Fresh Off The Boat

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  1. Hello there, my name is Scarlet (no one has time to insert my symbols into my name, not even me), but Scar is a perfectly acceptable way to refer to me. I'm 17 and have bounced around a few forums in my time. I am an artsy Glee Club geek who reads too many books and possibly does too well in english class, so I'm sure I will not be alone in a community like this one. I look forward to roleplaying with you people and hope you'll enjoy doing the same with me.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Thanks! And I can already tell I will this seems like a great place.
  4. It really is. There's something for everyone, from what I can tell.
  5. HIIII Scarlet! 8D Welcome to us!
  6. Hello, Scarlet! Welcome to Iwaku. ^^
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Scarlet :)! I hope you enjoy your stay.

    Also, your avatar is really swell ^^
  8. @Diana: HI!!!

    @Fox: Why thank you, yours is cute. :3