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  1. Freezing Fanta/Fantasy ~ A Creepypasta
    written by- mylittleavenger/ Akina Fukuda (mylittleavenger is my deviantART XD)
    (and I hope this is the correct forum to submit this to n.n)

    November 7th of 2011

    Fantasia was never really one for spring OR summer. It was too hot, everything was blooming and there were bees. Talk about disgusting.
    The flowers she was forced to see everytime she went outside during those seasons, made her extremely sick to her stomach.
    And that utterly miserable summer weather? HORRIBLE.
    She settled for winter, which meant hanging around in the snow, unfortunately her brother or sister would want to come out too, but they can't stand temperatures that low for too long.

    "Fantasia, come outside and rake the leaves!" her mother's stern and cold voice hollered, hoping her unusual and youngest daughter would hear her.
    The teenager sighed, brushing the fiery orange locks out of her face with her pale fingers.

    "Whatever you say-- mom." Fantasia murmured, looking up from her illuminated desktop, only to glare at the ceiling.
    Painted white. It was plain just like her family was.

    Fanta believed her mother needed more emotion and ecstasy, her brother needed to stop being so joyous and carefree, her father needed to stop being such a failure and a mistake to the family, and her sister...?
    There was so much that needed to change in that little--- wrench.

    Rosalina was two years older than Fantasia.
    Fantasia was 13 at the time, so that would make Rosalina 15.

    Rosalina would always come home from school to tease Fanta, or to bully her.
    Her mom did nothing. She didn't feel sympathetic in even the slightest. She just watched, thinking it was some sort of entertainment.

    Fantasia would sometimes say she didn't have a sister, since her actual sister acted more like an enemy than what she was meant to act like.

    It's like they didn't even know each other.
    That was exactly it.
    They were complete strangers.

    Fantasia pushed herself out of the black spinning computer chair that her father got her for her 14th birthday; before everything went down the drain.
    Fantasia's bare feet pressed against the soft yet scratchy carpet of her bedroom floor, approaching the door cautiously.

    "Oh Fanta, did you hear mom?" she heard someone cackle with quite an attitude.
    "Yes. I did hear her Rosalina." Fantasia replied blankly,
    "Danke." the orange haired girl whispered softly, wishing Rosalina wouldn't perceive.

    Fantasia tried to be nice to her sister, but all she got was cruelty. Nothing but that.
    She'd get physically abused, verbally abused, and it was just plain awful.
    Her sister hated her with such a passion.

    But what did Fantasia do...? If she did do something to Rosalina, what could the poor girl do to make it better? Maybe she didn't remember what she did to receive such hatred.

    "Oh, by the way Fanta. You're an asshole. And a failure." Rosalina laughed heavily before she turned on her heel to walk back to her room.
    Probably with her nose sticking up in the air, with pride.

    "D-danke..." Fanta's lip quivered, but she immediately stopped herself.

    No tears.

    'Fantasia Elizabeth Barnette, you are NOT crying over your sister.' she thought in her head, before brushing all the negative emotions off her shoulders, and heading for her door.

    She turned the doorknob, swinging her bedroom door open with such-- power.
    Her mood changed from--- dull to bright!

    Was it because she stopped being so dramatic about her sister for ONCE in her life?


    Was it also because she played Majora's Mask earlier?


    That shouldn't matter.

    "Alright Fanta, if you don't hurry up and come help your father rake the leaves, you'll be grounded!" she heard her mother's voice start to grow a little irritated, she could tell by the tone.

    "I'm coming!" Fantasia groaned, was her mother TRYING to kill her mood?

    Fantasia hopped down the stairs, beginning to hum a tune she grabbed from Majora's Mask, she had played it on the Ocarina in the game just because it sounded pretty.
    It was The Song of Healing.

    Fantasia wished she did have a real Ocarina so she could play on it all the time, to receive the same entertainment and suprises she got from reciting the songs in the game.

    'If I ever die... That N64 will be coming with me.' Fantasia thought, jumping from many different subjects as she hummed the soothing yet comical tune.

    Then she began singing,
    "If I die, I'd like to have my N64. Maybe even my journal, something else I adore~"

    Little did she know, her sister could hear her singing.

    "I may enjoy cold weather, but I am afraid of freezing. But if I freeze, then so be it! I'd just like my things back." running out of things to add to her creepy, yet informational song, Fantasia paused.

