Freedom's Fight

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  1. Ethilene looked at one of the maps on the table nearest her. It marked the latest information they had on hostile outposts and scout movements on both sides. So far, there was nothing horribly threatening too close to them, but that would change. Probably soon, too. A burst of wind blew through the open windows, making the maps and various papers flutter. Those that weren't secured flew about the room, making her hurry to collect them. Most people wondered why she didn't use a computer all the time. It was just easier for her to have a whole visual representation, one that she could play around with and view with ease. Of course, not like the had many computers in the first place. The elves knew about all of the technology in the world; they just chose not to use most of it. They were rather traditional about things. The only places that were wholly up-to-date were their hospitals and other places essential for daily functions. They had electricity in every house, but most homes didn't have gaming systems or televisions. The elves were secluded, and that was how they liked it. Let everyone else fight amongst themselves for whatever reasons they chose. The elves would have none of it, and that was how most of them, Ethilene included, liked it.

    After a few more minutes of fiddling with various ideas she finally called it quits. Not like she was forced to do any of this, anyways. She wasn't in any form of power in the rebellion, but she was almost there. Besides, her brother was a general, and since they had a close relationship, she liked to try and help him out. Speaking of him... Ethilene looked at the door worriedly. He was supposed to have showed up fifteen minutes ago to listen to an idea she had about a small sabotage mission for the closest enemy outpost. She closed the windows and left her house, searching for her look-alike. Even though they were separated by a few years, they looked almost like twins. They both had the same jet-black hair and pale blue-gray eyes, making them stand out against the majority of the elves, who were mostly fair-haired. Taking that into consideration, it shouldn't have been too hard to find her sibling, but today was odd. Maybe he's in a conference, she thought. She dropped the matter and went to the training fields, where they were getting a fresh batch of recruits. He would definitely be there for that.

    As with the rest of elvish society, they didn't use much technology on the field. They all carried a gun anyways, as to no have one would be certain death against the gun-wielding humans, but they preferred not to use them. They fought from the shadows, which was much easier in their own forests. Along with the gun, most carried bows charmed to create magical arrows until the charms were used up. Magic-users were on the decline due to an unknown reason, so they were being heavily protected and heavily utilized. Fighters also carried at least one dagger, rounding out the required combat equipment. On the training field, there was a clear divide between the new recruits and the more experienced ones. Namely, the recruits were just milling about, unsure about what to do since Ethi's brother hadn't shown yet. He was supposed to explain everything to the recruits. She rolled her eyes and found a partner to start sparring with in hand-to-hand combat.