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Joining Staff

How do I apply to be staff?
View the Joining Iwaku Staff page for a detailed explanation on what we expect from staff and the application.
How do I become an Intern?
You can submit an application here and the admins will review applications and hire new Interns at the beginning of the month. You may not be hired directly after submitting an application, so don't worry if it doesn't happen right away.
What are the requirements for being an Intern/Staff?
While your application and your activity on Iwaku as a whole will be reviewed, the only hard requirements are that you are an active member (your name isn't grey or yellow) of at least 4 months who isn't a complete dickhead.

Basically everyone starts out as an Intern, and to get promoted to one of the Staff sections they need to show they're willing to do the work and show an aptitude for the work that will be expected of them in a given section. Roleplay Staffers need to show they understand what makes a good roleplay and that they are willing and able to scan for problems among roleplay threads. Community Staffers need to be a positive presence around the forum and show interest in helping with events and such. Security Staffers need to have a level head and show they're capable of the serious responsibilities that come with the job. Site Support Staffers need to understand the ins and outs of the site rules and show their ability to communicate in a calm and professional manner.
What are some tips for being a good Intern?
We want Interns to be model members above all else. Check out this resource for some tips on being a great member of Iwaku.
Why didn’t you pick me yet for Staff?
This could be for any number of reasons. It could be because you're still too new, or not being online often enough, it could be because of past behavior issues, or simply because other people were more qualified! Or because we weren't hiring any new people yet. If you need to know, you can always contact an Administrator to ask.
When are new Staff members hired?
New Staff members are hired at the discretion of the Administrator, as needed. This is most often done at the beginning of the month.
Can I be Staff even if I've gotten warnings about stuff?
That depends on what it was for and the context of the situation. Each candidate is considered individually. Sometimes people who've caused problems are given a shot to shine.
Do I have to wait the whole 4 months to apply?
Nope! You can apply any time. Just make sure your circumstances four months down the road will be the same as they are at the time of your application.

Note: There have been one or two exceptions to the 4 month requirement where people were hired early, but don't get your hopes up too much.
I was on Staff before but was removed for inactivity or had to leave because of personal reasons. Can I be hired back?
Probably! If you were removed recently, you might want to wait a few months to make sure you are in a good place and have time for volunteer work.
I was on Staff before but was removed for bad behavior. Can I be hired back?
Probably not. If you can show you've turned around, though, we'd love to see that and might consider rehiring.
I had an account before and deleted it. My new account is less than four months old. Do I still have to wait?
If we remember you or at least can find your old posts and activity, probably not! We've had a few people take breaks and then return like this, especially if they were on Staff before.
I've applied for Staff before and wasn't hired. Why should I apply again?
A lot of factors go into why people aren't hired at any given time: your current activity levels, what positions are available and what is needed most at the time, whether you've been a member for four months or more yet, past behavior and if you've recently been smacked for something, whether you seem serious on your application. Putting in a second or third or even fourth application actually can show you've got the dedication to keep going for it and help convince Administration to hire you!
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Donating & Donator Permissions

What are the benefits of donating to Iwaku?
With the help of your donation, Iwaku gets to stay on a privately owned server that is not victim to a company's strict Terms of Service or suspensions. It may also help buy top-notch software or hardware to keep everything running smoothly and provide members with super cool features that aren't included in the default forum software. We make no money off the site because we do not host third-party ads. The site owner has to pay out of pocket and still afford groceries and other living expenses!

Members who purchase Account Upgrades get a cool Name Color to show they are a Donator, along with a handful of extra perks. Donators can lock/unlock their own threads, soft delete (meaning hide them from view but still able to be recovered) their own threads, soft delete posts in their own threads, and bump their own threads with the click of a button. In addition to these thread management tools, Donators also receive unlimited inbox space for private messages, unlimited avatar file size, unlimited image file size for Character Gallery entries, unlimited file size for attachments on posts, and they can use Google Fonts in their posts instead of needing to choose from the default selection all members have access to. See this Resource on Donator Perks for a more in-depth explanation of how to make use of these perks.
The "cool features" aren't as cool as I thought. I want a refund!
Sorry, we don't give refunds! When you donate, you should be donating because you care about helping out Iwaku. Make sure you are 100% positive you want to give us money.
If I set up a recurring donation, can I cancel it later when I don't want to donate anymore?
Yep! You can cancel any recurring donation at any time.
Where does the money go when I donate to Iwaku?
Server Costs: $100/month with Atabyte Hosting.

Xenforo Licensing (Basic Software, Resource Gallery, Character Gallery, Elastic Search): $80/year

Security Certificate: $20/year

Domain Costs: $15/year

Additional Licensing Costs:
- Conversation Essentials--$25/year
- Moderator Essentials--$25/year
- Sticky Multiple Account Info--$24/year
- UI.X Dark--$20/year
- Bookmarks--$18/year
- User Self Delete Pro--$16/year
- Donate--$15/year
- Tag Essentials--$15/year
- User Essentials--$15/year
- Attachments Manager--$10/year
- Moderation Macros--$10/year
- Multi Prefix--$10/year
- Prefix Essentials--$10/year
- Sticky Any Post--$10/year
- Ignore Log and Ignore Users Block--$5/year
- Sticky Thread Order--$5/year
- Notable Members--$3/year

I donated and then I got myself in trouble with a warning, suspension, ban, etc. I want my money back!
Actions have consequences. Please don't be a jerkbutt on Iwaku. Giving us money will not bribe us or spare you from getting punished if you break the site policies. We will not give a refund if you get yourself banned.
Do I need to have Paypal to donate? Can I send money a different way?
Paypal is preferred because we pay the Iwaku bill directly through Paypal, HOWEVER we're more than happy to take donations through snail mail. You will need to send a Conversation to Diana to ask about an address.
I am leaving Iwaku but I donate currently. How do I cancel this?
You should be able to do this from the Account Upgrades section of your profile settings. Keep in mind that this won't refund your donation, just cancel a recurring subscription.
I'm a Donator. Why can't I unlock one of my threads?
If your thread was locked by a moderator, you won't be able to unlock it yourself, even if you were at the time a mod and locked it yourself. You can request it be unlocked via the Thread Moderation Request form.
My donation settings said that my donation would expire, but it renewed for another month! What gives?
This is an unfortunate problem with the language in the donation addon. If you purchase a recurring subscription, it will not actually expire on that date; it renews. If you want to keep it from renewing, you will need to cancel your subscription through the Account Upgrades.

If your donation renews and you didn't intend to purchase another month, you can use the Contact Us form to let us know that you need a refund. If you do this, you will have your Donator status revoked.
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