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    Some of us may have been a victim of this sort of things, and others have never experienced it.

    The definition, in short, is when you meet some one you potentially like and/or have feelings for, but they automatically assume that you are nothing but a "good friend" to them. The other refuses to let what could be a wonderful relationship happen by claiming that they are better off at friends. This is different than dating them before, breaking up, THEN friended. That's a natural thing. Friend zoned is the automatic classification that you will never be anymore than friends.

    It hurts people to have it done to them so much! It almost makes them feel like they didn't even have a chance! Some people call it heartless and other people call it careful.

    But what do you guys call it?

    Have you ever been a victim of the friend zone? How did it make you feel? Do you find yourself doing it?

  2. Isabellas have never dated or attempted to date before! Isabellas just glow at everyone equally!
  3. Had it done to me before MULTIPLE times. ._. It sucks.

    Have done it to others. >> but not in that kinda way.
    I just stay honest about my feelings.
    Like, why lead someone on if you don't feel the same way?
    That's rude. >:C and stupid.
    friend zoning sucks, but people move on eventually.. I hope. ._. I have. :3
  4. I don't believe in the "friend zone". o__o

    People have a right to decide who they like and who they don't like. Who they feel they are going to be interested in, etc, without being persecuted for it, or being told they're wrong, they're not "giving it a chance" so and so on. Why CAN'T someone just like you as a friend and not have romantic feelings for you? Why should anyone take that as a personal insult just because someone didn't reciprocate romantic feelings. It's not fair to the person you get pissed off at for "friend zoning" you. How dare anyone assume that they know what YOU want and YOU need and tell you who you should date! >:[

    I have had a lot of guys pull that "if you just gave us a chance" thing on me when they were "friend zoned". And it always pissed me off. How many times should I have to tell someone I just don't have any interest in them that way before they understand it? "Well, we're such good friends, we could totally be a couple." NO. I AM NOT INTERESTED. QUIT TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A BAD PERSON BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE YOU THAT WAY. Why am I not allowed to have a mind of my own and decide what I like?!

    .... mini rant. ><;; I have always see the friend zone thing as a way to turn that other person in to a villain to sooth someone's broken ego. When people just need to come to terms with the fact that they're not always going to get their feelings return. It's not fair to the other person.
  5. oh my god this. THIS. this this this this this this this.
  6. *Clap clap clap clap clap.... Epic CLAP* @ Diana
  7. Agreed with Diana. >:[

    Some dudes have a bitch fit when you tell them how you feel. Since when is anything wrong with that statement? If you ask someone a question, I assume they want your honest answer, yes? Well then. "I honestly do not want to date you." -__-

    Then again, you have the mopey guys that always travel to corners or dark places that whine and mope about always being automatically friended. They claim it as "I am such a good person that people automatically want to be my friend." That in itself is bullshit as well. Why WOULDN'T someone want a good person? Since when does that mean they have to be nothing but friends? Oh, so if they're 'too good of a person' they cant possibly be dated?

    COME ON.
  8. It's called unrequited love, get over it! Okay usually it's unrequited lust, but if you truly care for the person you'd never try to make them feel guilty after expressing your feelings.
  9. Do not trust anyone or anything. The shock comes from ignorance. Do not be ignorant and thus, no painful shock! Success! Try it, normal ones, and your lives will improve. Or they will not. It varies from person to person =3
  10. I think I do this to people, but not on purpose. I'm just oblivious because I hold this belief that no one could actually like me that way - so I treat everyone as "just friends" accordingly.
  11. I do this to people more recently in life. Why? BECAUSE I AM IN A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP. >:[ I dun want to date you, I have my boyfriend thank you very much. >.> and don't bitch and complain and try to convince me otherwise. Stupid STUPIDS!

    I agree with Diana-sama! COMPLETELY. >:[
  12. I'd like to spread a more positive view on this whole thing. You know, before the idea that everyone who has been friended handles it poorly and does not respect the wishes of someone they claim to be in love with.

    I have been put into the "Friend Zone" and yes, it sucked and hurt to come to terms with. Rejection does that, but you know what? Some people can accept the feelings of other people and are able to move on. In my case, I even kept that friend and our friendship has been going strong for over nine years and I plan on that never changing.

    Now everyone fucking smile! It's not all bad.
  13. I'm not saying its bad, I just was annoyed about the guy :P :)
  14. Well, it would hurt, but if you've given them no reason to believe you want to date them, what's wrong with them saying they want to be your friend? Friends are good right? It's not like you couldn't be friends for awhile then date later.

    And if you actually asked and they rejected you, then the best reaction is to move on, but still be friends if you can. Maybe the best thing for you is to be friends.

    Basically what everyone else who got here before me said. >.<
  15. Since Diana pretty much said everything that is within my black little heart, I will only add:

    Some pussies need to grow the hell up.
  16. *Points at Hiro* Well... what I'm mad about is not the people who DO take it well. XD Because those people don't sit around and SAY "I've been friend zoned, boo hoo! that person is a buttface". They move on like normal cool people! Nobody hates the ones that handle it with class. 8D

    Usually when someone complains about being friend-zoned, though, they're not doing it in the lolwe'rejusfriendsitscool way. They're making it sound like they're getting tormented and punished and insult, etc, etc, etc... ><
  17. Stop having friends. No friend zoning. Solution. *Claps*
  18. I know Diana, but the thread was turning into nothing BUT that kind of situation. I wanted to share a post where the story didn't go:

    "She/He is a jerkface because they won't love me back."
    "Stop it, you're being selfish."
    "NO U."

    Because then people are not making happyface.
  19. <.< ...Have never been asked, so I've never been forced to friend zone anyone.

    >.> ...I think I put myself in the friend zone when I'm interested in people, cause I'd rather date my best friend whom has seen me at my best and worst than someone who just sparks an interest.
  20. Hmmm, I friend zone practically everyone. Mainly because I know full well that if I get together with them, I'll get bored of them really fast cuhs I'm not the relationship type. I don't know. The people I don't friend zone usually end up friend zoned in the end since I lost interest pretty fast...

    I have been friend zoned though. It felt really shitty haha. It's more like the people I friend zone also friend zone me back... since, I dunno, everyone sort of treats me like a little sister since people like to take care of me/tease me (my reactions are funny, apparently)... -.- And the ones who don't, just want me for sex so it's kind of a lose-lose situation lmao. :lol: