Freshman Means Fresh Meat

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  1. Name:Luna Devel
    Height: 5'2'
    Age: 16

    Luna was your average girl, only she was really quiet and kind of shy, that is until you get to know her. This was her first time attending a Magic school, a school known as, Fangsmere Academy . She was quite gifted in it and her Grandmother was a well known witch. Though she always made a point to keep that on the down low. She was a bit above average, but nothing special. To be exceptionally good at magic, you have to practice. There was just no other way to get good. It is true what they say though, that the older the witch the stronger.
    The black haired girl walked up to the Academy wearing their uniform which even had the Academy's logo on it. Luna was aware that there would be much more than just witches. There would be plenty of monsters, or at least other types of sorcerers. Both excitement and fear twisted in her stomach. The school looked absolutely....huge...this school was gigantic.

    Now all she had to do was make it into the front gate. Once she had done that she looked around. There were so many different students. One guy was looking, no glaring her way, so she quickly looked in a different direction and went into the school. By the time she discovered where her class was all of the students had made their way to homeroom. She walked in and was introduce by the teacher as Luna Devel. Then she took her seat not looking at anyone.
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  2. Name: Ichiru Aido
    Height: About 6ft
    Age: 17
    Ichiru is your average mysterious bad boy. Being a 17 year old Sophomore, Ichiru never commonly talked to anyone. He always situated himself far away from the other students at Fangsmere Academy. Fangsmere was no ordinary school and he knew this, he was no ordinary person. Ichiru was never in his uniform, everyone at Fangsmere knew this already and don't bother trying to handle it because he will just ignore and simply walk away. Well he is quite the catch. He was leaning himself against a tree when the sight of long dark hair caught his eye, Ichiru couldn't help but watch her every move. Although he wasn't a creepy type of person, in fact he was never into anyone, but the sight of this new girl was breathtaking. Slowly she made eye contact with him but he didn't care to look away as she did. Without looking he dug into his front pocket and pulled out his necklace and wrapped it around his neck the way he always had. He kept his eyes on her as he peeled his scarf off and waited patently for her to get inside.
    Once she has disappeared inside Ichiru began to walk to the front door, to go to his cabinet, so he could swiftly throw his scarf inside. Dragging his feet across the old floors he just started walking. The old bell had rung but he didn't care much, he knew his next class would be a freshmen's class and was no looking forward to being in it, or any class for that matter. Eventually he reached the door to his first class of the day and slowly shuffled inside. He growled as he, unknowingly, sat right behind the long-black haired new girl.
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  3. When she finally went to glance up she saw a glimpse of the boy she had saw earlier. She acted as though she didn't see him though. He seemed like he was older, but maybe not? She just took a deep breath as the teacher started all of the usual introductory stuff that was to be endured the first day of school, especially if you were a freshman. The teacher seemed to drag on forever, but soon the students were given some time to kick back for the last five minutes of homeroom. Unfortunately Luna's first period was in a completely different room, and she had no idea how to get around this school. Looking over her schedule she sighed in defeat. She would just have to figure things out on her own, or would she?
    Somehow the teacher recognized Luna's distress and came back to talk to her. She said she would pick a student to show her around to her classes. The teacher asked for volunteers to show Luna around. Several guy's hands shot up seeing as she wasn't bad looking and she wasn't known by anyone in this school, so that made her interesting. The teacher looked around looking for an older student who would actually know their way through the school.
  4. Name: nivek
    Age: 18
    height: 5' 4


    nivek was yet again being escorted to a new school. he was kicked out of his last school for jumping a two story building into the class and kicking the teacher over there seat onto some grease that lead outside into a match setting the hallway on fire.

    nivek was running through the school. kids started to crowd the hallway nivek jumped over the students using his wind magic to help him jump over them. then nivek berrle rolled on the ground recovered his footing and kept on running then three other students knocked the students to the side chasing nivek.

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  5. Name: Lucinda Craven
    Height: 5'9'
    Age: 17


    Lucinda always seemed to be late for homeroom, no matter how early she would wake up she would always go right back to sleep without fail, and then all that would be left of homeroom was the last five minutes. She hurried as quickly as possible to reach the classroom in time and just as she turned the handle on the door the stitches that attached one of her ankles to her leg all popped. With her poor foot left out in the hall she came crashing down onto the classroom floor in a flurry of short, bright green hair, all while the books that she had held in her hands and her red rimmed glasses went skittering across the floor.

    Lucinda couldn't help that she was clumsy, she was just a bunch of stitched together body parts that happened to live and breath after all, but she did try to at least stay in one piece even though she was a bit scatter brained too. As she pushed herself up of the floor her face flushed with color as she started patting around in search for her glasses. One might as well say she was blind as a bat without them. Blushing brighter she spoke up nervously with her feathery voice, "C-can someone please help me find my glasses? I-I can't see without them and I do have to reattach my foot."

