polish off his previously quiet and rather broodish exterior. He even managed to get a few friends out of it all. College was more of the same.

    After that, it was time to bug out out of town. His parents gave him all the help they could, even after divorcing a few short weeks following his graduation.

    He got settled in easily enough and took a behind the scenes job where he didn't have to deal with people's faces all day. It was at a Max's Grocery where he did inventory a couple of times a week. With his skills he was able to do the work of 2-3 men, thankfully he...encouraged the management to pay him as such. A year or so passed and a change of residence to a nice loft, Corey became a lot more interested in the news, since there wasn't much point in going out. He grew lonely and hit a lot of downs in that time.

    When he had seen the opportunity to join up with some other people like him. He leapt at the chance. Hopefully, they might treat him better than what the world has shown him.

    Hexcolor: #0088FF
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  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Amberly Ross[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Red Riot[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Secret identity?[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] Yes, Amberly doesn’t go out much unless she’s hero-ing, but even with her noticeable eyepatch, her cybernetic eye is fairly subtle when not used for any special abilities, and she expects her hood and gas mask to obscure most of her features.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] 28[/BCOLOR]

    Amberly (photo credit to Sir Basil) is tall and somewhat intimidating, due to her scarred visage - standing at 6 feet even and 160 pounds, she is agile and somewhat muscular. Her hair is a dirty blonde and falls a short length to around the middle of her neck - it looks like she cut it herself. Her cybernetic eye looks fairly normal upon first inspection, but it seems to have an unnatural blue sheen in the iris, and flicks and visually changes upon use. Her face is covered in many healed scars that appear to be from burns of some kind. Her normal clothes consist of ratty and overused jeans, and t-shirts of various colors and logos. Her civilian outfit is also accompanied with a small eyepatch, simple and dark, snapped over her left eye.

    When in costume, she replaces her smaller eyepatch with a much bigger, more intimidating leather covering, and wears a large gasmask over the bottom half of her face. She wears a large hooded jacket over dark and simple clothes, most of which are made from sturdy but flexible material. She also wears sturdy boots and a pair of thin gloves, as well as a bandoleer and many belt pouches to carry all of her various ammunition.

    Before the incident, Amberly was heavily trained in swat and small unit tactics, as well as other forms of melee and hand-to-hand combat. The incident caused severe damage to her face, most notably removing both of her eyes. Other damage was healed naturally between a few months to a year or two.

    She was then implanted with a single robotic eye that enables her to see, has a variable zoom of up to 18x, flash suppression, projectile prediction, and can switch to view the infrared spectrum at will.
    After the incident, she has worked to create several forms of non lethal weaponry, including a collapsible stun baton, smoke grenades, and sleeping gas grenades.

    However, her pride and joy are her Generic Artillery Packing System (G.A.P.S.) rounds, as well as the guns that fire them. These guns can fire any style of nonlethal or lethal weaponry as long as they are placed into her custom-made delivery cartridges. These cartridges include a powerful tranquilizer dart, sticky gel rounds that contain an electric charge, bean bag rounds, and rubber bullets. She also has a few utility rounds, including a tracking bullet, a medicinal drug delivery system, and even a grappling hook round that allows her to reach higher ground. She can also, of course, pack regular, lethal ammunition into the G.A.P.S. if she so chooses. She has two of these guns so far - a large heavy pistol style for close engagements and a longarm rifle for extreme range.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Reason to join[/BCOLOR]
    Being a superhero is literally her dream job, but she has a lot of self-doubt regarding her own experience and abilities - she would feel much more comfortable in a group, with backup, before eventually heading out on her own.

    Amberly is the daughter of a pair of intensely passionate scientists, who had met much earlier in their lives on site of a secretive government project. Her mother, a mechanical engineer, and her father, a chemist, instantly fell in love, and when they finished with their project, they decided to use the hefty paychecks they had received from their job to settle down and have a small family. Amberly is their only child, and she takes after both of her parents quite well. Alongside her high levels of intellect, she was always very good with her hands and logic puzzles, and with her parent’s assistance in learning, she quickly rose to higher and higher levels of skill in STEM fields - her focus tending to be on her parent’s own disciplines, engineering and chemistry.

    As she expanded her horizons inward, she found that she was still unfulfilled - while her mind was being exercised to its capacity, her body was feeling more and more like a physical burden. Not being one to take things only halfway, Amberly decided to dedicate what free time she had to working on her body. While this began as simply working out and performing various manual labors to clear her head, she would quickly see that the world she lived in was not a peaceful one.

