Friday Community News: Attack of the Smilies

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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A long boring week of having the flu totally cock blocked any productivity! But that's okay, your adorable Halloween Glampire is still alive and bringing you the updates from this past week. :D This week is dedicated to MOE NEKO BLOBS. When you need target practice, choose Moe Neko.

New This Week:
  • New in the OOC; The Staff includes a secret organization trying to take over, Not Another School Roleplay follows the recent school setting trend with a open plot and a magical twist, and Second Chances featuring what happens when you give people that failed at a life a second chance to do something great.
  • In the Social Groups there is now a group dedicated to the Iwaku Show! Participate in the special voice chat events!
  • Some additional smilies have been added, including some oldschool favorites and some handy tools for roleplays! Like buttons for :fantasy: or directing people to :fantasyc: cbox channels!

Upcoming Updates:
  • There's still time to VOTE on the Chat Roleplay Schedule for November!
  • A reminder that there will be a forum update in a couple weeks, giving a handy new area for people to store character and roleplay content! Staff are also still discussing forum structure changes!

  • KIDNAPPING NEWBIES. We wants their bloods.
  • The Iwaku Newsletter always needs content! Stop by the Group to submit ideas or articles.
  • If you are a Roleplay GM, please submit a quick paragraph about your plot to the Tavern. It will help players find your roleplays better. :D

Now get out there and roleplay!
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