Fresh Meat! :)



Original poster
What nicknames do you like to be called? Just Retro is fine, thanks. :)

Are you a boy or a girl, and how old are ya? Female, and sixteen.

What's your favorite genres to roleplay? Anything fantasy, or any roleplay where the roleplayers can make me think, surprise me, and excite me. :>

What kind of characters do you usually play? Any kind! Any gender, any race, any personality, any sexuality, any age, any skin colour, any level of 'sanity'... :)

Would you prefer Zombie Fox Plushes, Bread Priests, Space Marines, or Wolf Packs? What? D: Erm. Erm. Well, I do like bread. Not keen on space, hate zombies, and I'm a cat person. But... I'm not religious. ._. So I guess none.


A little extra:
Heya! I'm a newbie to the forum, but I've been role playing for eight years (I started young, I know.) - I've been roleplaying with lengthy, detailed posts for five years, and I'm here in search of something new and fresh, as my old roleplay sites are just a bit stale for my taste. :)
I'm all up for meeting new people, but please don't be offended if I sometimes don't reply to messages. I sometimes read messages, plan to reply later, then forget altogether! D:

I'm also usually not available during most weekends due to my personal life.
Well welcome to the site, Fresh Meat. XD

I'm Tenchi-Roku and I hope you enjoy yourself as you explore our many variaties of RPs. If you have any questions the community is more than happy to assist you.

P.S: Nice song. :3
Welcome to Iwaku, Retro! ^.^ Everyone doesn't reply to messages sometimes. It happens to the best of us =p
I'm Celeste. I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thanks guys! :D Such a lovely welcome.

I'll try my best to enjoy this site as much as possible, but I can suffer from the worst writer's block at times. It gets frustrating. :<
Hopefully this is the site to break that cycle, eh? :)
Probably, probably not I'd say. Writer's Block will be very common sometimes on here, but you'll enjoy yourself nonetheless. ;P
Hello there Retro! I love the name, a good friend of mine uses the alias Retro online frequently.

Anyway, Welcome to the site! I'm Hiro, nice to meet you. I know exactly what you mean about your old RP forums growing stale. This is the fist one I've joined that had more than one core role play topic/genre and that really helps.

I'll have been here for a month in two short days and I've enjoyed every day so far so I'm fairly sure you'll like your stay here. Here's to hoping you find just what you're looking for. ^^
Hi Retro! I'm Ozzie, and I started young too. Already saw your awesome pictures in the Picture Thread, by the way.

Your avatar brings back memories. I used to use it on MSN.

Welcome to Iwaku! It seems like you're already settling in just fine, but if you need anything you can just let me know.
There is no escape from writer's block! ;__;

On the bright side, we have plenty to do while you're procrastinating posts! 8D Welcome to the community!
Nice to meet you all!
And I only use roleplay sites that are more free. No set genre or 'it must be along these plot lines' type of rules for the sections.
Separate threads, separate roleplays. :>

I like the reactions I get from this picture. xD It's just someone with a tongue piercing who carefully (but stupidly) put a needle in the hole, squirted some fake blood over it, and ta-da! There's no real dodgy gore or anything.

Oh my god procrastination is my profession. I like to procrastinate procrastinating by keeping busy and convincing myself I have 'no time' to do it. xD