Freelancer - The Advent of Das Wilde

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  1. "Freelancer Alpha One-Dash-One, this is Planet Manhattan, you are cleared to dock."​

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening ladies, gentlemen, alternatively identifying personages and beings. I am here to bring forth an idea, of which I wish to know who here would love to participate. First, however, I must ask: have you ever heard of the game Freelancer? If not, do not fret! It was a game that Microsoft published in 2002 set in space. You fly around in a crappy little ship (until you buy a new one) and blow stuff up and make money. Pretty snazzy game, of which many people still play (though usually modded, like with Discovery Freelancer).

    I wish to bring the wonders of this game, this universe, to the table. I want those who are willing to fly headfirst into certain danger along side with me. After all, who else can stop the Advent of Das Wilde but all of you?

    Genre: Space Action/Adventure
    Slots (preferably): 1-6 (can go more but gets more difficult past that)
    Age: Any
    Writing: Anything that isnt "u like 2 tlk liek dis."​