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  1. ((Hey guys - I am going to change this once I get my answer but: Is there a certain posting order that we're going by? (Like Kalliope_garnet, Eternal Sunshine, Ran and then me) or is it really "first come first serve" sort of basis?))
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    (OCC - I don't think it really matters as long as the plot still makes sense, ie: give everyone a chance.)
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    (OCC - I don't think it really matters as long as the plot still makes sense, ie: give everyone a chance.)
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    (OOC brilliant this is awesome rp)
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    ((OOC: I'm glad you are enjoying it! I adore RP ... but of course I need you awesome guys too :D
    tell me to stop if i post too much! haha because I can get carried away. If I do post, as referred to above, I won't try and change the storyline if I am posting a lot - I'll mainly put Zev's reaction to things and what he starts to do, giving other characters the time to react and etc.))
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    (OOC The smoke should clear within about a minute it only lasts 3, 3 longest minutes of Zevs life XD the point of that was to show Adrias at his finest and not be the dick theif with 12min smoke haha Add me good sir)
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    (OOC What a brave guard! treding the turf of the greatest theif oh this will be interesting)
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    ((OOC: Consider yourself added sir! - I am happy to see that Adrias is not a dick thief and yeah... it's going to be the worst 3 minutes of Zev's life. When the smoke clears, if our friend Ren is still around - I would like to see him (or her) post some more :D Zev is just going to be looking around in the fog of smoke until he either finds Beth (up to her RP) or the smoke clears and he finds her. I am excited to see where this goes! It's going to be interesting having two separate story lines going on now - one chase and one in the castle))
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    (OOC Beautiful this is like a movie!)
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    ((OOC: I agree! Very beautiful - I do have a quick question before I post though. Is the guard just some random guard that is pulling her into the Great Hall?))
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    (OOC i believe that person is you)
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    ((OOC: Thats what I thought too at first but Zev -did- make eye contact with her after he bowed in one of my previous posts. Or is she referring to when he grabs her and tugs her out of the Great Hall that he is not looking at her and making eye contact?

    I apologize for this - long day so my brain is all "You want to work? ... haha nope!" ))
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    (OOC lol yeah, i hear you on that one. Id just post it. I have to wait untill Yuda enters in my layer of smoke and mirrors)
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    (OCC. Sorry, I edited it. I meant to say that you didn't talk, so yeah, I meant Zev)
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    ((OOC: Quite alright! I'll edit my post as well to tweak the "didn't talk" part.))
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    (Okay, I know we're waiting for certain people, but I think we should continue without them. I won't post now because it doesn't make sense, but if you are holding off because you don't want to do too much in a row, don't worry, just go. Vacyr, you can continue our scene if you like. :)
  17. ((Yeah, I didn't want to be taking up the nice RP flow that we had going between the two scenes. I was going to post tomorrow - that's when I have the time to get to it - either way because it seems our jester or other guard have been offline.))