    While Amberly lived out in rural countries, she still had access to the news, and would often see reports of supervillains or mad scientists that threatened to destroy various people, places, or things for their own twisted reasons. While she was insulated from this world by her parent’s money and distance from urban centers, the images she saw still shocked her, and shook her to action - her hobbies became more constructive, and she started training in martial arts and studying firearms in her spare time. Her parents wanted her to do something better with her spare time. She could take people to the stars, colonize mars, they said, but she had decided that she wanted to be a peacekeeper.

    Her Grandmother, an ex-military and SWAT officer would regale her with stories of her past achievements, hunting down criminals and terrorists. Amberly demanded that her Grandmother train her in these tactics, so that Amberly could become someone stronger and better, fighting more constructively. To become someone who could stop criminals and save lives on the front lines of combat, using her own inventions. She wanted to help people, but not in the ways her parents desired. She would combine her hobbies with her work and become a crimefighter.

    She graduated college with honors at the age of 17, and went on to earn a doctorate in engineering at the age of 22. During this time she kept up with her side projects, eventually inventing her magnum opus, the G.A.P.S. rounds, as part of her master’s degree. While this innovation in lethal and nonlethal weaponry was impressive, it was eventually concluded to be too expensive and impractical to outfit large groups of people, and was shot down by whoever she presented it too.

    Quickly her dreams of being a crimefighter shattered, as the weight of being a real adult in the real world slowly began to weigh on her, and her idealist nature began to shrink under report after report of ailments that could not be fought with conventional weapons, such as poverty and hunger, and reports of heroes and villains so powerful that they could easily kill her without a thought. With so many disappointments on every side of her, her hobbies simply became hobbies again until she finished her doctorate - she didn’t believe that she could really become what she wanted to the most. She fell into a deep depression, working nonstop, only wanting to distract her mind from the thoughts that her dreams wouldn’t come true. However, after she finished her doctorate, her life would change drastically.

    She began working on space travel, thinking that at least she could assist her species in getting off of this terrible rock that held all of these awful ailments. She moved to a large space exploration research lab, and began working nonstop there on engine and fuel components for space travel. She was only a year into her tenure there when something devastating happened - through a thorough mishandling of volatile chemicals, Amberly was exposed to a severe amount of acid and fire - most of this was directed onto her face, burning out her eyes and covering it in burns, but the rest of her body was hurt as well - sending her into a month-long coma. After she awoke, she found that she could no longer see, and also had difficulty moving her limbs. She was bedridden for months, until she was 24.

    However, being the daughter of two successful and creative scientists had its perks. Her mother and father had been working tirelessly, creating the design for a cybernetic eye that would let their daughter see again. Eventually, they finished just as she started to shakily walk again. But their hurried research had a price - the eye had a limited shelf life, and would likely burn out in just a few months.

    Amberly, overjoyed to be able to see again, quickly rose out of her depression that she had fallen into so many years ago and began to work on improving the design, making the system better, stronger, and throwing in a few new features - just because she could. She had taken the incident as a sign from the universe that she had not been doing what she was supposed to be doing, and visions of crime fighting and super heroism quickly filled her head again.

    She continued to work from home for the space center, but only part time. For 4 years, She worked hard at physical therapy, improving her muscles and athleticism back to what they once were. She restarted training with her grandmother and started bringing her inventions to sessions as well. She also began working on expanding her G.A.P.S. system, as well as completely new forms of ammunition that could be loaded inside it. Innovations ran through her head, giving her insights and ideas that had not been coming to her for years. She knew what she was supposed to be doing, what she could do with what she was creating. She just needed a way to test it out. At the age of 28, Donning a face-covering gas mask and a dark outfit, Amber christened herself as Red Riot, and left her parent’s estate to make a name for herself in the superhero community.

    Hex Color: #CF5775
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  6. Name: Alice Shockley

    Alias: Fuse

    Secret identity? While Alice does not make it common knowledge who she is, most people could figure out who she was with a little research.

