Freidren Castle

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    Beth Freidren - Daughter of the recently deceased King

    When she heard the news, her heart crumpled inside. Beth went up to her tower room and sat at the window for hours, just staring out and watching the waves lap at the rocky shore below. He had been old, and was king for a long time. He always said that everyone had their time, but Beth couldn't really believe that it had come so soon. She was only seventeen and now fatherless. To make it worse, his new wife Marcia was barely only three years older than her and Beth would now be answering to her. They had hardly exchanged two words since the marriage last spring and Beth had avoided her as much as possible, spending her time wandering th castle and occasionally in the servant's quarters with Reg.

    She put on her black taffeta and went down to dinner. She wouldn't talk for another two days while in mourning, as was custom, but her mind dreaded what she would have to say to the new Queen when the time came. After all, she couldn't pretend any longer that her Father hadn't remarried.
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  2. Adrias Belmount
    A young talented theif
    usually wears a hooded cloak and a white mask, messy brown hair and brilliant green eyes

    Getting into the caste was easy, hell he did it just for fun, and also to get a glimpse of Miss Beth princess to the land. The young teen had been walking the rafters following her, she seemed down lately with her father gone, that guy was a good man, he spared Adrias plenty of times from losing a hand. Today was a bit different though, Adrias a while back had stolen Beth's birthday necklace, the one her father gave her. Now hes dead and Adrias felt like crap. Took a bit to steal the jewls from the black market but he managed, he just needed a chance to drop down and give it back. "come on Beth go somewere your mothers guards wouldn't be" he muttered quitely
  3. Trell Mendoure
    The Jester
    Wears the typical jesters attire - hat, bells, and all. Also wears a mask, a rather creepy one for a jester.

    Given the freedom to travel through most of the castle grounds, Trell finds himself staring out a window. He is not looking for anything; nor is he trying to be found, he's simply... looking. These days it seems he's not needed, but he wasn't much one to play a fool anyway, triacks were more "up his ally" than jumping around like...well, a fool. Life, it seemed, had changed drastically for everyone since the death of the beloved king, and more so for the princess than anyone.
  4. Zevir (Zev) Evanstone
    Castle Knight (newly positioned guard to Beth) - New resident of Freldren (Half a year here already) but in active service since childhood.
    Heavy plate armor - tint of blue when the right angle of light reflects off of it. Classic "knight" style with ribbed pauldrons and barbute style helm. 1h Falchion style sword at his waist and a shield baring the royal crest strapped to his left arm. A cape sneaks underneath his shoulderpads, rippling down to the floor, proudly showing off the colors of the Kingdom. Age - 25

    For anyone looking upon this honor plated knight, they could see the immediate tell tale signs that he feels uncomfortable in his new environment. His icy blue eyes ask so many questions, his battle worn face never seeming to smile. Beth might have noticed him, or anyone else for that matter, in passing because of his exotic eyes clashing with his flaming red hair. It was long and matted when he first arrived but wishing to serve others, Zev had it nearly all chopped off within his first two weeks of staying in these lands. He seems to keep himself to himself, socializing but never truly making connections.

    He had never known the King and therefore wore a heavy heart through knowing the King indirectly through stories. It would have been unlikely for Zev to actually meet the King. Within his first month of duty, he held promise. It only took him half a year before he was appointed Beth's personal guard. To his knowledge, she was unaware of the announcement of his new position. He, only being a simple knight, could be wrong though.

    Before dinner, Zevir washed up to the best of his ability, making sure he smelled like various herbs, considering the conditions and tools he had at his disposal. He neatly parted his short hair to the right across his head, letting his chopped texture do what it pleases with being longer on the top and shorter on the sides. The goatee easily mixing with his diamond shaped face. Tonight he was to meet the Princess for the first time, might as well make it a lasting image. This knight was unaware of the tension between step-mother and child. His service thus far had been out in the fields, only in the past month has he actually been around the castle. The only time he would see the interior of the castle was at night before he dozed off into lucid dreams of his boundless imagination. During the day he would be out training or standing guard outside of the castle walls.

