Fresh Poison

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Pretty much anything modern, although I will go futuristic or historic if it's got a good plot.

Fresh Poison is a modern-era roleplay, set in a small but affluent town in the USA. Everyone has secrets- some bigger than others. When a boy is violently murdered at one of Mountain Brook's infamous teenage parties, these secrets start to come to light. As the police start to dig deeper and they start to suspect each other, everyone starts to realise one thing.

Somebody is willing to kill to keep one of their secrets. And as they search for answers and struggle to keep their own secrets concealed, one thing becomes clear.

In Mountain Brook, secrets are more intertwined than you might think. And more than one person would kill to stop their secrets from getting out.

Hey guys! The Info Thread can be found here. If you're interested, please do join! The wider variety of characters, the better!
Not open for further replies.