    It was time to do some work.

    She had bumped into her father, who had greying in his hair, he was a bit tall when he should of been shrinking, and the pigment of his skin was tan.
    Sometimes he wondered if Fantasia was actually a part of the family, since her skin was so lighter than their's.

    "Are you gonna stop goofing off, or---?" her father's deep voice spoke, in attempt to scold teenager Fantasia.

    "I wasn't goofing off." she replied with a blank face.
    Fantasia's green eyes shimmered in the dim light of her house, making her father's eyes look---colorless.

    If (good) looks could kill, Fantasia would be a murderer.

    Her bobbed fiery orange hair, that was surprisingly natural flowed beautifully in ANY kind of wind.
    And those eyes. The beaming bright emerald eyes that could brighten up any dark room were just-- breathtaking.

    Fantasia was horridly magnificent with beauty she was born with.
    You wouldn't believe her if she told you she was born with flaming orange locks and shining emerald eyes.

    You would of thought her hair was dyed and her emerald eye-color was just contacts to make her look pretty.

    "Sometimes I worry about you..." her father blinked before watching her skip her way outside.

    "I know exactly what to do." Rosalina grinned-- her teeth were sharper than knifes, and her uterrly terrifying brown hair made her look like a criminal.

    She was a criminal for what she was planning to do to her sister.
    It's Fantasia's revenge after all.

    ___Two years later___

    December 17th 2013

    Fantasia was just let out of school early, along with her sister Rosalina.

    Why you ask?
    December 17th marked their first day of winter break.

    Which meant frolicking around in the snow for Fantasia; with her little brother and Rosalina, sadly.

    But today was not 'winter break' for Rosalina. Today Rosalina could allow her plan unfold before her very eyes.
    Fantasia would go through pure terror and misery.

    The two walked down the snowy sidewalk, side by side. It was a miracle that they didn't break out into a fight on their way home.

    "I can't wait to play Majora's Mask again!" Fantasia's eyes lightened up, making the snow seem brighter than usual.

    "Can you stop talking about that stupid video game Fanta? It gets annoying after a while." Rosalina looked directly at Fantasia, with a long cold stare that made Fantasia shudder.

    She was scared. Scared of something... But what?

    Did Fantasia think Rosalina would freeze her to death?

    Pfft, nah! Her sister couldn't be THAT sick to do such a thing.

    But fear nibbled at Fantasia's toes.

    Ever since she had sang that song two years ago, she began to grow paranoid of many things.
    Her mother had gotten worried and took Fantasia to--- a psychiatrist so they could determine what was wrong with the teenager.

    It turns out poor Fantasia was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder (PPD).
    They asked her a few questions, based on trust, fears, and other things.

    Fantasia began to grow extremely terrified of the winter, thinking her sister would freeze her to death one day. But her mother attempted to comfort her by saying Rosalina would never do something like that.

    A month or two after the trip to the psychiatrist, Fantasia began to lock herself up in her room; her trust for others was lost.
    She would be on edge when it came to tiny noises that would never trigger someone's mind as a dangerous threat.

    That's when she stopped talking to almost everyone in her family.
    She carried on being a natural beauty, with the orange hair and emerald orbs, but no one ever saw that beauty.

    They'd be very lucky to catch even a glimpse of Fantasia.
    Even luckier if they could get a word out of her.

    And now, Fantasia is slowly reaching back out to the world, but she's always tripping and falling in her fantasy world.
    She was obsessed with superheroes, video games, and human behavior.

    Fantasia studied other human beings' behaviors, but never hers. She thought it was too hard to conduct behaviorial experiments on herself.

    Anyways, she would always tell her mother when Link was hungry, or if she accidentally sat in his chair at the dinner table.
    Her mother didn't worry because it was better than Fantasia shutting everybody out.

    But when Fantasia began telling her mother that if Rosalina hurt her, that Thor or Link would torture Rosalina in the most horrifying ways.
    It was still better than Fantasia shutting everyone out though.

    "But Rosy-- I love Majora's Mask! Link likes it too!" Fantasia beamed, her yellowing teeth showing, and THAT was an imperfection.

    But Fantasia said Link loved her that way.
    He would tell her sometimes that she was a little bit better than Princess Zelda-- in a way.

