Freinds Journey

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  1. Gandon woke up bright and early before sunrise he sat up and rubbed his eyes looking out the window he'd plan out leaving his village with his bestfriend to see what was out there to discover new things and new people and to grow stronger his parents forbid it at first but then changed there mind seeing how determined he was and he knew he'd do it anyway he was seventeen and was the comming age to come and leave as he pleased. He got out of bed and walked into his bathroom and got ready it was spring so it would be nice and the perfect time to go on the journey, he walked out and threw on his shorts which he kept loose and sligltly bunched and his vest opened showing his firmed chest and features.

    He packed his bagged full of clothes and food items, money pouch and then his blade he placed on his side he placed his pendant around his neck he always wore for good luck he placed on his shoes and looked around his room knowing it be the last time he saw it for a long time, he said goodbye and waked out the house to the feild post the he told his friend to meet him by he was egar to leave the village and go about, he sat on the grass and looked up at the sky waiting patiently.
  2. The sunlight peeked through the window of Alek's room, waking him up from a deep sleep. He got up in a slow fashion and let out a yawn. The boy a few months younger then his friend Gandon had rugged brown hair and light hazel eyes. A smirk grew on his face when he realizes today was the day. Alek suddenly jumped out of bed and threw his clothes for the set adventure. His mother has light leather garments that were a dark tan. Once he finished tightening his boots, the boy picked up his bow and quiver that he has always used to hunt.

    "Alright father, mother. I'm heading over to meet Gandon before we set off." He said, giving last farewells to his parents.

    "Just remember everything I taught you about being a hunter and survival. You are a man now, so I don't expect you to getting in trouble." His father replied with a stern voice, but gave a smile only a father could. "Stay safe sweetie, don't be gone for too long," she said trying to not to weep.

    Alek picked up a small bag that had his essential equipment in it before heading out the door. He headed over to the field where they planned to meet. His eyes lock on to his friend as he approached. "Gandon! You ready?" he said with a cheerful smile seeing his friend.
  3. Gadon jumped slightly startled by his frends voice his faded blue eyes shined as the sun hit it making his brown hair look slightly lighter than it actually was, he got up quickly and gave a warm smile tword his friend. They'd been together since they were young and pratically have done everything together he was very fond of Alek even though he was slightly older by months, he gave his friend a friendly hug before nodding his head " yup im ready i was thinking we'd take the trail out to the garden forest and then move on from there" he adjusted his bag over his shoulder and then looked over at the path and then back at alek waiting for his dicision.
  4. He returned the hug to his friend whom it seems like forever they have known each other. A bird flew over them and landed on a short fence, chirping. It made Alek smile, he would finnally be free to roam like the bird was. He looked towards the direction where Gandon was talking about. The day was still young and the air crisp from the cool night before.

    "Sounds like a good plan to me. I wonder what is out there," he said in a curious manner while still looking from afar.
  5. Gandon looked at the bird and then everything around him the farmers gettting ready for the crops to be ready, the nearby vendors selling items, everyonee was about doing something of their own free willl and now finall he'd be able to do the same with his best friend. The day was still early so he knew they'd make it tp the garden forest in no time, the forest was nice filled with wonderfull trees and things like that it had a few tiny animals but none that harmful and it'd be the perfect place to rest. He nodded his head and started walking " same here but theres only one way to find out"
  6. The two of them began to head down the trail, passing the everyday part of the town they always see. Sweet scents of flowers and the liveliness of the birds let Alek know they were approaching the garden. He could see the vivid colors from a collaboration of flowers. "So I heard there are bandits and other fantastical things out there. Creatures of the forest that lurk in the night." The boy made gestures with his hands, pretending he was one of those creatures to tease his friend.
  7. They walked past all types of vendors and small shops looking and stopping every so often to see what was in stock or just to look, he wanted to get as much in as possible and they had plently of time to do so. As thry walked he looked around " i dont think theres bandits the-" he turnned to see his friend making gestures and he jumped slightly pretending to be scared " ahh a bandit!" he burst out laughing and gave his friend a slight push, They mad thier way tword the entrance of the medow and he smiled, the grass was nice and the fowers beautiful " ah this is wonderful"
  8. Alek let out a light laugh after being pushed, "Give me all your treasure boys, I be the bandit king of the forest." The boy said in a deep mocking voice. He looked up at the entrance of the meadow, the edge of the small village they lived in. Both the boys have gone here now and then to play and hunt, but beyond that is a mystery. Alek grabbed his bag and pulled out an old rolled up starch paper. Embedded on it was what seems to be a map of where they lived.

