Freeform Anime/Manga Action

"Enough with the small talk, asshole!" Shinsou lunged at Aiden swinging his sword rapidly when meeting him.
Aiden took a side step watching the blade descend at near inhuman speed. He smiled interesting speed he thought. He Spun at top speed swinging his blade with full momentum. Aiming at the mans exsposed back. gotcha he thought
Shinsou ducked under the blade in the last second and swung his katana for a sweep at Aiden's legs. No way he could dodge it.
Aiden Watched the man duck and thought So fast. Aiden watched as the katana went for his legs. Aiden Used the momentum from his turn byt thrusting his sword into the ground and spinning around the handle. He felt the katana slice through his pants and cut him but it wasn't nearly as bad as it couldve been. "Your fast on your feet." Aiden said. "But I'm Faster." Aiden landed on his good leg and jumped back to gain some distance. He could feel the blood trickleing down his leg. " your a good fighter even though i didn't see much of your skill but i have places to go people to meet so ill end it here." (Ooc: This attack is all part of one technique The second part is just movement but the first part is actually special) Aiden Threw his sword into the air. "Boar horse snake bird dog monkey. Sword shadow clone jutsu: infinite sword attack." Aiden's swords multiplyied into fifty swords.They all landed scattered around the two fighters. " Let's go" aiden said with a smile
(ooc: is this still going?, just in case it is....)
A young boy in his early teens named Nishio (he is silver haired blue green eyed and has elf ears, clothing is a brown leather vest and some shorts,he carries a dagger and a royal broad sword seeing as he only knows one ability which is energy ball, the effect sort of simular to rasengan ) wakes up from the sound of fighting.
Nishio-huh... whats going on *his vision is blurred then clears*whoa thats alot of copies... oh! I wanna see who wins (in head) assuming they arent just training *hides behind a boulder*... *gets a bottled water* I have to hand it to those guys... having drinking water on the go is awesome... *whispering to self* shoot! idiot, do you want to be found and turned back into royalty! *watches closely* hmm lets see what you guys can pull off...