    Age: 19

    Appearance (open)

    Alice stands at five feet exactly and weighs around 100 pounds. Her hair is naturally light brown and her eyes are hazel. She has several tattoos. Both her arms are covered in shoulder to wrist sleeves. Her right arm has a scene of a bright, sunny sky behind the green leaves of an oak tree and her left is of a fierce lighting storm over a lone oak on a hill. A bolt of lightning is hitting the tree. She has a piece on her right hip that she keeps covered but a keen observer could catch bits of a blossoming cherry tree with some of the branches forming a word or phrase. While out fighting crime she simply wears her normal clothes, which is largely Punk inspired. She also films herself via GoPro.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alice’s body acts like some sort of living battery. She can safely take electricity from another source and store it in her. She can then channel this energy and send it back out into the world. She uses this to send out electrical arcs to stun and incapacitate criminals, so that they can then be easily turned over to police. She does this by forcing the energy to leave her through part of her skin. For example, to fire an arc she will push the energy out of her fingertips. These arcs cannot reach out too far, and the further they go, the more power is required to send them. The furthest she has been able to send an arc was about 25 meters. She can also release the energy slowly to do thing such as charging electrical devices.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]While her powers make her somewhat immune to the harmful effects of high levels of electricity, much like a battery she can charge beyond capacity. If she takes on too much charge too quickly, it could be disastrous for her. The more charge she takes on, the more difficult and shorter amount of time she can contain and control that energy. Some experimentation has shown that Alice can exercise this power and train her body to hold more charge.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]When full of charge, she can be somewhat volatile. Large amounts of water such as heavy rain or bodies of water can force Alice to discharge her stored energy. Contact with a grounded conductor can also cause issues. To help prevent this she wears heavy rubber boots and gloves to act as insulation while highly charged. Another way to avoid accidents is for Alice to run on empty, unfortunately this has some negative effects. While empty she will be heavily fatigued and unable to perform many basic tasks due to her exhaustion. In general her mood seems connected to the electrical charge she is holding. The more charge, the more hyperactive and energetic she will be. The lower the charge, the slower she will move and the more she will appear tired.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In addition to her powers, she carries a crowbar which she uses to pry open various locked items to access electrical sources and to hit criminals over the head.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]While she has been with her powers for as long as she can remember, she does not know of their cause. None of her family seems to have powers.[/BCOLOR]

    Reason to join: Safety in numbers. Alice quickly found that attempting to fight crime without allies was a sure fire way to get herself killed. That, and collabs bring in more views.

    Bio: Born to a middle class family in the city of Voltapolis, Alice grew up comfortably as the eldest of two sisters. Her parents were loving and supportive, even though their child was a handful. Not only was she a hyperactive mess through her entire life, she starting showing strange powers at a young age. When she stuck a fork in an electrical socket, instead of being electrocuted she was energized and things she touched would spark with electricity. Her parents were concerned to say the least, but over time Alice learned to control her powers.

    She grew up with stories of people with powers, people like her, going out in the world and fighting crime and saving the day. These news stories would inspire Alice to one day become a crime fighter herself. At the age of 17, she went out on her own and fought off some thugs who were attempting to mug someone. She found the experience exhilarating. Ever since she has become an adrenaline junkie. Using beating criminals to get her high. Alice began to train her powers and gather an understanding of hand-to-hand combat through personal experience and practice.

    Although she has been doing this off and on for years, it wasn't until recently that she started pursuing the act as something more than a hobby. She now hopes to make more of a career of her crime fighting. She films her work and posts it on Youtube, making some add revenue as well as receiving donations from fans. She also posts vlogs on her channel. She's active on social media, promoting her channel and interacting with her growing audience. Alice hopes to one day make Fuse one the most popular crime fighters on the internet. She works as a waitress to help make up the slack.

    Color hex code: #D800D9
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  7. [​IMG]
    Char Beckett

    Flash Bang Glitter Bomb

    Yes. Despite Char's love of attention, and himself, he doesn't want to associate his awesome hero identity with his subpar citizen one. Flash Bang Glitter Bomb doesn't work at a local coffee shop or have student loans. The hero part of him is without the problems of everyday life and made better by it.


    Civil: Char stands at six-foot and has a very muscular build. He is blond, though it is hard to say if it is natural or bottled, and wears his hair in a neat undercut. He clean shaves, usually, though when he doesn't one can see a very obvious five o'clock shadow. His skin is naturally tan and he has a small smattering of freckles over his nose, cheeks, and top of his shoulders. He has down-turned blue eyes, a strong nose, a sharp jawline, and stark brows. He usually wears low-cut t-shirts, a jacket, form-fitting pants, and boots. While they aren't designer, they look it. He's the best at finding expensive looking clothing at dirt cheap prices.
    Costume: As much as it might surprise someone, Char doesn't have a lot of skin showing in his superhero costume. His costume is a muted white with gold and black accents. He wears a cowl that covers the top of his head down to his nose. It even covers his neck and lower chin area. The only area visible is his mouth. He wears dark goggles that take up most of his eye socket. The rest of his outfit is form fitting. The chest piece is bullet resistant, considering how thick it is. That being said, most everything else is made of a pliable leather-like substance that allows for movement over protection. His gloves are fingerless and his boots have two soles, one over the toes and the other over the heel, allowing for him to balance over his arches. He has the emblem of a black star-like explosion on his chest with a pale-white circle in the middle. Meant to symbolize a flash bang. He wears two billy clubs on his waist, one on each side of his hip.

