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  1. So. *in dramatic voice and stance of Oprah Winfrey* Freewares. Would you use them?

    And I'm not just talking about softwares or anime you get to download for free. Keygens, serials, program-cracks, etc.

    I for one, have no credit cards and has no ability to own one yet, and since most of the stuff online are only payable through a Visa or Mastercard and whatnot, I'd go for the free stuff whenever I could. I think it's good to share things. For free. =D

    Of course, virus is an issue to be considered, but that rarely happens for me... unless I'm downloading free pr0nz or something. <_<

    What about you?

  3. I have here, in my hand, a letter of marque that grants me the right to pillage any software I am able.

    Granted, I'll still get hung if I get *caught* but it's the thought that counts.
  4. I use freeware and open source when I'm able but while software prices have steadily decreased there are programs that are needed and games that are simply unavailable to someone without a credit card. Those that download warez are always running the risk of the products of asshole shitbag fucknuts malware so there is a balance.
  5. It generally depends on how easily I can get the product and how much respect I have for it, but the answer is usually piracy. (exception: Found painkiller and it's expansion for 10 bucks in a bookstore, and found Galciv 2 for ten dollars at target. WIN GET)
  6. FREEWARE yes I do. :D Like the fantastic program, Filezilla that allows me to upload stuff to the server. I also like Winamp. An CCleaner for cleaning up my registry. And Pidgen is a nice program for running all of your IM programs at once.