    Now he stands near the doorway of the grand hall, or wherever they might be dining tonight, awaiting the Princess' arrival. He stands aloof as the various sorts of folk come in and out of the large doors. To his surprise he stays quite calm as time ticks on. Most of his decorated armor would be left off of him tonight. He wears his sword around his hip that encases the Kingdom colored tabard to the chainmail vest with a drawn back cowl. The lower half of him, however, is plated, still giving way for that unique glow in the proper light.
  5. The family mourning period was up. Only two days had passed since the news of her father's death reached her and now it was finally time to face the court. Beth had on her best satin gown, pale blue, and her lined boots. She paused before opening the door to the corridor and then turned around. Smiling, she walked back to her wardrobe and pulled the carved wooden box off the top. She knew what was missing from her outfit; it was the beautiful pearl necklace her father had given her for her last birthday. It was right before he'd gone off on a trip and he'd said to her "Wear it, and I'm with you." In mild happiness, she opened the box, only to find it empty. Beth dropped the box in shock and the lid cracked in two. She ran her hand along the top of the wardrobe, frantically, but it was in vain. All she turned up was a handful of dust.

    Knowing she was late, and that she would be missed, Beth rushed out of her room and down the back staircase so she wouldn't have to run into any of the guests. As she entered the Great Hall, she passed someone who she had never seen before. When there were guests for a feast, Marcia had knights posted outside the Great Hall, but she didn't recognize this one. His strange, misty eyes made her stare inquisitively for a moment, but then she moved on into the Hall.

    From behind her, a voice called: "Excuse me, Princess?"
  6. Zevir straightened up once anyone should enter the Great Hall. He stood by the doorway for a long while, facing the perpendicular armored guard settled there. He is unsure if the Queen had already entered when he arrived or if he is waiting on a duel entrance from the step-mother and daughter. The Great Hall has a welcoming aura with its sparse decor and elaborate tapestries. Becoming easily distracted, Zevir's eyes turn to his surroundings. A full armored guard coming up to him in the meantime, ordering him away with a sour tone. Zevir, blinking a few times from the shortness of the man, sidesteps out of his way and from his spot.

    "I'm only keeping it warm for you." Zevir remarks, a small grin to his face as he only bows his head to the plated guard with his halberd. The man grunts his thank you, clanking right into the position Zev was just in. Still, he feels, his fellow guardsmen have not come to accept him. Foreigners ... they're always a spy, thief, or a crook, wanting to swindle their way into getting a few more gold pieces. At least, that's how Zevir thinks of his kind in the Freidren kingdom are portrayed. He comes from a seaworthy heritage most associated with pirating the seven seas. But Zevir is not like them, devoted and honor driven in his way of life.

    He has gotten used to the looks he is always designated by now. Cocked heads or bowed ones close to one another's ears and rude comments whispered over a half empty glass of finely aged wine or mug of freshly brewed beer. Through barred teeth, people smile at him, shooting remarks as soon as he has his back turned. He understands that not many nobles are accepting, especially one who is of such a denounced line of seaworthy men and women.

    The best remedy is to ignore them completely. The tall knight moves around the Great Hall, offering his polite smiles or a few exchanges of kind words but that is all. Tonight is not one for idle socializing, it is one for alertness. He would not drink but eat enough to keep his energy up to par but not feel bloated.

    Not daring to step into the middle of the hall, he circles around its perimeter to make sure all is well. When Beth first enters, he pauses his steps and faces her, bowing low to the ground as many of the guests do and holds it, his eyes cast down for a moment. When Beth studies him inquisitively, he doesn't break his glacier blue eye contact. Nothing would be worse in his books than him looking over the Princess' offered figure underneath the pale blue satin gown while her gaze is on him. After their exchange, he rushes to try and snatch a quick word with the Princess before other lords, ladies, noblemen and women grab her away. He is about ten or so body lengths diagonally from where she is, seeming to follow her as she strides away from him. A quick brush of his hair with his hand, Zevir feels he is presentable.
  7. "Damn it..i need to fix this Beth needs it" He smirked as he watched up high hidden in plain sight. "To think a theif with a heart, this worlds gone to hell" He had a direct view of Beth she was right below him but so was everyone else. His hands dead still, his heart silenced, his breath was gone. Adrias was concentrated the necklace at hand, a smoke bomb in the other. "my last one and there won't be profit" He slowly pulls his mask off and throws it "First a quick distraction" As soon as the mask leaves his hands he drops the smoke *BANG* "Then the cloak" He falls wrapped up in silk black landing quietly infront of beth smoke covering them. Time slows down in his mind and hers maskless he looks at her and whispers "The apology" and clips the necklace around her neck. "And now for the illusion" quickly Adrias grabbed a hold of 10 thin almost invisible wires he had tied to the rafters where he was, the smoke clouded to the top reaching to a window he had opened high so the smoke would rise with him as he (
  8. climed up quickly matching the smoke, cutting the wires and falling out the window into the mote surrounding the fortress of stone. quickly he swam and reached his home, the sewers.
  9. As quickly as Adrias had come, he was gone! A truly talented thief. But Zevir, like many in the Great Hall, could not see through the thick swirling smoke. His lungs quickly fill with smoke and a coughing fit ensues like the many around him. There is screaming, shouting and even crying from some.