    Char's power is to generate bright bursts of multi-colored energy plasmoids from his hands. The plasma obeys his mental control, travelling where he directs it, arranging itself in balls, streamers, and other shapes, and exploding when he wishes. The strength of the energy varies in degrees of power and intensity, and could range from a multitude of colorful sparkles capable of temporarily blinding a person to a detonation capable of smashing objects and destroying property. He can also absorb the plasma back into his own body without harm. It moves as fast as he can move, not being able to appear anywhere instantaneously, and its detonation power can't level a car or a building. It might break through a flimsy wall or break a doorknob. It is capable of knocking people back, but far from killing them or blowing limbs off. It might singe them, and it definitely can temporarily blind them.

    He's also an expert gymnast and talented in the use of dual-wielding billy clubs (or any smaller blunt weapon.)

    Money, fame, glory, and social media. Char wants to be famous. He wants his face, costumed of course, to be on billboards, and he wants those billboards to allude to the fact he makes millions. He knows that superheroes can make bank when they advertise, and he wants to build up a reputation strong enough to make said bank.

    Char Beckett was the eldest out of three children that were born within a year of each other. His mother worked about three jobs to take care of them. His father disappeared when he was a kid, unloading a lot of debt on his family. Char grew up with nothing. He attended a public school and was beaten up on a daily basis. As he grew older, he worked out more and became as intimidating as he could be. This was in part of the gymnastic courses he was taking. They were free because of an outreach program in his community. During his pubescence, he discovered he had a power. He was the only one out of siblings to develop it. The power was useful but embarrassing. The first time he used it, accidentally, the entire football team laughed at him. Of course, he then exploded half of the head quarterbacks car. So--who was really laughing?

    After high school he moved out of town to Voltapolis. He attended college there where he accrued a ridiculous amount of student loans for his art history degree. Did he receive it? Yes. Did it do him any good? No. No one was hiring. So, he found the closest job he could. Unfortunately, Char became a barista at "Holy Grounds" coffee shop. It was a weird pseudo-religious coffee shop. Which was ironic considering the fact that Char was a well known atheist. Still, a job was a job.

    His calling to be a hero came in two fold. First, he witnessed one of the A-List heroes start to represent a brand of energy drink. That escalated into a handful of various heroes getting endorsements. Second, a kid was getting beaten up outside of his apartment complex. With the mixture of his gymnastics and powers, he got rid of them easily enough. The kid hugged and asked his superhero name. Char said "Flash Bang" in hopes it would stick. From there he practiced his gymnastics more and more. He also picked up blunt weapon training from one of the self-defense teachers in his apartment complex that was once a cop. He honed his abilities in abandoned junkyards. After a while of that, he figured he was ready.

    Flash Bang mostly broke up small gang meetings for a while. He achieved this somewhat easily. This became more problematic when the leaders of said gangs came looking for him. By fluke, and practice, he took down one of the lesser gangs in Voltapolis. That earned him the media attention he craved. He immediately went in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, they didn't wait for him to tell them his name. They immediately coined him as "Glitter Bomb." He tried to refute the name. He never succeeded.

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  8. Most of you are OK for the powers-related section :)

    I'll read the entirety of the character sheets today and prepare my stamp of approuval! :unicorn:
  9. Yayy!

    All accepted :)

    We've talked over voice chat about the little changes that had to be made, so it's all good!

    Bienvenue :D
  10. Name: Cassandra Richter. Goes by Cassie.

    Alias: Snooze

    Secret identity? No.

    Age: 31

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable):
    Large image
    Winter outfit, not everyday clothes (because screw you I'm not finding a different character picture with more casual clothes because I like this one and this is actually something she'd wear when superheroing in winter time).
    Image borrowed from Selenada on deviantart.

    Cassie doesn't tend to do anything special in the appearance department for the average day. Her usual look could accurately be described as simple: most days she just goes for the simplicity of jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers with hair loose and natural or put up in a quick ponytail. She has fancier clothes that she pulls out when needed, but 99 times out of 100 it's the plain look.

