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  1. Welcome to the town of Mountain Brook. It's a reasonably small town- well, in terms of population. The wealth of it's inhabitants means that Mountain Brook is filled with large houses with even bigger gardens. Appearance is one of the most important things in Mountain Brook. No woman would dare leave the house without makeup and pristine clothes- no man would dare be seen driving a second hand car. The thought of being humiliated in front of the neighbours haunts many a citizen, and many late nights are had, trying to ensure that their brownies are better than Susan from the PTA's, or that their home is more pristine than John from the office's home.

    This competition to be the best isn't just exclusive to the adults. The teenagers of the town are constantly striving to be the best at whatever they're good at. But this desire for success combined with the constant search for identity can be overwhelming for many teenagers, and so, the parties of Mountain Brook often get a little out of hand as they try to forget for a few hours what's expected of them.

    However, one night, things go drastically wrong. The next morning, as the host is kicking out the last few stragglers, a boy is found dead. It doesn't take the police long to figure out that it was murder, and suddenly, almost the entire young adult population of Mountain Brook is under suspicion. Interviews are conducted, evidence is hunted for, and accusations are made. Secrets start to emerge, and piece by piece, the carefully constructed appearances of so many in Mountain Brook start to fall apart.

    With so many desperate to keep secrets, things start to get messy, and one question starts to appear in everyone's mind.

    Who would kill to keep their secrets?

    No godmodding. All characters are human.
    Keep the drama to the IC. If you have a problem with another member, try and sort it out over PM, and if that isn't working, I will act as a mediator.
    Make your secrets realistic. It doesn't have to be massive, like "I killed my brother"- but it has to be big enough to have an impact on their life when it's revealed.
    If anybody just magically finds out another character's secret or figures it out without too much work, it spoils all the fun. Don't do that.
    I will be messaging the character who is the killer when I am happy with the amount of characters we have.
    If you want to leave, let me know, and I will reassign the killer if necessary, and your character will be killed off.
    If you don't post for two weeks and don't give me some kind of reason, I'll assume you have left and will proceed as such.
    Commitment would be nice.
    This is an LBGT+/MOGAI/whatever acronym you use friendly roleplay. Any intolerance will not be accepted. I will have to ask that you apply this to your characters as well, because otherwise it can get too out of hand.
    Relationships? Yes please. More drama! But keep it clean here, and normal Iwaku rules apply. If it goes to sexy times, go to PM please.
    Violence is expected, but just don't get too graphic.

    [CENTER][img]Image of your character goes here. No anime, please.[/img] [/CENTER]
    [font=Georgia][B]Name:[/B] First and last. Middle isn't really necessary.
    [B]Nickname(s):[/B] If applicable.
    [B]Age:[/B] (16-21)
    [B]Gender:[/B] With pronouns, if necessary.
    [B]Sexuality:[/b] Self explanatory.
    [b]Secret:[/B] Go wild. But not too wild.
    [B]Personality:[/B] 1-2 medium sized paragraphs should be fine.
    [B]Other:[/B] Anything else you feel is necessary to know about your character.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Jenna Williams
    Nickname(s): Jen
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Secret: Jen has been addicted to painkillers since she was 16. Somebody tempted her to try them at a party, and she quickly became hooked. She's been able to keep it a secret for this long, but it's getting a lot harder.

    Personality: You know the girl who is friendly to absolutely everybody, regardless of their clique or social status? Who often brings homemade brownies into homeroom and always has enough for everybody and then extra for the jocks who always steal two? Who looks after everybody at parties? Yeah, that's Jen. She's incredibly friendly and upbeat, and has a presence that often makes people feel at ease. If anybody needs a baby sitter, she's always their first call because she's good with kids. If it's anyone in her homeroom's birthday, you can bet she'll have cake- and the same goes for her friends. She almost seems too perfect to be real.

    However, beneath this "perfect" exterior, she's not quite as polished. Besides her addiction, she's been known to get violent and angry when she gets drunk or high. She has addictive tendencies, meaning that she gets addicted to things easily. Rather than facing her problems, she'd rather get high or drink. She's surprisingly intense when it comes to keeping her secrets secret, and would go to any means to keep them a secret.

    Other: N/A
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  3. Is this open? If so, I'd like to reserve a spot^^
  4. Sorry to bump in like this, but is this Mountain Brook based anything off of Mountain Brook, Alabama? It's just out of curiosity since a lot of my friends are from Mountain Brook. If not, then perhaps it's the name Mountain Brook, because you hit it on a nail.
  5. Could we make two characters? ^^; if not I'm cool with just one!
  6. You can make two characters, sure!
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  7. [​IMG]
    Name: Candace Nelson
    Nickname(s): n/a
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female / She/her/herself
    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Secret: When Candace was twelve played a prank on her 9 year old brother, Richard. He was afraid of the dark, so she locked him in the cellar. She had only meant to keep him down there for a few minutes but the lock broke, so she couldn't get it open. Her brother had a panic attack which triggered and asthma attack and he fell unconscious and stopped breathing. By the time the paramedics got there, her brother hadn't been breathing for over twenty minutes, but they were able to resuscitate him. However the lack of oxygen to his lungs caused him to develop brain damage and cerebral palsy.
    She told her parents that he had gone into the cellar by himself and the door had closed on its own and they believed her. However, even though he lost his ability to speak and most motor functions, her brother becomes visibly uncomfortable whenever she is near him.