    The thought that comes to his mind is not a -what- but a -who- he should worry about. His priority is to Beth and her safety, not her mother or any of the noblemen. Thoughts of worry ensue as his mind starts to race, the smoke only growing in thickness. His hand comes to his Falchion grip, feeling the comfort of knowing what damage could ensue if he were to unleash it. His mind only thinks of the worst scenarios.

    "Princess!?" He shouts in what could be considered a hint of Russian accent by todays standards, through the smoke, his eyes scanning the clouded scene in front of him for that stain dress. Any other figure is merely pushed aside as Zevir frantically searches in the direction he saw Beth in last. His heart is beating in his head. It's only my first assignment! Where is she? I must keep her safe from harm. Don't tell me I screwed this up already! Would I be blamed just because of my heritage? He shouts to himself internally, still searching for Beth.
  10. Yuda

    Castle guard, leather armor and half helm, armed with a pike and short sword

    Newly appointed to the castle, Yuda barely graduated from the Royal Guard Academy.. With high hopes of one day becoming a first class fighter, or even an officer, Yuda was adamant that he would prove his worth during his first assignemnet here. "Of all places in the city, they put me on castle duty.." he thought. Usually only the finest guards were posted there, but with the military campaign to the south, all of the finest manpower were deployed, save those exclusive few that were in charge of personal protection to the Royal Family.

    "Let's hope nothing happens tonight.. I still have problems with this pike.. it's just too heavy.. What's the point of carrying this thing anyway.. it's useless.. "

    It was a cold night and Yuda was on patrol duty around the outer walls of the castle..
    All of sudden he heard shouts coming from the banquet hall! "CURSES" he thought.. "Why does something have to happen today ?!"
    He ran towards the noises and vaguely saw a shadow leaping from the top window of the banquet hall into the moat.

    He dropped his useless pike and immediately gave chase. At the water's edge, he could see that someone was swimming to the sewer entrance on the other side..

    "Now's my chance!" he thought "If I could get whoever that was, there's bound to be a reward!" slowly, but surely, Yuda entered the sewers...
  11. Adrias had made it through his little maze of a living space, trying not to wake his friends/house mates Jax Jinx and Dale, Three large fat sewer rats. The sewer at the beginning was just a sewer smelly wet and God awful slippery. towards the middle of in a wall was a strange side passage. Through the narrow passage led to a large maze were the walls where made completely out of mirrors, past the maze was a large rats nest with various jews and sorts, and past that was a tiny room with a damp Adrias inside. putting on new clothing and making new supplies. The lighting was dim and the air was thick, though in this part it smelled of a mix of roses and violets and rat.
  12. There was smoke all around and Beth felt the cold pearls around her slender neck. His face burned in her mind and she was frozen. It was a calm, self-assured face with high cheekbones and deep green eyes. He was strange and yet somehow familiar. He didn't work at the castle, but she knew she had seen him before. Beth stayed, unmoving, replaying the moment again and again. There was just something so mesmerizing about him, the way he flung his cape and then vanished, up into the sky. What did he say to her? An apology?

    The suddenly, there was a strong grip on her arm, tugging her out of the Great Hall and into the cold corridor outside. Beth was pulled out of her trance and sent stumbling over her own feet and onto the stone floor. Looking up, she saw that it was the guard, the one from before who had not even dared to speak to her. Weaklings. Beth despised those who did not stand up for themselves. Regardless, she tried not to take first impressions to far. He reached out his hand, but she refused and picked herself off the ground, dusting her dress off. There was a tear on the hem which she would have to hide from Marcia until it could be fixed. Beth glanced at the guard, avoiding his eyes for fear of staring. He must get that a lot. Then he spoke.
  13. Through the smoke, Zev's eyes catch the blue satin gown and he shoves the last of the bodies aside with vigor. He knew that the only option was to get the Princess out of the Great Hall before more trouble could ensue. While trying to be as gentle as possible, he grabs her arm and drags her with him through the mob of people to the safety of the cool hallway. He didn't mean to grab her so hard but in the fit of the moment, he forgot how delicate royalty can be. Their bodies are either frail or filled to the brim with the access to a variety of foods imported from various lands.

