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Kashinga High is where all Nekos fear to go. They don't treat nekos like humans, but more like animals. The king is brutal and thousands want him dead. Nekos are forced to wear collars and leashes and hate every second of it.

The plot I want has two characters each. I want my character escape from this place when he thinks his owner is dead except he isn't. He was ordered to go up towards the desert ordered by the high counsel. Ben a siberian snow leopard has to face the dangerous heat which makes him pass out. Because he is the last of his kind people worry about him. Everything about him is white like the snow and now he has to hide all that white under a jacket. Because if the Kashinga High soldiers find him it's all over.

Up north my other char Bruce is a companion to a neko. He is patient because said neko is fifteen and is somewhat immature for his age. The neko has a mark on his chest that will link up with a neko who has the same mark. They will be mates once he realizes it. Bruce knows that help is needed from Kashinga and someone is coming that might be able to help.

Ok now that the plot is out of the way let me tell you some rules.
1 please no one liners. I can handle a few if you don't know what to say, but constantly makes me feel like the RP is going nowhere so please no one liners.
2 Please tell me if you aren't wanting to rp with me. Do not suddenly decide that you don't want it and just stop posting or stop replying to me. If you don't want to that's fine people change their minds it's what we do, but please please please tell me before you up and disappear. I of course will do so in kind.

Ok so that's all. I do have names for the other two chars if you want to know them please pm me. If not then feel free to create your own. For the second neko i was thinking that the cat part should be used to the heat so he and Ben will be opposites atract. Which means that there might be some rocky points. Sorry I kind of want some drama lololol. That's just me.
If you are interested in this role play please post here or message me.
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