    Personality: Candace is mean spirited and sarcastic, she's partial to dry witty humor and looks down on those who can't 'keep' up with her intelligence. She is the epitome of a mean girl and she enjoys the benefits that come with such a title. No one stands up to her and rarely do people bother her. However, Candace wasn't always like this. Sure when she was younger, she was a little mean, but overall she was a normal obnoxious kid, but after the incident with her brother she started getting paranoid and built an icy wall around herself. She figured that if she was unapproachable, then no one would find out what happened.

    When she's at home, Candace is the image of an angel child in her parent's eyes. She helps out with the chores, gives her mother fashion advice and reassures her father that the men at his company are idiots and he's the best CEO ever. The only thin she can't do is take care of Richard, because he starts shrieking whenever she gets within a three feet of him. Her parents just chalk it up to him 'getting too excited', but of course Candace knows better. So now, she's doing her best to gently persuade her parents into admitting Richard into an institution that will 'better meet his needs'.

    Other: She isn't a total lone wolf, she has friends, but just not close ones.
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  8. @Polystical Ooh, I like her. She'll certainly be an interesting character! Accepted.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Name: Raphael Hart
    Nickname: Raf
    Age: 19
    Gender: Cisgendered Male
    Sexuality: Closeted Homosexual

    Secret: Raf is gay. He knows it's perfectly acceptable in his community, and he knows a few LGBT people. Yet, this isn't what he considers his biggest secret. Raf is sleeping with his teacher. His male teacher is married to a woman who is planning a family. They have been sleeping together since Raf was 17. Not only is this illegal and immoral, Raf is desperate to keep his sexuality a secret. His mother is a strict Christian woman who's heart would break if she found out. If anybody found out about about his relationship with his teacher, it would jeopardise his teacher marriage and career, as well as Raf's future education.

    Personality: If you'd think Raf is like your typical geeky guy with some odd interests, you'd be pretty correct. He's a bit shy and quiet, and he likes to keep to himself, but he doesn't have a problem with socialising. He just takes longer to make friends than others. He is very optimistic and likes to keep others from worrying. Raf is the type of guy you'd ask help for with your homework and be happy to bring home to your parents, but not the guy you'd bring on an adventure or clubbing.
    Past the Mr. Nice-Nerd Personality, Raf is aggressive. Not violent or offensive, but rather paranoid and snappy. He wouldn't ever throw a punch, but he does scream a lot and cries a fair amount when put under pressure.

    • Raf wants to become a psychologist. He reads psychology books constantly and is fairly knowledgable for a student.
    • His mother is a Lawyer and his father is a practising surgeon.
    • He's a grade A student. However, some may be suspicious about his high grades, considering the time he spends behind in his teachers classrooms...
    • Raf enjoys country music the most. He's a little embarrassed about it.
    • He despises it when people call him Raphael [e.g his mother], he thinks it's too religious and sounds ridiculous.


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  10. I was gonna make a second character, but I realised you asked for ages between 16-21, and I had an idea for Raf's father. So, I'll just stick with Raf! c:
  11. The whole idea was that it's the pressure of the questioning that causes everyone to snap, so the only people suspected are the people who were at the party, hence the age limit. However, PM me your idea, and we can figure out a way to work it. :) Raf is approved!
  12. Just to let everyone know that this is still happening, I'm just hoping to get a few more characters in! I might possibly make a second character, I'll see how things go :)
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  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Finn Little
    Nickname(s): n/a
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Secret: Finn regularly uses prescription amphetamines (study buddies) to cram for his tests, but he never gave them to his friends, except for one time during a party when one of his friends was freaking out about not passing a final. His friend, Lacy a known party girl, had missed a lot of school and her grade on the final determined whether she would graduate that year or be held back and her parents were hard hitters who would definitely let the school keep her if she failed. So Finn, gave Lacy a few pills just for that day,but it turned out that she was allergic to an ingredient in the pills and ended up having a seizure and dying of blood pooling in her brain. There was an investigation but because no one was around when Finn gave Lacy the pills, no one found out about his involvement in her death.

    Personality: Finn is that social butterfly guy, who delves into each and every group and makes friends wherever he goes. He's a classic gentleman, especially when he deals with children or older women. He likes to see the best in everybody and if he sees someone not having fun at a part he'll do his best to cheer them up and involve them in the happenings. He's a party boy who can never say no to an invitation and the type of guy people invite to their parties to liven them up. At least that's how he seems on the outside.