    It was Fantasia's imagination that told her this though, would you actually think Link would say something like that to a 'fangirl' like Fantasia?
    After all, the word FAN was in her name!

    "Whatever. Let's just get back hom--- actually-- I forgot. Mom said we had to go somewhere first." Rosalina tried to hide the menacing smirk on her face, but she just couldn't help it.
    It was painted disgustingly across her mouth, and it was mighty suspicious.

    Fantasia didn't notice it though, so Rosalina didn't exactly blow her cover.

    They walked past their house, and lucky for Rosalina, Fantasia didn't question at all.

    "Where do we have to go?" Fantasia asked curiously, wrapping her arms around herself in attempt to grab more warmth from her heavy coat.

    "Somewhere. Just be patient." Rosalina spoke in a calm tone, as she tried to silence the shaking of Fantasia's N64 with Majora's Mask, and journal in her bookbag.

    "O-okay." Fantasia replied nervously. What if her sister was taking her somewhere to freeze to death?

    'Don't worry Fantasia, she won't freeze you.' Link comforted her in a soothing voice inside of her brain.
    Fantasia believed him. What a stupid thing to do.

    When they finally get to this mysterious building with a bunch of freezer rooms in them...!

    Fantasia shivered, rubbing her hands up and down her arms that were buried in her winter coat.
    She continued to follow Rosalina farther and farther, until they entered a room with ice covering the walls.
    Ice was EVERYWHERE, actually.

    "Now Fantasia. Wait here. I brought your N64 AND your journal for the wait. Don't move anywhere." Rosalina set down her bookbag, zipping it open and tossed Fantasia her N64.

    The Majora's Mask cartridge popped out of the system, hitting the cold concrete ground harmlessly.

    Rosalina cackled to herself as she walked out of the freezer room, slamming the door behind her.

    And stupid little Fantasia waited there patiently like an idiot.
    She wanted to play her N64 but there was so TV to hook it up too.

    And Rosalina didn't bring a pen so she could write in her secret-filled journal.

    "G-god... It's so c-cold in here." Fantasia shivered.

    How long would it take until Rosalina came back to get her?
    Where was Rosalina even going? Was it bad enough that Fantasia had to sit and wait in a freezer for who knows how long?

    Correction-- Rosalina wouldn't come back.
    Rosalina was going home.

    ___Two hours later___

    "H-help--- somebody!" Fantasia stuttered, cursing out Link in her mind.
    No one would hear her though. It was an abandoned building with a bunch of fully functioning freezers that could fit about 50 bodies in just one freezer.

    Not even a minute passed, and she knocked out from the cold.

    Well-- let's just call it a little nap. Then she'd wake up... Hopefully.

    ___ DREAM MODE ___

    "W-who are you?" Fantasia could see herself talking to somebody in a house that wasn't hers.

    It was pretty big for a house. And so many creepy looking people lived in there.

    "Me? Oh-- haha. I'm BEN." the person she was talking to replied.

    He sure did look A LOT like Link...

    "You look like--- Link." Fantasia smiled a bit, touching the boy's identical hat that Link had.

    "You know about Legend of Zelda? To be specific--- Majora's Mask?" the boy, BEN questioned curiously, and surprisingly, Fantasia never noticed his eyeballs were missing and it was nothing but black holes seeping out dark red blood.

    Fantasia shivered.
    "S-so... So cold." then she shook it off.

    She was throwing away a chance to make a REAL friend!

    "You're cold?" BEN asked, with a bit of concern in his voice.

    "Y-yeah." Fantasia replied, feeling numbness shock her body.

    "Well that's wo---nder---ful..." BEN began glitching out, and his pixelized body started to freeze. Along with Fantasia's body.

    "W-wait! No..."

    ___REALITY MODE____

    "It's so cold." Fantasia woke up, speaking softly as she looked around the room nervously.

    She looked down at her hands, seeing that they had turned blue.
    "H-help..." she blinked, glaring at her fingernails that were slowly changing into ice chips.

    "F-freezing..." Fantasia mumbled, feeling her face sting with bitter cold air.

    "Please help. L-Link." she stuttered, her eyes slowly transforming from emerald green to electric ice blue.

    "F-freezing..." she repeated, her voice getting quieter and quieter.




    Fantasia looked at the door of the room, with one of the scariest expressions ever.