    Having looked up in hope, Lucinda then returned her blurry gaze to the floor, too embarrassed for anyone to look her in the face directly. She doubted anyone would really step forward to help her, everyone probably just saw her as a klutzy airhead and didn't want to ruin there image by helping the pieced together weirdo.
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  6. Name: Shiro Akutabyo
    Height: 5'5
    Age: 16
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    Shiro was a quiet girl that was pretty rebel like. She had been to school early but didn't walk into homeroom. She leaned against a wall, earphones in and IPhone on. She listened to the song Beautiful Soul as she waited for homeroom to end. She had smirk on her face and watched everything outside from the window. She looked at a guy that had tapped her shoulder and took an earphone out.

    Name: Tadashi Hirokushima
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'3
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    Tadashi was the cool and smart type. He was late today cause he had to help a poor child but he knew Shiro well enough to knew she had been early but hadn't gone in. He was the one that had tapped on her shoulder. He knew her cause they were neighbors. He fixed his glasses and sighed. "Shiro, you need to go in." He told her.

    Shiro raised an eyebrow then crossed her arms. "I don't feel like it." She said.

    He sighed then turned to go in when he saw a girl he saw her glasses and smiled. He picked up the glasses and handed them to her. "I believe these are yours." He said then stood up.

    Shiro watched them.
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  7. Lucinda felt the smooth rim of her glasses being placed in her hand and looked up in surprise to see who had helped her. After only seeing the blurred silhouette of who she assumed was a male student, she quickly nestled her glasses into place so that she could see his face much clearer. Flustered she quickly spoke, "Th-th-thank you so much. I-I don't believe we've met, my name is Lucinda.

    Now that she had her glasses she quickly set about gathering her books up into a tidy little stack in front of her, and then pulled a spindle of thread and a needle that she had tucked away in her skirt pocket for emergencies such as these. She set to work sewing her foot back on with neat, practiced stitches that she had mastered from all the many other times she had come loose at the seams.

    Once she was good as new she stood up and retrieved the little stack of books from the floor and bowed respectfully to her savior of the day. "Thanks again umm . . ."
  8. "I'm Tadashi Hirokushima." He said, introducing himself. He smiled at her then bowed a little. "Pleased to meet you." He said before standing up straight and chuckling lightly.
  9. She smiled gently at him, "Nice to meet you Tadashi, I-I'm not always such a klutz it just today i was running late and forgot to check all my stitches in my rush to make it in time." Still blushing from her fall she walked over to her seat and sat down as the teacher noted her late arrival. 'Already,' she thought to herself, 'what a great start to the week, and things can only get worse from here on.'
  10. Tadashi apologized to the teacher and told him that he was helping a lost child. Tadashi went to his seat in the middle row near the window.

    Shiro walked in, knowing the teacher already knew why she was late. She sat in her seat behind Tadashi.
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    Luna watched as everything happened and was going to go help the girl, but the boy who called himself Tadashi was already on it. It was refreshing to see that there were nice people here. She still didn't have anyone to show her around, and she only had less than five minutes. She sighed with defeat, and knew she would just have to figure out this place on her own. Suddenly she felt a surge of determination, and decided that she would handle this just fine. The clock ticked, and the end of homeroom drew closer and closer.
  12. Tadashi listened to the teacher and Shiro looked outside.
  13. nivek rushed in the class room and slamed the door behind him using his wind magic. "just my luck being chased already this early in the morning" he said panting and out of breath. he ten turned around to see the class then smiled "sorry about distrubing the class" he apoligized to the class. and rubbed the back of his head. he just looked at the class and started to walk to the back hoping no one would ask questions.
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  14. Shiro looked at Nivek after he slammed the door. She watched him with an eyebrow raised.
  15. nivek was still panting slightly then the door was kicked open by the ones chasing him so nivek turned in reflex and used his win d to shut the door and them back out in one forcful wind push. realizing that he probably has the attention of the class he just smiled waved and hurried to the back of the room to sit. he then startd to fidgit still hoping no one askes questions.
  16. Luna jumped at the sudden arrival of an interesting looking character. She raised her eye brow, but didn't ask a thing. The teacher went on continuing with her introduction, and then reintroduced Luna to all who had arrived late. Which embarrassed the crap out of her, but she nodded and looked out the window.

    The bell rang and homeroom was over. Luna looked at her schedule, and sighed the room she had to go to was for potions class. Room M223. She had no clue where it was, so she just walked out of her home room, and stopped in a place against the wall where she would be out of the way until she figured out where she was going.
  17. Tadashi saw he while he left and walked over. "Something wrong?" He asked.

    Shiro sighed and waited for Tadashi.
  18. Luna looked up with her jade green eyes and shyly smiled. "Um yeah, this is my first year here, and I don't know where room M223 is at. It's my potions class." This guy was a lot taller than her.
  19. He smiled. That was the same class him and Shiro were headed to. "Come with us." He said and walked down the halls to room M223.

    Shiro trailed after him.
  20. She smiled in return and fallowed him. "Thank you." She said hi to Shiro noticing how she fallowed the boy quietly. "I'm Luna Devel. What are your names?" She introduced herself to be polite even though she was already introduced by the teacher.
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