    "According to the map, it says once we pass the forest, we will come across a stream leading up to Mt. Steepfalls. They say there is are old ruins from the ancient mountain people who use to live there. Secret treasures untouched from fear of their curse." Alek let out a laugh, "But I know better, just some old stories they put out so nobody goes up there messing with it. I bet we can find wonders there."
  9. Gandon laughed as alek pretended to be a king bandit so he played along for a moment " but i have no treasure to give oh king of the bandits" he chuckled in between words trying not to laugh and then looked round stopping breifly to look at the flowers and there colors, he leaned down and smelled them smiling, He liked nice places it usually calmed him when he was stressed or relaxed him when he needed, he got back up and looked over alek's shoulder at the map to get a better view " awesome and you never know we might get the treasure all to ourselves"
  10. "Of course! We are going to be the most known treasure hunter of all the realm. From the highest mountains to the deepest seas. Nothing is safe from the deadly duo Alek and Gandon." Karasu replied with a smirk. His light eyes glanced down at the map once more, taking in the detail before putting it away back in the leather bag. They began to start walking again into the mouth of the forest. "So this is it.. the last part of familiar world we know. Then on to our journey."

    As the boys continue to their travel deeper into the forest, the trees began to bend and change to a different kind of forest then he knew. Alek has never been this deep in the forest before. The tree canopies blocked the sunlight partially, giving the area a out-worldly green hue. "Once we get out of the forest, there is a small town of Oakrun after that. We should stop there to resupply and rest up. I don't know how long it will take to get through here. Maybe a few days.."
  11. Gandon smiled as he mentioned them being a duo and he walked with him looking at his surrounds as they slowly b4egan to change, he watched the trees and listed for the smallest noises just incase it was something dangerous but he wasn't scared he had his trusty blade and trainned almost everyday. When they walked out the forest he sighed relived as he looked at the sight that said " Town of Oakrun" he walked in and found and inn, the people were lined up and he managed to make his way to the lady " may i have one room two beds" the lady looked at the paper and shook her head " im sorry theres only one room one bed avalible". He sighed and then looked back at the long line behind him before responding " okay will take it" he paied the money and walked into their room.
  12. The town of Oakrun was almost twice the size of their home village. Alek was in awe looking around at the buildings and busy people. There was odd looking merchants trying to sell potions and magical remedies. The inn was a two story wooden building, nothing to fancy. "Don't worry about Gan. It is like when I use to sleep over. And it is better we save our money anyways." They used up a bit of supplies while in the forest. Alek mange to shoot down a couple of rabbits on their way to Oakrun, but nothing very satisfying.

