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Freshmen Means Fresh Meat

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by CheshireKitten, Jul 20, 2014.

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  1. (I'm looking for a mysterious male character to role play with, so IF there is any romance it will be straight. You can either be in my character's class or you can be an older student. My girl will be in her freshman year. I like responses to be at least one paragraph, or at least enough to work with. I'm okay with pretty much any genre, so if there is anything you wanna ask just PM me. I'm on just about every day, and if I'm not I will do my best to keep you informed. Also if you want to end the RP please just tell me ahead of time.)

    Luna was your average girl, only she was really quiet and kind of shy. This was her first time attending a Magic school, a school known as, Fangsmere Academy . She was quite gifted in it and her Grandmother was a well known witch. Though she always made a point to keep that on the down low. She was a bit above average, but nothing special. To be exceptionally good at magic, you have to practice. There was just no other way to get good. It is true what they say though, that the older the witch the stronger.
    The black haired girl walked up to the Academy wearing their uniform which even had the Academy's logo on it. Luna was aware that there would be much more than just witches. There would be plenty of monsters, or at least other types of sorcerers. Both excitement and fear twisted in her stomach. The school looked absolutely....huge...this school was gigantic.

    Now all she had to do was make it into the front gate. Once she had done that she looked around. There were so many different students. One guy was looking, no glaring her way, so she quickly looked in a different direction and went into the school. By the time she discovered where her class was all of the students had made their way to homeroom. She walked in and was introduce by the teacher as Luna Devel. Then she took her seat not looking at anyone.
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