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    vailable Characters:

    Haruka Nanase - a dolphin trainer in a marine theme park. Taken by: Sycamore.
    Makoto Tachibana - a veterinarian who owns his own clinic. Taken by: ElBell.
    Rin Matsuoka - an upcoming musician in a trio band (with Aiichirou and Seijuro).
    Nagisa Hazuki - a freelance photographer.
    Rei Ryugazaki - a florist.
    Gou Matsuoka - university student.


    - Just try to keep to character to a reasonable degree! (Haru liking fish, Makoto liking cats, Nagisa being a skinny-dipper, Rei being anal about beauty, Rin being a determined tsundere, Gou being excited around half naked boys, etcetera.)

    - I won't be playing as any of the main cast, but I'll manipulate the NPCs like Chigusa and Mio, so that I keep the story pushing!

    - Don't hate on a pairing, seriously; that's not cool. Be open. If two players have decided to slowly build up a romance between their characters, you either try to convince them out of it, or form a love triangle, or just not interfere.

    How to Sign Up:

    Specify which character you want to RP as, and provide a few paragraphs as sample (two is enough, actually). I want to see how well you can portray him/her. I'll let you know if I approve/disapprove. If you fail to snag the role, don't worry - try again!
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  2. Hi! I'd really really like to join because my obsession with Free! needs to be fulfilled.
    Whereas I would like to play Haru (picture on left gave it away, huh), I'm not entirely sure my writing style and his diction would be suited for each other, so I'll write one for Rin as well, and if it's okay with you, I'll let you be the judge of who I portray better.
    I always write in third person. Unless specifically requested to do first person. Then I will do so grudgingly ^^.

    HARU (open)

    His eyes blinked open and Haru sat up straight in bed, yawning sleepily as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He glanced at the clock, his blue eyes squinting at the analog clock ticking away quietly over the doorway to his room. 6:30. He moved the covers aside and swung himself out of bed in nothing but his skintight swimsuit. Contrary to belief, he did take it off occasionally, if only for showers and to wash it in the evening. Otherwise, he wore it under his school uniform and his casual clothes in place of boxers.

    He wandered vaguely into the bathroom, brushed his teeth while staring nonchalantly at himself in the mirror, then ran a cold bath, plopping himself in. Haru closed his eyes, sinking below the surface of the water, letting it envelop his body, seep over his eyes. This water was not dangerous, but it was still alive. It was gentle, complacent, and it did not bare its teeth at him, but only purred a little as he sunk into its embrace. He surfaced for air once, twice, and before he knew it, he heard the water-muffled sound of knocking on the bathroom door, and Makoto's concerned voice reached his ears. "Haru, I'm coming in!" Haru heard his friend call, though he remained beneath the water for as long as he could. When he emerged from the tub, the water streaming off of his figure in rivulets, swimsuit riding low on his hips, and wandered into the kitchen with his apron he heard Makoto make the same exasperated remark about his diet. "Mackerel has plenty of protein," he said, scooping the fish out of the pan and onto rice. "Besides, I like mackerel."

    RIN (open)

    All he could hear was the water surging past him as he sliced through it furiously. His breaths matched his strokes, fast and furious, sharp and powerful as he raced back towards the wall. "Come on, Rin-senpai! Rin-senpai is awesome! Go Rin-senpai!" Rin was deaf to the cheers of the Samezuka swim team as he touched the wall and burst out of the water fighting for breath. "Wow, Rin-senpai," Nitori raced forward, awestruck, "Rin-senpai, you beat your time again! At this rate, your freestyle time is sure to make nationals!" Yeah, but is it fast enough to beat Haru? Rin wondered as he clasped one of the many hands reaching for him, climbing out of the water. "Thanks, Nitori," he nodded and grinned victoriously, shark teeth flashing, then regretted the smile somewhat as the boy blushed furiously. "Y-yes, Rin-senpai!"

