Friday The 13th: Hunter's Moon

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  1. The dark woods frighten you? They should...especially the foreboding forests around Crystal Lake. There are rumors, or rather whispers of events that took place in these dark woods, that unspeakable attrocities were committed, bloody murders carried out by a sadistic fiend who wore a hockey mask. One year ago, a group of teenagers enjoying a summer camp, were brutality mutilated by someone or something. There was only one recorded survivor and the mysterious killer...never caught. They say he still roams these woods, stalking and waiting.

    June 1982

    A group of friends are en route to an isolated patch of forest on a hunting trip. Hunting season in in full swing and they are on their way to what they think will be a carefree and relaxing few days enjoying nature. What they are quite unaware of is that this trip will be anything but. This will be an odyssey of terror that will have them fighting for their very lives...

    **Ok so this will obviously be a Friday the 13th RP, but with a bit of a twist. Instead of the cliche rabble of teenage victims, the main protagonists here will be fully grown men (and women, if any want to join) out on a hunting trip. They are armed and know how to defend themselves. They stumble on the accursed Camp Crystal Lake when they wander to far into Jason's territory. Since the "victims" here are a completely different set of characters, this will be just as much an action RP as it is horror. Take note that people WILL die, so be prepared to sacrifice a character.

    Age:(no one under 21)
    Physical Appearance:
    Weapons:(within reason, they are hunters not Delta Force)
    Bio:(At least two paragraphs)

    ***I will be playing the part of Mr. Voorhees :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.