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  1. Jumping right into the idea:

    Bored with her life. Life really can get so dull when it lasts for centuries, when pretty much everything has been seen and she was surrounded by nothing more then puppets selectively bitten years ago to comply to her home and work at her heels. In the twenty first century she didn't even trouble herself with world events any longer, even wars and catastrophes brought upon by the humans themselves weren't nearly as interesting as they once had been.
    For a long time now her only source of entertainment was created by the girls very own fangs, sunk into chosen lives that she could keep for her own. New born vampires were always such a thrill, always so thirsty and aggressive and challenging of her authority. The girl loved putting them in their place, breaking them into their new life style, feeling the fledgelings their first few drops of blood and seeing the expression of want; need on their sharp hostile faces.
    Her interest never lasted long, though. After a few years the fledgling would calm down and she would grow bored again. A few more, and they were as dead as the rest of the staff. They never slipped out of line any more like they used to, never questioned her command or created any excitement in the household. Many lost the will to live when their heart stopped beating and they craved the blood of another in place. Half of them didn't speak any more, the puppets this high vampires had created for herself over many years. They were a bore, and it was about a hundred years go that she decided to stop. After all, what fun was it when it never lasted.
    But a hundred years was much to long to stay loathing in ones own boredom, without anything to sooth it.
    It was time for a new toy.

    So as you have probably guessed, this idea is about Vampires! -how unoriginal, I know right? I've had this on my mind for a while, might as well get it out :D
    More specifically, one very very old -although she would appear to be in her early twenties- female high Vampiress who enjoys creating new vampires and breaking them in. This is my character, her name is Isabella. A bit of information on her can be found on my blog c:

    I'm looking for someone to play the new vampire, fresh out of his perfectly average human life with no prior knowledge to the former existence of her kind. I'm looking for a Herero pair, so this must be male. I'm also looking for someone a little defiant, smart mouthed and fiery to challenge my character -she is a mainly a dominant and loves reinforcing that position.

    I'm thinking the roleplays would start with her finding the human male, so it would start before he is bitten.

    Now as for posting expectations, I would like someone who can do at least one post a day. I understand sometimes we all miss days or get busy (me included) so this is a lightly placed expectation.
    However, posting length is a bit more strict. I post long starters, and usually a few paragraphs making up posts from 300-1000 words. I would like a partner thy can match, it's quite down putting to work on a reply for two hours only to get back a single paragraph in response. I do fluctuate with my posting lengths depending on the rp and partner, but would prefer this one to be on the longer side.

    I prefer to rp over PM, this can be discussed. Keep in mind the tags this post has been added with, the rp will most likely contain then.

    Warning: if you roleplay with me, there is a chance I will become your best friend c: or at least try to, I love ooc chatter.

    If you are interested, please PM me ASAP with any questions or ideas! I would prefer this to posting below. This is still loose and not set in stone, so plot ideas are welcome! Look forward to rping with you c:
  2. I normally don't do vampire roleplays but I am throughly interested, if the spot is still open may I take a crack at it?
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