    On the inside, Finn is a wreck. His mind is constantly replaying the moment he found out about Lacy's death and he's started to imagine her haunting him. He knows that she isn't and that her 'haunting' him is just a side effect of the pills, but he just can't stop taking them because even though they ruined his life, they keep the guilt and pain at bay. He's always nervous and stressed out because he's worried that if he starts acting different;y someone will get suspicious and find out about the pills and Lacy.

    Other: He's a DJ.
  14. @Polystical Ooh, I like him. Definitely interesting.

    I think I'll give it another 48 hours or so before choosing the killer and opening the IC, so if anybody's interested in a second character or joining, it'd probably be best to get it in before then :)
  15. This looks interesting! May I create a character?
  16. Absolutely, go for it!

    I'm working on my second character now :)
  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Elliot Fontaine
    Nickname(s): Ellie
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Secret: Elliot has a bit of a gambling problem. And if that were the only issue, then she wouldn't bother stressing over it too much. But Elliot isn't big on taking risks that aren't weighed out in her favor -- so she cheats. Having always been a strong student in math (as many talented musicians are), she has learned to be very calculated in her gambling habits, teaching herself how to count cards and never leaving without a pair of loaded dice in her pockets. Elliot has been kicked out of several gambling locations on the speculation that she's been cheating, but she's never let it slip far enough for anyone to be able to prove it. She is not only careful about what tactics she uses to cheat, but she is also very calculated in when and who she cheats.

    But how has Elliot gotten away with this for so long, one might ask? Well, Elliot is a proficient, classically trained cellist. Now studying at a prestigious college conservatory, she hopes to one day be able to make a living off her passion for music. However, she knows very well the chances of this are quite slim (which is perhaps one reason that she took to gambling in the first place). But Elliot uses this fact to her advantage. She only goes out gambling once a week, and when she does, she leaves town for it. Her excuse is that she now teaches several young cello students around the area of the conservatory, between the ages of four and eleven, every week on Thursday nights. This is enough of a lie to explain away both the money that she makes (though she doesn't ever share how much she makes, as its inconsistent from one week to the next) and her absences while she cheats unsuspecting gamblers out of as much money as she can in one night.

    Personality: Elliot isn't quite what one would call a social butterfly. In fact, large social situations often stress her out. She has a few close friends, and she's familiar enough with most of the other kids in the small town of Mountain Brooks that she's not too weird about it, but Elliot still hates making small talk and forced social interaction. She is perfectly comfortable with silence, so it's almost easier to just sit in the corner at a party and people-watch instead of conversing with others. It's not that she dislikes people or anything (though her often-deadpanned resting face sometimes makes it difficult to tell what she's thinking or feeling), but coming out of her shell and making friends isn't exactly her forte.

    That being said, Elliot actually is still a very caring person who enjoys a good laugh and a witty comeback. She puts a lot of stock in sticking up for the few close friends that she does have. She takes the philosophy "treat others how you'd like to be treated" to heart (outside of the gambling scene, of course) and always makes it a point to support her friends in the hopes that they would always do the same for her. Hence, if her friends want to go to a party, she's more than willing to come along and keep an eye on them, making sure they stay safe and out of trouble. (That's really the only reason you'd find Elliot at a party to begin with.) Part of this chivalrous behavior perhaps stems from the fact that she's disgusted with the gambling and cheating side of herself, and she tries to make up for it in other aspects of her life.

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  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Spencer Parrish
    Nickname(s): Spence
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual, and openly so.

    Secret: Spence has been struggling with various eating disorders on and off for the past eighteen months after a diet to lose his "puppy fat". He suffered from binge eating disorder, which then lead to anorexia, but after his parents started to notice, he developed bulimia. Recovery would begin, and then he'd relapse, and the whole cycle would begin again. He knows that if his parents found out, he'd be hospitalised, and he'd lose everything- his social life, his job, his pride... He's determined not to let anyone find out, telling himself he'll get help when his future is secure. However, in the back of his mind, he knows that he mightn't even make it that far.

    Personality: Spence isn't one of the popular kids, but he's not a loner either. His friends have stuck by him, even when he was acting strangely towards them due to his disorders. However, they haven't picked up on his habits, and Spence relishes in that security. Spence is secretive and knows exactly what lies he needs to tell to keep those secrets. He's an excellent liar, due to the sheer amount of practice he's had.

    However, beneath the lies and secrets, Spence isn't a bad person. While he's lying to everyone, he's convinced it's for their own good as well as his own. He is gentle to those who need him to be, and he has a good sense of humour. He's quiet, but can talk at length about a subject he's interested in. He's friendly, despite how quiet he is.

    Other: He's quite underweight, but plays it off as it just being his natural build. He's also not in the best of health due to his constantly fluctuating weight and diet, but again, manages to make a joke of it, usually saying he needs to take more vitamins or something along those lines.
  19. Great! She's accepted! Also, my character is now up.

    If anybody has any ideas for relationships between characters (romantic or otherwise) feel free to start discussing them over PM. :)
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