    When out on the town doing the superpowers thing Cassie doesn't bother with masks and whatnot. Instead she goes for jeans, steel-toed boots, a belt specially made to hold her tranquilizer gun and darts for it, and a sturdy leather jacket over whatever shirt she happened to be wearing. Depending on weather she might bust out the winter coat and accessories such as a hat, a scarf, gloves, and/or skiing goggles (as pictured above).

    Superpower: Sleep inducing fluid. Cassie can secrete this fluid at will from her skin anywhere on her body, though for convenience she usually just does it through her hands. It is a mostly translucent green color and tastes and smells like mint, though both are very faint and hard to catch unless you're looking for it or have super senses. Upon skin contact, ingestion, or injection of this fluid, hypothetically any biological entity that sleeps can be put into a deep sleep. This is only hypothetical because the strength and duration of the sleep inducing power depends on how much of the fluid the target came into contact with (more = stronger/longer obviously) and what the method of contact was (skin contact < ingestion < injection for potency). Very large targets or those with resistance to toxins and such may take much more to be put down, may only be made drowsy with a normal dose, or may be able to resist it entirely. Skin contact with enough fluid to coat Cassie's palm is enough to put the average human male into an unnaturally deep sleep for about an hour. The fluid retains its prime efficacy for about two days, and after about a week it is completely useless. The fluid does nothing to Cassie, no matter the amount or method of contact, but she has no special immunity to sleep inducing things in general (whether super powers or medical sleep aids).

    Dream manipulation. Rather weak, can only be used to alter the general mood of someone's dream and requires physical contact. Cassie can basically choose one feeling and make the target's dreams all about that until they wake up. Things like scary, funny, sexy, absurd, and boring all work, but that is the limit of her dream manipulation at present.

    Reason to join: Mostly for safety, because her lack of a truly secret identity means anyone with a grudge can track her down so being known as being part of a group gives a level of insurance against that eventuality. Also because she has a sense of moral duty to use her powers for good and it's hard to do much good solo when all you can do is put people to sleep and fiddle with their dreams a little bit.

    Bio: Cassie had a decidedly average life until she found out she had super powers. She did not grow up with super powers, and until hers were activated for the first time she didn't pay much attention to the whole superhero thing aside from reading the occasional news story about them. Her parents, Richard and Victoria, had office jobs working for the same insurance company (and still work there in fact), Cassie was their only child (though her father was a serial philanderer so she would not be surprised by finding half-siblings out there), and she went to college with the intent to become a veterinarian. It was all very normal and simple up until one Friday night in her fourth year in college at a shitty party that seemed much the same as any other, but ended up being rather uncomfortably abnormal.

    Cassie doesn't like to talk about how exactly she discovered her powers, but it happened that night and usually she lies about it. The public story is that she was assisting in a demonstrative surgery for one of her classes, she noticed the dog was waking up from improperly applied anesthesia, and in her freaking out about it trying to figure out how to fix it she found that she was able to produce the sleeping fluid that she's now known for. And she is, in fact, known for it, at least a little bit: being not-so-hip to the whole superhero thing, Cassie did not take the normal route of keeping her freaky power secret and hiding it, she instead flipped out about it on social media and to her friends. Now basically everyone who knows her knows she has the sleep-inducing power, though she has managed to keep hush about the dream manipulation. She made things a little worse by agreeing to do a couple commercials for a sleep aid medication when she was strapped for cash at the tail end of college, and maintaining a secret identity is basically impossible when people across the nation see you demonstrate your power and then talk up a product as being just as powerful. That was about a decade ago, but thanks to the internet and superhero fanatics online the video never really went away entirely.

    Nowadays Cassie works as a veterinary technician in the Voltapolis Zoo. She never quite completed the doctorate program to become a full veterinarian, but a summer internship at the zoo turned into a full-time job and pushed her education into a sideline thing and she was fine with the switch. Her sleep inducement power comes in handy for dealing with rowdy animals, so that tends to be where she uses it the most; the zoo was perfectly happy to save costs on expensive tranquilizer darts by way of using Cassie's power to create a potent homebrew version, and after learning how that worked she was able to acquire her own pistol-style gun and darts for her own purposes. Every now and then she goes out at night, armed with the gun and her special darts, and busts minor criminals like shoplifters and drunken brawlers, but it has been strictly a side hobby when bored and feeling like she needs to do something good for the world rather than something that she pursued with a passion. In a usual month she spends more nights on dates pushed on her by friends or hanging out with said friends constantly lamenting her apparently unfortunate single status than she does putting idiots and bad guys to sleep. More often than either of those nights she can be found at home doing work for her one or two online college classes that she maintains to very slowly pursue her doctorate degree, or just watching TV or doing other frivolous things. She does not lead a particularly exciting life for someone with super powers.