    He stares right in front of him the whole time, one hand on Beth and the other on the hilt of his prized Falchion. On this night, he won't let Beth free of arms length from him while they are in the public eye. But... he couldn't help but wonder internally what the smoke was for. Was the Queen in danger? No... no. That was not his problem anymore. Beth is his assignment now.

    The foreigner is stern in his dealings at first but once they reach the safety of the hallway and Beth tumbles to the ground, the stone frame around his face cracks and emotion is now shown. His right hand reaches out to help her up from the stone floor, his fingers curling into a fist that recoils at his side once she doesn't take his offer of assistance.

    "Princess," His tone is light and soothing no matter the rhythm that his heart is being at the moment, "I apologize for grabbing you as such and yanking you from the Great Hall. My actions have made you collapse - are you hurt? You may not be aware of this fact but I am your new personal guard. Your life is in my hands and I will do all in my power to make sure you are safe. Not your mother-in-law, nor any nobles, but you and only you."

    As the accent carries on, he slowly releases his tight grip on the Falchion sword. The tall knight tries to meet her gaze this time, those icy blue orbs holding so many emotions that the Princess cannot read any of them. He does not beam nor frown, only a small speck of smile tugging at the sides of his lips. Once it is just the two of them, he openly feels more comfortable. The knight slowly bends his left leg forward until it hits the ground, his right leg making a ninety degree angle in front of him; he has kneeled before her.

    "Will you accept my position?" He asks, something that is uncommon or never seen. A knight normally asserts his place out of his duty, never asking for it.
  14. Beth glared at him. That spiteful Marcia! How dare she assign me a personal guard, as if I cannot care for myself. Father never.... But as he got down on his knee and looked on at her, an unreadable gallimaufry of emotions on his face, she could do nothing. He had given her a choice, that was brave of him, and also somehow kind. Of course she did not need a guard, this was just Marcia showing Beth that she was in control. Well, now Beth was in control. She could simply send this guard away and prove her step mother wrong... but that would just mean would end up with another guard, one who was possibly less compliable. She looked back at Zev and studied his eyes. Perhaps Marcia thought she was being funny, giving Beth a foreign guard; making her the outcast as always.

    Beth fingered the necklace and her thoughts strayed to the magic man. Where had he gotten her pearls from? Did he find them or steal them? An apology, he had said...Then she looked back down at the knight and smirked. "Alright." She said, looking down at him. She was impressed that he was still on his knee. It showed that he really meant it when he said he was doing this for her. "But, this is for you, not me. Marcia doesn't take well to... My charming step mother will fire you if I say no, so I'm saying yes. That is the only reason." He nodded and stood solemnly, his hand on a sword that Beth wasn't used to. Must be from the south "I was prefectly safe in there. That man was... he was returning something." Zev looked unconvinced.
    "I'm Beth." She said. He smiled and she blushed, realizing how stupid that must sound. "I guess you know that."
  15. "Damn it, i didn't close the window..they will soon figure how i got out and were i could of gone. I was on point up until i saw those eyes, those eyes that close. I could smell her scent roses and..violets? that's my favorite herb rub! coincidence Adrias coincidence that's all. But i lost it at the end i need relocation for now until everything dies down. They probably have the town searching for clues to the identity of the greatest theif.
    Adrias quickly gathered a pack full of various supplies and grabbed his rats. "don't worry little guys i won't let them getcha." last but not least he grabbed his stash of coin and tied it tight and stuffed it in the pack. "Last step" Adrias then trashed the room and covering the bed and everything with oil. "My final trick of the day" Adrias popped open a secret latch and climbed up a wooden latter leading up to a gritty back alley, he trailed the oil up the later and took his flint and steel and set a fire trail down the ladder to his secret room and soon it caught.

    The room caught a blaze sent from the depths of hell, his oil was that of greek oil, said to make hellish blazes that could withstand the ocean, the only way to put it out was to wait or cover it with dirt. Though the blaze was not destructive to anything but his stuff, being it was in a sewer. Soon thick black smoke covered all the sewer and leaked out like a signal rising high into the air, directing eyes to the caste sewer entrance from wich he had originally entered giving the theif a very well placed distraction. Adrias closed the hatch and simply walked to the Honey Pot Inn opposite end of town. Where he bought a room for about a years worth rent, stating to the keeper he was a traveling merchant who had just returned home.
  16. Zev, never having dealt with royalty before, started to become nervous when Beth's sharp eyes stabbed him in the first moments of their meeting. Still bending down to one knee, he waits patiently with a cool look to his face, his eyes sturdy as they should be. When her fingers touch the necklace, his mind starts to wonder where she had obtained it. When trying to get his memory to think back before the break in, he fails to remember the noticeable chain of pearls dangling down from the nape of her neck.

