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  1. Sup everyone. I'm ConstructPylons, and I like to party.

    I'm not exactly new to Iwaku, having created a profile a few months ago after a friend showed me the site, but I haven't really done much with it.


    Yes, prepare to have your mind blown away by the man who over 100%* of people say is the second coming, in terms of writing skills. Don't believe me? Well, that's because you're a jerk. But I can prove it. Feast your eyes on a sampling of pure literary magnificence.

    Note that upon opening this spoiler quote, you waive any potential responsibility on the part of this company in regards to receiving any physical and/or mental harm.

    Amazing, isn't it? You probably went into cardiac arrest from that little slice. It's the closest you'll ever come to hearing the voice of God, I know. Or for you Romans out there, it's the equivalent of getting hit by a lightning bolt thrown by Jupiter.

    But that's not all I can do! Here's a list of other features this product has:

    - User-Friendly Interface
    - Extreme Meta-Sarcasm Mode
    - Obscure Reference Maker
    - Over 1000 built-in inappropriate hand gestures
    - Open-minded parameters
    - EPA approved** emission levels
    - Unnecessarily Long Mildly Amusing List Generator
    - Running-a-joke-into-the-ground capabilities

    and more!

    *Not based on any actual testing.

    ...Wait, I think I forgot what I was trying to do with this thread. Was I trying to be a pseudo internet tough guy, or was it supposed to be a fake commercial? Seems like somewhere in-between. Eh, anyways...

    I hope to have some fun RPing times with you Iwaku peoples. So far it looks like a really good community for us WEIRDOS who like to roleplay. :D

  2. I'm excited to see your roleplay post writing now and I hope to roleplay with you at some point!
    Welcome back and hopefully you stick around this time.
    By the by, I'm Kitti and it's lovely to meet you. Your enthusiasm is positively infectious.
    If you need help finding anything or just want someone to talk at, feel free to ask.

    Happy playing!
  3. i'll take two. <3
    HI CON.
    not sure if i get that right considering i've been like a member for like a week.
  5. Thanks for the warm invite, Kitti! I hope we get a chance to RP sometime too. I'll try not to completely destroy you with more amazing posts like the one I sampled in the OP. :D


    I figured I might as well. I'd like to get to know everyone on this forum personally before I murder the leadership, take power for myself and enslave them all... I mean, uh, what?
  6. I'm jus callin to say What's up bra!?! Wanting a Brofist? Sweet [BROFIST'S You]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. I vaguely remember saying hello to you before... *Strokes chin.*

    Wait a minute... killing the leadership? >>

    *Promptly throws out Vay and Rory and FLEES!*
  9. My, your fresh meat sure does look tasty!

    *Selenite licks her lips*

    I usually give cookies to the newbies, but,
    since you are no newbie and,
    you took so long to become active and,
    you look so tasty... I give you a



    I hope you enjoy this place!
    Have fun.... see you!

  10. Darnit! Almost had you! I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, GADGET! NEXT TIIIIME!

    ...Ahem, er, anyways. Thanks for the welcome! If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go get an ice pack for my rear end.
  11. mmmno I can't be enslaved or it would look kinda racist on half of where I came from, side's I'm fricking Madara I'll just use mangenkyo sharingan on you, and hide out in the asylum for a bit......O___o

    but still welcome to Iwaku
  12. X_X I am totally mesmerized by the "Hi", not really. But you Sir! Made me laugh = w= Welcome back to Iwaku! Oh, and the name is Raimy/Rina
  13. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm October nice to meet you.

    1000 innapropriate hand gestures? Well done, sir. I'd very much like to see that.
  14. I think you amuse me.
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm Celest =P
  15. Okay, well, you can just be an indentured servant. COMPLETELY different.
    And thanks for the welcome! :D

    Thank you Raimy/Rina! And if you were awestruck by THAT amazing post, just wait until I write TWO complete sentences. Unfathomable, eh?

    Unfortunately this feature is DLC, so it's gonna cost you an extra $59.99.
    Still, thanks for welcoming me!

    Yay, I finally amuse someone! IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY!
    Thanks Celest!
  16. ... We need to RP sometime.

    That's all I have to say. Also, I can't stop laughing.

  17. Yess. I'm going to RP with everyone. EVERYONE!

    ...Okay, that's probably not possible. There are a loooooooooooot of people on this forum. Still though, we should definitely maybe possibly try to, eventually!
    And thanks for the welcome Layne, by the way. :D
  18. *snickers* I'm just going to point out that I totally didn't read any of the post. But welcome to Iwaku anyway! :D
  19. Reading is for NEEEEEERRRRDS anyways. But I appreciate the welcome!
  20. Most of the time I am that kind of nerd! But mostly for books. Today I was just trying to welcome everyone.