    However, a couple months ago Cassie had her first run in with someone who wanted to seriously harm her for using her powers. She'd stopped the guy from robbing a woman at gunpoint a few years ago, which had been one of the most exciting crimes she'd ever stopped with her power, and apparently he had not appreciated the dart in the back that knocked him out cold. He was even less appreciative of her testimony that helped land him in prison for three years, so he tracked her down and broke into her house one night to "teach her a lesson." Cassie managed to knock him out a second time because he was an idiot and thought she could only use her power with hands or the tranquilizer gun, so when he had her hands tied and he tried to choke her out he got a rude surprise. He's back in jail and will probably remain there for a nice long time after the trial occurs, but the whole thing left Cassie spooked about the same thing happening again but with a worse outcome. When she saw an advertisement recruiting superheroes she figured there would be some sort of safety in numbers that might dissuade future assholes from coming after her, plus it wouldn't hurt to get out and help do some real good in the world while learning a thing or two about how to kick ass along the way.

    Color: #98ff98
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  11. Accepted!
  12. Just a tag for those whom have not yet posted a character sheet / are on the Discord channel / have sent me a PM:

    @Brea @Zed @Noctis the Devious @DeadAxl @Absinthe @Lojikal @queen isla @Snakey (you haven't even posted in either threads.. xD)

    Just post a little hello or even just the skeleton of the CS just to give me an idea of how things are coming along :)
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  13. Oh I'm working on my sheet now. I wasn't going to post until I could get everything sorted on Discord though ono
  14. It's fine! It's also a reminder for myself since things are a tiny bit scattered 8D *places everyone in the OOC box*
  15. You have no idea how much I've been working on my character lol (and I didn't get the tag but I got the alert saying you replied, interesting!) but yeah, I'm... guessing I have one more paragraph to go??? She's in my blog lol but the history is so detailed I'm just like bleh that's enough for tonight xD Might end up revising to something more brief because it's really giving me a headache haha!
  16. Age

    Secret Identity
    Ariana doesn't go to great lengths to keep her identity a secret, but there's honestly nothing special about being a bored waitress working for a hole-in-the-wall diner few know about with its back road location. The most exciting thing that happens to her is a little kid staining her apron with ketchup. With that said, could anyone blame her for wanting to add a little mystery and excitement to her life?​

    Ariana stands 5'5" and weighs 117 lbs with fair hair and equally fair skin stretched over lean muscles from light work outs and the exercises Terri had taught her and runs through in her front room on her spare time. Her blue eyes are dulled with boredom and weariness most associate with working. Sharply contradicting her Morphix persona, she dresses in plain clothes during the day in the form of pattern-less t-shirts and boot cut jeans when not in uniform. Otherwise it's the typical waitress get up - as in a dull red bottom up blouse, black slacks, and a white (why did it have to be white?) apron. Her shoes are shiny black and with a minor heel.

    Morphix, on the other hand, dresses obnoxiously in wild, dread lock wigs that are vividly colored and pinned so they don't fall off so easily, sleek black leather, and neon accessories. Unlike Ariana, Morphix brightens up her eyes with excitement, adrenaline, and a whole lot of make up to further make her indistinguishable from her secret identity. Sometimes even applying body paint to make her much more formidable. She also wears a pair of "goth" platform boots to make look taller, as if the crazy wigs didn't do that on their own. The most prevalent of her accessories, however, are the green toxic goggles usually perched on top of her head.​

    Limited Molecular Manipulation allows her to turn small objects into sand by touch. Not the most useful of skills under normal circumstances but Morphix tends to find herself in abnormal circumstances. Besides, she usually lets the extendable staff she got from her brother more than make up for her power.​

    Reason to Join
    Bored. Also curious. Boredom and curiosity always leads to some interesting places.​

    Ariana Clever ended up being the only daughter of a German teen mom who quickly found herself single after the birth. By the time she was five, Ariana had seen all sorts of sides to her mother, from haggard and ready to quite to strong willed and determined to passed out drunk "'cause life could go fuck itself". Most of Ariana's childhood was spent growing up in her grandmother's house and leaning bit and pieces of the English language on top of the German spoken at home while her mother bounced from job to job and scrapped up what remained of her love life. Well, life in general really. Her dates barely made it past the first and her social life quickly deteriorated when she couldn't keep up with both her outgoing friends and a growing, needy baby. She eventually relented and took two jobs to save up for their own life because fuck it if she couldn't keep up then she'd set her own pace.