    His eyes tell her plainly that he isn't as stupid as she may think he is. His words come from his mouth in a silky line once again, the accent strong once more. "Of course, Princess Beth." The knight knows well that he is to respect the Princess and not question her. He may freely disbelieve what she says but that's his own opinion and the important part is keeping those thoughts all internal.

    "You are saving me from being out on the streets with a horrible reputation. For that, I should owe you in return, yes? I feel that your safety is my priority - in my mind - returning your favor of letting me keep my position." Showing another large smile, the knight offers a chainmail covered arm to Beth, bowing his head. "Do you wish me to call you Princess Beth both in the eyes of polite company and that of your private eyes? I am sure after the gatherings, we can speak about our agreement. How much do you truly wanting me to guard you?" He reveals that he is new to the job, twisting his lips into a hint of a smirk before leading Beth by the arm back into the Great Hall once the commotion of the masked character, Adrias, dies down.

    "How much would you like me to lean over your shoulder tonight or be an arms length away? I may give you two or three because you have been so kind. Your step-mother will see that you have accepted me, abiding by the rules of this kingdom. I am bound to you now, Princess." He glances over at her and smiles once more, "Your name fits you, I like it very much. I am Sir Zevir Evanstone, it's a pleasure to meet you, finally."

    As they walk, he would pause, taking her hand lightly and kissing the exposed knuckles gently before replacing her arm on his so that he may take her where she wishes to go. He thinks that is the proper way to address and treat a Princess. He hopes to God it is right. He can feel eyes on him, not sure if they accept him or will start to become outraged. One thing is for sure, seen in the smile on his face and actions in his body, he will die protecting her.
  17. Well, Beth thought as Zev escorted her into the Great Hall once more, He is certainly a gentleman. Spotting Marcia laughing gaily in conversation with a crowd of noblemen, Beth spoke, keeping her eyes forward. "Beth is fine. If you're truly going to be a personal guard, we might as well be friendly. Now, I'm going to bed. You need not follow. See you in the morning." Zev nodded and softly removed her arm from his. I bet no one told him how early I rise, Beth thought, an amused smirk on her face.

    Beth walked confidantly out of the Great Hall, purposely avoiding looking at her stepmother, and straight up to her room, where she collapsed onto her bed, weeping. This was the first feast she had ever attended without her father at the head of the table. And Marcia was already making changes! Trying to control her every move! Beth sat up and slowly walked over to the window. As she gazed out at the starlit night, she saw a fire blazing below. She opened her window to get a better look and saw a dark figure disappearing on the road towards town. Her thoughts flitted back to the magic man. It was those eyes, they reminded her of someone she had known long ago.

    That night, as she slept, she dreamed of days of wonder and excitement, running through the secret passages of the castle with a servant boy. Days in the attic, discovering hidden treasures and an entire afternoon spent hiding under the kitchen table listening to the cook have a fit over missing tarts.... but that was so long ago.... and she slept... and her dreams changed, and the boy was gone.
  18. Her arm feeling like a light brush of air over his chain mail, Zev makes sure not to slouch. The diverse community of nobles, fat, thin, young, old, are watching. They're just waiting for me to trip. Or mess up in some sort of way, aren't they? I can see it in their eyes. May be the thoughts he has internally to the passers by but those eyes of his turn to Beth once more.

    "Then if we are to be friends, well, or just friendly with one another as you foresee, you may call me Zev. When we are in societies eyes, would you still have me name you as such? Friends or not, you are the Princess of this kingdom and I have to show my loyalty." He confides his thoughts with her, making the decision up to royalty once more. "Sleep well, Beth. I shall come for you in the morning." With a solid nod, he bows low to the ground, practically doubling over, the sounds of the chain mail scratching against itself reaching Beth's ears.

    Making sure she had made it out of the Great Hall safely, he turns back to the party. Sucking a breath in, he quickly feels unwelcome once more. Zev kept his head up, not keeling over to higher authorities, those foreign eyes scanning the room around them. Staying another half hour out of respect, the knight quietly leaves after bowing and saying his goodbyes. Remembering, as always, to be charming and polite.