    It turned out that Rosalina was actually watching her from the tiny window the door provided at the top.
    Rosalina jumped, her eyes filled with pure fear.

    She looked back into the window, only to see Fantasia's face up against the window-- big blue wide eyes and pale blue skin.


    Fantasia kicked the freezer door open, approaching Rosalina in a slow and horrifying way.

    One foot after the other. Slow, gentle steps.


    "I'm freezing."
    "Link lied."

    "You-- lied. Freezing"

    Rosalina screamed, and began to rush quickly out of the building.

    "Wait. Please." Fantasia dropped to her knees, her body in shock from the extremely low temperature in the freezer (below 0).

    "Ros-alina. I'm freezing. Help..."

    "Help." that was the last word that left Fantasia's actual human-self, before she tipped over on her side, hitting the concrete hard.



    ___A month or two later, somebody found Fantasia's frozen body covered in thin ice___

    "What are you going to do?" a familiar voice from Fantasia's dream questioned.

    "I do not know. I think we should try to let her thaw out by the fire, to at least bring back some of the poor girl." a deep voice replied, trying to protect the frozen solid body from the boy.

    The boy was BEN. And he was concerned.
    "Shouldn't you be playing video games or something?" the tall and thin man with ghost white skin asked, and if he had eyebrows, they would've been knitted together in irritation.

    "Yeah." the boy responded nervously, before running off to return to his game.

    "Now... Let's try to unthaw you."

    ___Two days later___

    "Hello. It seems like you're awake." the faceless man nodded, only to get this in response.

    "Shut the fuck up. Where's Rosalina." Fantasia growled angrily, her eyes basically exploding into flames.

    "I'm going to find her." Fantasia said, before walking out of the house without even thanking the bizarre man for unthawing her.

    Fantasia ran faster than the speed of light to her old home.
    She eyed it in an inspecting manner.

    Rosalina was here, her car was parked in the drive-way.

    That stupid red convertible with it's ugly black hood up.

    In fact--- Rosalina's car was the ONLY car that was in the driveway.
    Fantasia grinned, skipping in the usual fashion that she did until she reached the front door.

    She didn't knock, or ring the doorbell-- that was just stupid.

    Fantasia kicked the door down, breathing out in anger.
    But she realized something...

    Her breath was a power. It was ice cold. It could KILL.

    "Hello?" Fantasia grinned, rubbing her pale blue hands together, waiting for a response.

    "Ah fuck it." Fantasia shrugged-- laughing heavily before charging up the stairs.

    She heard the voice of her sister singing-- from the bathroom.
    Rosalina was showering-- but that didn't stop Fantasia from doing anything about it.

    Then Rosalina abruptly stopped singing.
    "H-hello?" ever since she froze her little sister, she's been paranoid about Fantasia coming back to get her.

    "Is anyone there?"
    Silly little Rosalina. That was just giving herself away even more~

    "It's just me-- Rosy." Fantasia giggled, and everything went silent.

    "Get the fuck out of here!" Rosalina screamed, after a long hesitation.

    "Chill out-- chill out... I'm not here to hurt you. I just wanted to see if you wanted to---"

    Fantasia kicked the door open, my my, did she have a passion for kicking down doors!
    She ran into the bathroom, her eyes a shocking electric blue, and her hair was losing it's fiery orange glow.

    Fantasia pushed the shower curtain to the side, revealing her-- in the buff sister.

    "Chill?" Fantasia grinned before balling her hands into fists, then let her pure ice fingernails pierce into Rosalina's body.

    "I just want to chill Rosy~" Fantasia laughed with such an insane tone.

    Rosalina screamed in pain as Fantasia's fingernails poked deeply into her soft tender tan skin.

    "I don't wanna chill!" Rosalina cried out, as blood trickled down from her stomach, and soon down to her feet.

    "Well I do." Fantasia laughed before exhaling her chilly breath all over Rosalina-- thus freezing her and the fresh blood that dripped down her body.

    "It was cool chilling with you~" Fantasia giggled innocently, as if nothing ever happened.

    "Oh-- and by the way--..."

    "Just thought I'd remind you--- you lied to me." Fantasia grinned before quickly leaving the scene, so her parents didn't find out she was there.

    "F-Freezing." Rosalina mumbled inside the barrier of ice she was trapped in.


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