Free sweets for all new friends

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how many people read this?

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  1. Hopefully that got your attention ha ha

    I'm new hip and popping fresh

    Ready to roleplay and make friends.

    erm not sure what to do first.
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  2. Welcome! I hope you have fun here :)
  3. Thank you :)

    how do I find people to RP with?
  4. Perhaps by finding the category you like RPing in, and find a signup or partner that way :)
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  5. Its a good idea to join a group or a RP. You join the RP and the friends will come naturally.
  6. thank you hopefully will find you both somewhere
  7. Aw sweet, free candy!

    *skedaddles with the loot*

    Oh, welcome, by the way,
  8. you're most welcome, thank you
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