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    Once, the world was divided into three fields. One lush and beautiful, one dark and rotten. Elves, Dwarfs, Morphlings and other creatures of the light frolic and create on a fresh, green landscape dotted with colorful flowers and magestic trees whereas Orcs, Trolls, Necromancers and other beasts of the shadows creep and destroy beneath the dark shades of the ruined woods, forever tainted with darkness and night. The third, hidden in between shadows and color. Where the rune that keeps the world in check for all eternity resides, guarded by beings of immense power and hidden beyond barriers of barriers. Three fields, so different yet so alike.

    Until darkness broke the balance of the Earth. To destroy the treaty that binds the two fields apart, the atrocities hidden beyond the dark woods created an intricate spell, that will soon change everything. And after it has been woven and casted, the third field's barriers broke, the guardians have died, and the rune cracked.

    The Earth trembled and shook, thunder and lightning rippled through the blackened skies, rain spattered and sprayed all over as the Necromancers continued to cast this spell. Then in a moment, all was silent. Everything and everyone stopped. Then an explosion, as bright as the sun shook the fields. Fog as dim as shadow ripped through villages, castles, and forests alike. And just like that, the rune shattered. The treaty desecrated and all hell broke loose.

    But then, they noticed something.. The sun was fading in and out, golden-colored fluid dripped out of the halo of bright light in the sky, falling into nothingness. Then it dawned on them. The end of the world has begun.


    To repair the shattered rune and bring balance back to the world, the creatures of the light must vanquish the empress of the dark. Only then would the cast spell be destroyed. Although it would leave a permanent scar on their once, perfect utopia, it would finally bring the monstrosities of the night to their knees. A rebel no longer.

    To gain full dominance over the world, the beasts of the dark must kill the queen of the light. Only then they can impose control over the entire universe. No longer would they share such wealthy land over petty weaklings, they would rule them all. A utopia turned to a dystopia. A Nevermore.

    There will be a total of ten characters, five for good, five for evil. They will either become the bringer of life or the champion of the night. They will encounter monsters, traverse through different lands, and someday might even face each other in a duel. This and others will be explained later. If all the characters of day has been killed by the characters of the night, then the characters of the night that are alive will face the queen of the light (a boss battle). Same goes for characters of day in vice versa.

    The two fields were always distinguished. You can tell the forest of light from the lush fields and the brimming livestock whereas you can deduct the dark woods from the rotting trunks of tall menacing trees. They were nicknamed: The Day and The Night. Even though Evening still shrouds Good's fields they were always illuminated by twinkling stars and a peaceful moon. Evil's fields always languished in eternal night as black as ebony.

    Their armies were

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