    "Of course, m'lord. I shall wake up before the sun even thinks about rising in order to be up in time for the Princess' day planned." He complies to his orders, bowing low to the noble before being dismissed rudely and sent back to his chambers. Before bed, he took his sword out to one of the few training dummies. Burning off pent up anger is the best part of his day, hacking away at that dummy and feeling the rush of fatigue by the end of his personal training. No one ever disturbed him, the nighttime becoming something very personal for him. The fire had caught some attention from the castle staff, a few guards along with other individuals barking at the townsmen to stop it before it hits the wooden homes.

    Zev, being disturbed by his night training, is curious about the fire. Hearing the voices, seeing the rushing people attempting to put out the blaze. He scans his surroundings for anyone who may tell him more information about the blaze and perhaps what he can do to help. IF he can find no such help or the people don't want his assistance, he will press onwards anyway and leave the castle grounds to see if there is anything he can do. Right now he wasn't thinking of the penalties that might come or if he will even be there for Beth in the morning.
  19. As the sun rose and the first rays slipped in through Beth's open window, they graced her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open, feeling the warmth on her face and she smile gingerly at the thought of her pleasant dreams. In a trance-like state, Beth rose and pulled on her stockings under her lace night dress. She laced her riding boots and put on her robe. No one would be up at this hour to see her without her proper attire, Beth knew, and she silently unlocked her door and opened it, peering into the hallway. The one fear she had was that this new guard of hers might wonder where she was, but he was nowhere to be seen as she scoped out the corridor. So long as she was back before breakfast, all would be fine. Beth softly closed the door behind her and brushed a curl of hair behind one ear. Before someone was sent to do her hair, Beth had no hope controlling it. It had to be tied firmly back to look at all presentable. Cautiously, she padded down the hall and pulled a key out of her boot, where she always kept it. She inserted it into the key hole of a small wooden door at the end of the hall. It was one which often went unnoticed, but Beth knew every passage in the castle. She twisted the key and it made a click, which sent her looking over her shoulder once more. Then, she pushed the door open and a gust of cold air flew past her. It smelled old and musty; she hadn't visited the attic for far too long. Beth regretted not bringing a candle, but didn't want to return now. She started up the stairs into the dark, fingering the pearl necklace. As she reached the top of the stairs, she looked around, smiling fondly. Even in the dim light cast by one of the windows, she could see the old chest they used to play in and the giant ornate throne kept up here for the specialest occasions. Beth grinned, wondering if anyone but her even knew it was here, now that her father was gone. Anyone but her and that servant boy...
  20. Sleeping in late is not something that Zev is accustomed to. He woke up just as the sun peaks his head over the horizon, just as Beth was putting on her robe. "No, no, no!" The foreigner grumbles, quickly blinking out of that groggy mid stage between fully asleep and lightly awake. Stumbling around his room, he grabs his chain mail once more along with his tabard, metal shoulderpads, belt with his Falchion, the plate leg armor, boots and helm. Darting awkwardly to the washrooms, he throws all the items into one pile and tares off his sleeping clothing. Not even caring if the water is heated, he quickly washes himself off.

    After the rushed wash and hurried throwing on of the various knight items, he quickly bounds from the barracks to the castle. Not stopping for any conversations that might be offered, he struggles with clasping his belt to his armored waist. By this time, the sun had fully risen over the horizon. Zev's breath is shallow as he bounds up the narrow stone steps leading up to where Beth's chambers are. Moving into the hallway, beads of sweat had formed on his brow and he quickly wipes his palms over his face and through his wet hair.

    Coming to the strong door he had been instructed to arrive at -before- dawn, he huffs and puffs, trying to gain steady breath before knocking. He even goes so far as to keel over, placing his hands on his thighs. Why did I stay up so late? I knew this would happen. I should have just gone to bed like the rest of the damn kingdom. Oh but how great it was! No matter what little help he gave, at least he was there to stop the children from being drawn to the crackling flames or whatever stupid thing he thought of doing.

    When his breath comes back to him, he stands up straight, pretending as if he never ran out of breath. Keeping his head tall, he knocks on the door and waits for an answer. When receiving none, he starts to worry, only knocking harder on the large oak door. Those crystal eyes look around the hallway, scouting for any indications to where the Princess might be. "Princess?" He tells the door, his tone trying to sound neutral and push the itching anger inside of him out in other ways.