    Ariana saw the inside of their first apartment when she was seven. It wasn't anything fancy; a one bedroom that barely had the necessities and while the faucet leaked there were no bugs to gather around it. For her, it was amazing because it was theirs. The one bedroom there was went to the tired single mother of course, but Ariana couldn't say she minded once they sectioned off a piece of the front room with sheets. Like any good kid she often imagined she was sleeping in a small, weathered tent while crazy scary animals stalked the forest floor waiting for their next pray, or in a large, fancy, bellowing tent of an equally fancy person, which was more often than not herself. It wasn't the best or luxurious childhood but she'd be damned if it didn't lack warmth and fond memories. How could it when it was just her and her mother against the world?

    Well, until middle school hit (Ariana referred to it as Jr. High just to make herself sound more, well, more). Two things happened in the sixth grade, and they happened on the first day of school. She was nervous, jittery, excited, anxious, all sorts of "god vhy am I here?" and "god I'm actually here!" so it was perfectly understandable when some idiot tried making some sort of trick shot with a soda can and said soda can ended up hitting her in the head, she turned that damned offensive can to sand. Okay, so maybe she actually meant to chuck it back at him but that worked too? No it didn't, who the fuck even turned things to sand anyway?!. The guy grabbed her, then dragged her away. Quite frankly she was still reeling from the fact she turned something into sand and a guy was touching her after she turned something into sand to object much. Then the second thing happen. The guy word-vomited all over the place at a speed so quick it made her head spin, and that wasn't even his ability! Because yeah, of course he had an ability.

    He also had a big stick too.

    His parents were apparently a couple of badasses with the dad running a weekly yoga class and the mom instructing a dojo full of little terrors. While Ariana by no means had the funds to attend she surely had fun running through moves with Terri - she somehow managed to catch his name somewhere in there - during afternoons she should have been doing homework. At that point she didn't understand why schooling was so important, why every other kid got to hang out with their friends without their mother breathing down their neck, but all she wished was people would stop cooing over how young her mother looked and saw her for the unfair dictator she really was. That was besides the point. The main point really, was the fact the two badass parent allowed their son to have a little wooden staff and do all these neat things while she, more often than not, was grounded to the pathetic little space she called her bedroom catching up on missing assignments. Not. Cool.

    By the time high school hit the two had grown as inseparable as two peas in a pod. No, as siblings, because by that age Terri really was the older brother she never really had (even if he was only older by a couple of months). They had all these cool plans to do together, how they were going to become super heroes and save the day (with Ariana being the sandy side kick, Terri joked). They were going to be the amazing duo but then a family emergency meant Terri and his family had to move away and suddenly, the fast lane her life traveled down slowed to a crawl as traffic finally caught up to her. The last thing he gave her, was a wooden staff that could retract. The very staff he made himself. She hadn't seen him since.

    The lack of a brother wasn't the only thing that changed in her life though. Whatever pressure she had thought she had felt during Jr. High (middle school) to do good was nothing compare to what she felt in high school because fuck it if she wasn't going to go to college. She didn't even know how she was going to get into college but somehow that's where her mother was sure she was going to end up. Except, in sophomore year of high school their little apartment was broken into in the dead of night and Ariana's first brush with crime was being woken up to noises that didn't normally happen and watching in fear as a shadow cast by moonlight against the sheets separating her from the rest of the front room moved around and then crept towards her mother's room...

    It was the scream that finally jolted her into action and, staff in hand, charged the damned guy. By the time Ariana had chased him out of their god damned home though, the bastard had made off with a couple thousand grand. Where the hell did they even get that kind of money? Apparently that's how much a person racks up after years of careful planning and preparation, and just like that Ariana's chance at college went right out the window. Quite literally. Life didn't get better from there, but it didn't get worse either by some miracle. After high school Ariana went on to join the adult world in any way she was capable without resorting to illegal means and at least made attempt to make a better life for them.

    Her mother finally found a guy to go steady with and they eventually moved in together. This allowed Ariana to get her own place, a small studio apartment that fit her just fine.​

    Hex Code
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  17. Player Quit (open)

    Name: James Carter

    Alias: Graviton Gauss

    Secret identity? Nope.

