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Soooooooooooooooo, I read this fake story on FB and it totally gave me an idea for an rp. Heres the link to the story;

Anyway, the plot kind of complicated and sad at first. It would start out with this couple(both still alive). Basically they've been together for a while, engaged and such, and happy, never getting into fights. All together they are literary a perfect couple. But, a few weeks before their wedding, one of the two lovers dies. Yet, the person doesn't really 'die'. Something would prevent them from going away completely(it can be discussed what that reason is). The other person though would believe them really dead. A funeral and such would take place and the person would go through the stages of grieving, trying to go on. The person who supposedly died though, knowing they can't really approach their love when they are supposedly dead, is heartbroken and tries so hard to stay away. Finally, unable to fight it any more, they come up with the idea of communicating with them through Facebook(or email/text/another social site). Though its not the same a speaking with them face to face and such, its something and it keeps them going and helps them to hold back the urge to approach the other.

It can spread on through that, but that sit so far until I can discuss it with my partner.
This below is an idea to go along with the lot above, but is optional and can be discussed.

So this is my idea for how the person is not really 'dead'. What I had in mind would be that the person at birth was chemically changed or had been genetically altered in the womb to where if they get hurt he or she would heal at a miraculous rate but he or she hadn't known about it growing up because they had never been seriously hurt. But basically in an extremely injury, such as a car crash or being hit by a car, they would be so close to death that they would indeed appear to be dead(heart stopped, ect) but the alteration in their body would keep them from dying completely and would slowly heal them, though it would take a few days or week for them be able to wake up. Maybe a month or two to heal completely. Basically they still age and such and can die of old age, but they can't die by injury. And what would happen would be the people who altered them(maybe scientists from some secret corporation?) would after the funeral(like I said the person would appear dead for a few days while recuperating) they secretly dig them back up and put them into a facility. Said person though would escape and thus start their secret life watching their love, but knowing they can go near them for fear in the scientists if they found him or her would try to harm their love as well.

(Maybe even at one point the person who is supposed to be dead goes under a new name, pretending like he or she isn't who they really are, going under a new name and such unable to stay in hiding any longer and runs into their old love, causing a bunch of problems or trying to keep up the act of not knowing who the person is while their love is practically having a fit and meltdown of how much this supposed new person looks like their old love. All the while the person would still be sending the messages over the social sight leaving their love mentally distressed and feeling like they are going insane)

Like I said that part is of this is completely optional and we can discuss more if you have ideas of you own to add or don't like this idea for it.
Not open for further replies.