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  1. Hello hello and welcome to my listing fellow pleasure seekers~
    I put forward my resume in mature roleplaying for those who wish for a partner in any scene
    Granted I have a few guidelines and restrictions as many do but in the case you do fall under the permitted categories I would be delighted to further chat about our possible partake on this adventure.

    I shall play my tried and true character: Rush
    Age 22 and fresh out for life.
    How the setting is portrayed will further explain his life. But for the basic RP I will flesh him out more to tailor my partner's needs

    Alright now for my rules
    • I play a male and only look for female partners for mature. I will gladly play in a group with other males but nothing serious between same gender
    • My partner must at least be over the age of 19 and under 24 Unless we go for a Elderly Woman seeking love
    • I roleplay in these two forms: Human, Furry/Anthro
    • I am dominant in any serious roleplay
    • I am an aggressive leader but I will step back if you wish to tone your writing abilities
    • I ask for friendliness and openmindedness when playing with me
    • However the setting is, I will follow your hearts content as well as my own

    I do have a few restrictions for playing with me as well
    • I will not play any gore, vore, creepypasta, gross or overly explicit play
    • I do not fancy Bondage, BDSM, or any form of such unless it is mutually pleasing
    • I prefer serious players and somewhat literate and will post more then a few lines dialogue
    If at some point our time together does sadly go down a path of such. I will stop all interactions, but no sense we still can't keep in touch

    So there is some guidelines and I would love to hear any feedback/ requests

    We can also take any interaction to any other form of communication as I have a few means to do so

    One again I await your response and am glad to be here
  2. May I inquire as to your preferred genres?
  3. Welcome to the site. I'd be interested in role playing with you. Do you have any plots you're thinking about?
  4. you sound quite interesting if you have any cravings in mind I'm game for one of them, I'm sure.
  5. Mako Torriblaidd: My genres range form modern to sci fi to medieval to fantasy. I'm not a stick in the mud and love all kinds of atmosphere

    Pop_Roxs: I'm usually easy going and don't come up with a specified plot. Usually I leave that up to the partner unless they are a little uneasy as well. But no set plots have been made

    YamiNoOkami: Why thank you and if some cravings to pop I will drop a line

  6. Alright. Any particular age of characters you'd like?
  7. Yes I prefer to play with characters of 20-24 if it gets romantic but other styles are not age restricted
  8. okay do you want random meeting or the characters to know each other?
  9. Well, if you would be interested in a modern or sci-fi play with me I am up for human or anthro.
  10. That doesn't matter really. I leave that up to you`
  11. Mako Torriblaidd:
    Alright, do you prefer to go to a chat system or prefer in a thread?
  12. I'd prefer a thread if that works for you.
  13. Alright, give me a bit since I need to run some errands but I will return
  14. Hi there. ^.^ Welcome to Iwaku. I'm still sort of new here myself, but ya a lot of fun, trust me. Anywho, I hope you wouldn't mind rping with me at some point. I have the start of an idea, a medieval or fantasy romance that I thought would be fun to try, hehe.
  15. Inati: IO would enjoy more company actually, so I will keep you in mind, and your idea sounds fun!. Hopefully we can start up soon.
  16. Cool. Looking forward to it. Don't feel you need to rush. ^.^
  17. I see what you did there XD
  18. Hahahaha! Wow, I didn't even notice that. Good looking out. ^.^ I wasn't trying to make a pun, I really wasn't, lol. XP
    (AKA: Shameless Promotion)