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  1. My name is Dow, let us sit comfortably and enjoy my story...

    I have started roleplaying quite awhile ago, though it would be about half as long if I removed the time I was in writer's block. I hope to find a more enjoyable and laid back pace for you and myself both, and hope we will become online friend as a result of our partnership. I'm a young woman born a the start of the last decade of the twentieth century, and enjoy many genres and characters, as long as I can see them grow and change with time, interactions and events. I would prefer someone who would feel the same about characters as I do, as some plot may end up being unconventional, to say the least. As for plots, the unusual and the lovingly crafted is of course my favorite kinds of stories, though those need time and effort to make and, later, play out.

    Do know that I am not a native English speaker despite my decade and a half of practice, so my vocabulary and sentence structure may sometime be off, apologies in advance. Also, don't feel insulted if I ask for a writing sample taken from a prompt of mine, you may do the same if you wish to know in advance if we could match.

    That said, I am involved and interested in both Original and Fandom rps, and would be happy to know of your favorite fandoms, though I was never fond of movies, TV show or web series. My Original tastes are all over the board, and I shall make basic plots for Original ideas as well as fandom cravings and put them here when they appear, so just watch my thread if you think I may come up with a good plot for us one day, but feel free to contact me with yours first!

    Here is the list of currently available plots:


    Long Distance Game: In the age of Virtual Reality MMOs, two players meet in the latest popular game on the market and slowly develop a strong bond as they face monsters and PVPers alike. Will this end in a star-crossed romance, or a friendship that prevail over distances?

    Lovepals: 'I want someone to love me for who I am...' This was found by a bored and jaded individual one day, with merely a public mailbox as a return address to the long and desperate letter from the sender. Will love bloom with a mere exchange of letter from two vastly different people on a mere whim?

    Sibling Rivalry: They've been at each other's throat since kindergarten, where they met, and have since then being each other's rival in academics, sports, social standing and even love, yet one morning they learn that their single parent married each other, and that they are now from the same family. (Would prefer if we played two of the same gender, so that the rivalry would be worse.)


    Final Fantasy IX: Blank escaped the Forest, yet at the cost of the entirety of his comrades of Tantalus. With only the princess Garnet and the black made Vivi as companion, how will the great tale will change as the redhead try to both lead his companion to safety and safe his petrified friends?

    Overlord: Evil always find a way... but what is a new Overlord and a head Minion to do in modern days? This will require far more subtlety, far more planning than ever...

    What if it was the more knowledgeable and cool-headed Rival that was the most talented? Would the newcomer bloom better under the guidance of a tutor than an embittered rival? Would the previously hate Rival gain a new purpose as both a Trainer and a Professor by a backhanded show of kindness? A retelling of the usual Pokemon Journey.
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  2. I call dibs on "Long Distance Game"! Do you prefer if I play Male or Female?
  3. Overlord, as in the Overlord game by Triumph Studios? :0
  4. @Time-Out : I don't mind my character's genders... or their orientation for that matter, so it'll be more to do with what feel we want.

    @Rion : Yes, this is indeed it!
  5. That game was great. Cookie to you =3
  6. Thank you!

    I would like to state that those plots up there are pretty standard, I only am able to plot something better or stranger with constant input thorough the brainstorming process, so any remotely interested are welcome to PM me!
  7. Oh my gosh, Lovepals sounds adorable. Count me in if you're still looking!
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