Fremen, Arrakis, and Dune

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  1. The Fremen are a fascinating, "zen-sunni" people who live in the desert world of Arrakis, only known source of melange that allows the Guild Navigators to safely negotiate hyperspace.

    Their culture is one based entirely around the conservation of water. They wear stillsuits that capture any moisture lost and recycle it. When someone dies, their water is recycled into underground cisterns and water rings are given to the killer / relative, which are the right to withdraw the water.

    To spit is to forge an unbreakable oath and to shed tears is the greatest gift.

    They negotiate the sandworms on Arrakis by using hooked tools to expose its vulnerable flesh, thus forcing the worms to glide upon the surface of the desert world.

    Their diet is rich in the spice melange and it tints their eyes a characteristic blue-in-blue.


    This setting is amazing and rich with possibility. I would like to run a small, focused plot within such a setting. I have some ideas.
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  2. This sounds vaguely familiar. Also interesting!
  3. Is this still something you're working on? Cause damn it, I would Love to create Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother!
  4. This looks interesting. Count me in!
  5. I was mulling the ideas over in my mind.

    Best one I have so far is that the Fremen have to deal with the problem of one tribe/sietch selling out.
  6. Going to assume you're talking about them selling out to House Harkonnen or maybe to the Guild?
  7. Yes, corruption from one of those. It has been a while since I read the Dune series, so I'll need to refresh ...
  8. I'm no expert on Dune series, but if it's not required I'm in.
  9. OhmygoodnessgraciousDUNE.

    I really just love Dune so very very much, but at this point in the story, I miss the traditional Fremen thing they had going. Assuming this is what the RP is going to revolve around (or not!), count me in.
  10. We could pretend Frank lived and the other books never happened.

    Uh .. I shall earnestly have to think about plotting then. Forewarned: I want this to be short and sweet, and I'm going to have to coax you out of what I assume is a player mentality, to write with me rather than play by the GM.
  11. I'll be reading up on Dune. I've only read the first book and it has been a long time.
  12. No pressure, I think I can describe it well enough that you shouldn't need to do that.
  13. Oh thanks!

    I'll try my best to help the plot and to not be so passive.
  14. If we settle this and keep it the timeline in Dune, the first first Novel, I think would be the best bet. Doing Chapterhouse or even the books (House Harkkonen, House Corrino, or House Atreides) that all pre-date the timeline prior to the conflict. Should be noted, all the other books take place During Paul's Reign as the 'God-Emperor' and after. The conflict pretty much comes to an end for thousands of years until Chapterhouse.

    Good Resource: Wiki: Dune
  15. @_@ I need to reread Dune.

    I was thinking of having the events take place before most of the Dune universe, even before the prequels, looking at some abortive and covered up attempt at seizing control of the planet. It can be a good way to introduce the Fremen, the mysterious dervishes from the deep sands.
  16. The only reason I made the suggestion was that Dune is most read book out of the series. Fremen (Zensunni Wanderers) weren't originally from Arrakis, transplanted there from the planet Poritrin pre-The Butlerian Jihad and who they are at the point of time of Dune, isn't who they were pre- Jihad. They practiced a form of Religion that (Gave them their name sake) Was a combination of principles of Zen Buddhism and Sunni Islam.

    Edit: Should also note, that even during the Jihad, many years after their arrival on Arrakis, they continue to still refer to themselves as the Zensunni.
  17. I did not know that they had come there during the original Dune book. In that case, it would make sense to position it during the thousands of years after Leto's death.

    I should probably reread all the books, since I'm not very qualified to run it right now it seems >_>. Last time I perused then was at least 7 years ago or something.
  18. No, they didn't come there during Dune. They came there pre-Jihad. If you pre-date before the prequel books (The first three were the only ones I mentioned. There are other books besides those.), then you aren't playing Fremen. You are playing Zensunni, who later become Fremen.
  19. Ah, I finally found the chronology. I would propose setting it after Legends but before Prelude.
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