    Age: 32 Years of Age

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): (Civil/Bust Prtrait to come soon when I find one)

    Superpower: Gravity Manipulation - James can manipulate limited fields of gravity. Each has a static pull of 1 G, each field can only outline a single silhouette, he can only manifest two at a time, and unless he is using the fields on himself, he must use his hands to manipulate the fields. These fields can overlap and stack, to achieve various effects, such as Floortilting, Levitation and limited Flight, or Immobilization. These fields require tremendous amount of focus and energy to maintain, and as such, James can only hold them for limited amounts of time, depending on the size of the fields as well as how many are active at once. For example, a single human-sized field can last 5 minutes, while two human-sized fields can only be held for 2 minutes. After the time limit is up, James must wait a minute before he can generate fields again. The fields are also not subtle by any means, as when an object is affected by them, it is surrounded by a purple aura of energy.

    Reason to join: Fame, as well as to be a role model for any other mutants that may be out there.

    Bio: James Carter is a simple man, with simple needs. Early in his childhood he was discovered to have strange, gravity-affecting powers, and this set him apart from the rest of the children his age, and not in a good way. He was taken by the government to have some tests performed on him, as his power set was somewhat rare, and upon discovering it's limits, he was returned to his family, no worse for wear. Years passed, and his own interest in his abilities began to grow, and he experimented with them. Initially, the fields generated could only be large enough to cover small objects, such as household cats, or plates of food. Being a rambunctious teen, he used these abilities mostly for pranks, though as he used them more, his body grew used to the odd strain the powers would place on them, and the fields grew larger. Soon, he was able to cover pieces of furniture, Television sets, and even people with his fields.

    Fall. The leaves on all but the resilient and aptly named Evergreens had long since turned various shades of red and brown. Ancient civilizations had seen this season as a time of change, and a time of harvest, but this was a fact that wasn't on my mind. Unbeknownst to me, however, these would soon prove true, in a rather odd fashion.
    The air had a slight nip to it, the first telltale signs of a cold winter to come, and this lead me to raise the hood of my jacket, to offer my face a bit more warmth. The street I stood next to as I waited for the crosswalk to open up was jammed up in some light traffic, owing to the rush hour. A few others stood next to me. A businessman, A mother and her daughter, and some classmates, one friend, and one crush. The salt and pepper of the businessman's aging hair showing both the stress and his age slowly getting to him. He talked into a cellphone, the bits of conversation I cared enough to overhear sounded like some sort of business deal was about to go wrong. Annoyance was written on the man's face, showing that this might have been a thorn in his side for some time now. The woman seemed a bit annoyed, but for other reasons. Her daughter (Possibly six or seven years of age) seemed to be rambunctious, with an unending supply of energy, and she kept trying to run off in various directions, though the mother was always quick to keep her at her side. My friend, a blonde jock by the name of Thom, currently had a shit-eating grin on his face, due to a joke he had just remembered and was about to tell the rest of us. He and I had been in many adventures together, and just about as much visits to the principal's office for the trouble those adventures would get us in. He had a good heart, though it was buried under layers of mischief and bad jokes. And finally, the girl I had a crush on, Sammy. Fair skin, long brown hair, beautiful eyes, and also not put off by my admittedly dry sense of humour. We had become friends at around the same time as Thom and I had first met. This made the set up for the cliche'd "three friends" set up, though I didn't mind cliches.
    The day was calm, aside from the aforementioned traffic, and the cars began to pick up speed as a light ahead miraculously happened to match up with another ahead, both showing green. It was then that my life would change. A large truck a few yards down the line would suddenly have it's front passenger tire blow out, sending it careening towards us. Everyone looked on in terror, shock gripping them in place. To be honest, the same had happened to me, but I wouldn't want to admit it to anyone. The next few seconds moved on in slow motion. My body began moving before I even could think of what to do, my palms upraised. They pointed towards the large vehicle, and suddenly it glowed purple, raising into the air as my powers began affecting it. The truck, which once threatened to end us, now sailed above our heads, and once it was past us, I ended my influence on the gravity of the vehicle, and it crashed into a nearby building. That was the last I saw before I passed out from the exertion.

    HexCode Colour: #AD00D4

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  18. @Pahn I've just had a hectic weekend, I'll have something up today :)
  19. Yay! Take your time, I just wanted to make a round-up of interested folks :3
  20. Alright, finished :)
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