Friday night

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  1. Anyone else stuck at home on a Friday night bored?
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  2. I feel ya man.
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  3. That's every Friday night for least till the end of this month!
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  4. I'm stuck home as well, but I could never be bored with all of you guys around! (Well, that and a dota 2 tournament)
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  5. I'm on bed rest and it sucks...
    I hate sitting still not in my nature
    Then non of my friends are on so I'm all blah!
  6. Aren't we your friends? :3
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  7. Pssh we are now
    hello new friends
    -shakes all your hands-
    or are you a hugger?
  8. I'm a bear hugger! >:3
  9. I'm bored enough that I started downloading WoW to play with my hubby tonight, and he went and passed out on me. @_@ Didn't even get a goodnight text. :(
  10. Cool me too
    -grabs you into a huge hug lifting you off the ground-
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  11. Awe that sucks!
    I hate when that happens
  12. Man it's been forever since I've played wow. How's the newest patch?

    Also, I'm more of a 'nod in your direction' kinda person.
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  13. I'm never "stuck" at home! 8D It's where I prefer to enjoy my time! I don't like to interact with strangers too much. O_O It's exhausting.
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  14. Nah, Im a fighter so it's hard to still for me.
    I like walking around at night
    Ah I see -nods-
  15. I haven't tried out the new expansion yet. I got bored right before it came out. X_x
  16. I played pictionary with the family and I have never seen them so outright exasperated with me. It was great.

    All the fun, partyish stuff is happening tomorrow.
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  17. Chilling at home with the spouse. Watching a stream of final fantasy 9 after a silent hill play through.

    Nearly wet myself when we got our 2 grand tax return. Instantly paid off the credit card and wrote checks to pay back the family.

    Now debating if I want the new 3ds xl to go with monster hunter 4..
  18. -Hisses at the outside world- It's Friday, so leave me alone to enjoy my online life! Go party or something you damn... Normal people :(

    I was willingly at home Friday night. Like I am every Friday night :D Friday's are my days. Me me me me me. Nothing but me. No one gets into my bubble! I can be social on Sundays.
  19. Being stuck in bed is near the worst feeling ever. That and everything hurting as well.
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  20. That is pretty much my story right now.... I hate being sick so damn much
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