    Once in their room, he waited for the service to bring their dinner. The sun was slowly setting behind the horizon, allowing shades of orange to flow through window. Alek walked towards it and looked outside. It seems the busy town was slowing down for the night before everyone headed back inside. "The world is such a pretty place huh?" he asked his friend looking back at him.
  13. Gandon nodded as he placed his bag on the side of the bed, the town was wonderful and so full of life and excitment he wished his village was more like this. All the people seemed to be very friendly and givving and he happened to get two suvioners as the shop he stopped by before they reached the in but he didn't give one to alek yet cause he wanted it to be a surprise. The room service came with cooked beef and steak and a side salad and ribs with a few drinks and closed the door. Gandon drank one of the cups relizing there was some alcolohol on it he placed the cup down and ate some food. After he ate he yawned and pulled off his shirt and vest and his pants leaving him in his boxers he climbed in the bed slowly falling a sleep " get some rest alek".
  14. The food was delicious and filled his appetite. After a few drinks, the room started to spin. Alek thought the drinks tasted funny and burned a bit on the way down, but he didn't know it had alcohol in it. Luckily he manage to keep his food down as he took off his garments. "I think that is a good idea.." He said slightly slurred as he flopped on to the bed. "Tomorrow.. we head off, for treasure!" Before he knew it, Alek was fast asleep.
  15. Gandon slowly opened his eyes and yawned feeling something on him he looked down to see it was alek hugged up on him, he slid out of bed slowly not wanting to wake him up he walked into the restroom and started the water pulling off his boxers and stepping under the warm water he sighed as he felt calmed and relived felling the water he soaped up and washed his body.
  16. Alek was in deep sleep induced by the alcohol. He had vivid dreams of them traveling to strange, yet wonderful places. It felt like so real. Apart of the dream took place in a cave with a waterfall running through it. The sound of the running water was so real, his eyes widening when he saw Gandon jump into it. They boy woke up from his sleep and took a slow breath. There was the sound of running water, but it was coming from the bathroom. Gandon must have be bathing.

    "What a crazy dream," he said to himself laying back down. His head felt heavy, probably from all the drinks. He slowly closed his eyes again trying to go back to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
  17. Gandon finished bathing and he walked out the bathroom grabbing a towel drying off he shook Alek gently " wake up were going to find some treasure" he pulled on his clothes ecept his shirt and ploped back on the bed. When the sun crept up more he got up and leaned oer gently ruffling alek's hair efore heading downstairs to get breakfast sent up to the room. The people were nice and he smiled at a few.
  18. Waking up from the shake, the boy started to get fully dressed and ready for the day. "Man I had a weird dream, but I can't remember a thing about it," he said scratching his head as they waited for breakfast to arrive. It was scramble eggs, ham, bread, and a variety of fruits. Alek has never seen so much food before, "Wow, they really know how to treat their guest." He said before stuffing his mouth full of food.

    After breakfast, they headed down stairs to start their journey for the day. "So where are you two young boys up to out here in Oakrun? Doing an errand run or some sort?" The old inn keeper asked.

    "We are on our way to be certified treasure hunter mister," Alek replied with a smile.

    The inn keeper raised a brow to the response. "I hope you boys stay out of trouble then. There be a lot of danger around them ruins up in the mountain, so you best stay away from there."

    Alek thought about it for a moment before saying anything. "We will be find mister, won't we Gan? But thanks for the hospitality. We will probably see you again someday on our trip back home."
  19. Gandon walked back upstairs were he stuffed his mouth with the delecious food and drank it down with juice, he put on his vest and then his bag and strapping hid blade to his side he walked out heading out when they stopped by an inn keeper " yes will be fine sir sont worry will come back and show you" he smiled slightly and then started walking, he didn't want to waste any time getting to the ruisns especially if it had wonderous treasure that could be theres and all.
  20. The two boys quickly found the stream that lead up to the path to the mountain once they left the edge of the town. The stream was clear and pure, it cut through a thin forest and was a straight path to their destination. "So this is it. We are about halfway there now," Alek said taking a sip of cool water from the stream. It was clean and refreshing, melted snow from the mountain top. They continued their trip until there was something odd in their way. It looked like a giant rock that was halfway in the stream and off on land.

    "Hey Gan.. what is that thing?" Alek asked walking closer to the object. Suddenly it started to move, two pair of large pinchers stretched out from the rock. No it wasn't a rock, it appeared to be some kind of giant mud crab. "W..what the.." The boy said walking backwards. He stumbled on something and fell down on his rump, terrified of what that creature was.