Friday the 13th

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  1. It's that dreaded day again! Friday the 13th... So what are you guys doing on this evil day (muhahahahaha) I'm sitting in the dark, browsing the internet for crazy things that bring you bad luck.
  2. I did nothing, but I did have a strange occurrence at the grocery store this morning. Went to go pick up cupcakes for my kids' classes for their parties, and I grabbed a diet Dr. Pepper for myself. Put everything on the belt, and went to go dig out my credit card from my purse. When I looked up the guy had all my thing rang up, but there was no trace of my soda. He didn't see it. The lady behind me didn't see it. My daughters saw me put it up with the cupcakes, but no one could figure out where it went. o.o
  3. I went to work and came home and then realized that in March we have another Friday the 13th.
  4. Friday the 13th... of February... Before Valentines day...

    Ring any bells?
  5. You lost me
  6. It shouldn't.
    It's just Ironic.
  7. The perfect scenario for Jason! So many teenagers out trying to get lucky, making out in cars and random places. Perfect for him to sneak up behind them and Ch ch ch ch ch ah ah ah ah!
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  8. I think I may be the only one who hated those films. They bored me to tears. T.T

    Give me Michael any day.
  9. No, you're not the only one, but Michael is just as boring. I never can be "scared" for any of the characters because, well, we all already know what's going to happen. :(

    I guess I'll just be cheesy and stick with Hellraiser. At least they changed it up and everybody is pretty much fucked in the end.
  10. I still get freaked and I've seen the original Halloweens at least 20 times. Something about Shatner's emotionless face easily finds its way into my nightmares. *shudders*

    I've actually never seen Hellraiser. I need to.
  11. Oh I can understand why the Friday the 13th and Halloween movies are scary, I just don't feel I'm scared ever when watching them. Entertained on the other hand, very much so.

    As for Hellraiser, you should be able to get the first three movies for dirty cheap these days and I mean dirt cheap. The first five hold true to the Hellraiser universe and the proceeding three after that are alright and keep adding to the lore of that universe, but lack a certain something. Then there was the 2011 reboot which failed miserably. Do not watch the 2011 reboot, it is utter shit.
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  12. Just with chains and nails.
    So... slightly better than shit.
    But yes. I agree with you there.

    It was horrifyingly bad compared to it's grandpa, parents and siblings.
  13. That is what I should have said.
    But to my knowledge, Clive Barker is doing his own reboot of Hellraiser soon. It has been announced and being written by Barker and Tenenbaum, so I know it'll be an excellent script.

    Oh shit. How have we forgotten about Candyman!?
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  14. The bees!! Ack!

    A reboot of IT is also happening. Dunno if I should be excited or scared;
  15. Well, I would tell you but the teenagers screaming in my basement have been keeping me busy.
  16. Friday the 13th is my lucky day ^^ This time I was lucky in my partner search. Two people with great ideas for my plots contacted me just a couple of hours after I had posted up my partner request thread :D Usually it takes much longer when I have such a long thread with so many rules xD

    Except for that, I didn't do much. I never do much. I'm too lazy to do anything. I don't even remember what I ate yesterday... Maybe I did something.. But now I can't remember... I'm not old enough for memory loss D:
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