    "Alright, everyone, gather up!" everyone crowded around the captain, and Rin crossed his arms, feet placed firmly apart as he looked around at the club members, making contact with each of them. "Making it regionals is gonna be tough, but I'm sure we can do it. Good work today, everyone. Go home, and I'll see you all here tomorrow after school." he said, his voice echoing throughout the room. After everyone had left, Rin sat on the bleachers, fiddling around with his goggles, deep in thought. "Yo, Matsuoka. Penny for your thoughts?" Sousuke plopped himself down next to Rin. "Yamazaki. Hey. Just thinking about the team we're sending to the regional prelims. They're all good kids and good swimmers," he mused. "All of them try hard. It'll be tough picking the ones who'll compete in the prelims. Especially the relay. I know the best thing to do is to pick the fastest ones, but..." Rin trailed off into silence, and Sousuke studied him for a moment before slapping him heartily on the back. Rin nearly fell off his seat, and he shot a glare at Sousuke, his eyebrow twitching up familiarly in irritation. "What the hell, man? I coulda--" "You'll make the right choice, Rin. When the time comes. Captain Mikoshiba made you captain for a reason, you know. See you around, Matsuoka. Don't think too hard or you'll get an aneurysm." Rin stared after Sousuke's retreating figure and broke into a chuckle, ducking his head. He'd made his decision long ago. Sousuke just helped him realize it.

    OMFG they were both so feeble ew what the heck ahahaha
    I personally think I write Rin better. Probably because my personality's a bit more like Rin's than it is like Haru's. (Am I a tsundere? -.- I don't even know anymore)
    But yeah. So give 'em a read, and decide whether or not you'll have me :)
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  3. If you break it into two or three more paragraphs, it would be even better. But aside from that, I can hardly decide between the two portrayals. ; - ; Y U do dis 2 me? We'll see if anyone wants to take either Haru or Rin later on, and you two maybe can discuss? See this is what happens when you do well for two assignments.
  4. Ahahaha, I'm sorry xD I think I'll take Haru because while I love Rin, I'd rather be paired with Rin than be Rin. I hope whoever chooses Rin is up for some RinHaru. >///<
    Anyway, yeah :) And I'm sorry about the paragraph splitting thing... I thought I should split them apart at least when the dialogue switches around, but the paragraphs'd be so short. I'll keep it in mind in the future though!
  5. xD I think my avatar demonstrates enough, but I'd like to try and claim Mako-chan <3

    Makoto (open)
    Makoto was already feeling worn from the day of working in the clinic, but he continued to smile with patience at each animal and owner that came through the clinic doors. In his exhausted daze, the day somehow flew by, and Makoto found himself seeing his last patient, one who was very special to him. "Ah, wonderful! I haven't seen her pups yet." He mutters, looking down at the file for a brown lab named Coco. Coco had first come to him a few years ago, having been hit by a care and severely injured. Makoto himself had worked hard to bring her back to health, and he never got tired of seeing the sweet dog enjoy the life she had left.

    With a child-like excitement, Makoto walked out into the lobby, his emerald eyes quickly spotting the lab and her young pups. "Hello Mrs. Barker, great to see you." He greets the owner, smiling and closing his eyes as he had always done. He opened his eyes once again to find the puppies jumping at his legs, their mother laying a few feet away and watching with a tired expression. Makoto chuckled softly and picked up one of the pups and patted its head gently as he looked back to Mrs. Barker. "They seem quite healthy, but let's get them back and make sure!" He says, turning to walk back into the clinic, the pup in his arms yelping out to his brothers and sisters as they trotted behind Makoto.
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  6. Accepted! I would love your post as well but I can't find it on mobile mode. Will update list soon!
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  7. Okay, awesome! Glad you liked what I posted~ <3
  8. (Hesitantly bumps.)
  9. Hello there! I'd like to try out playing Rei, if this rp is still happening :3

    I'm totally new to rping tho, so I might not be very good... but I guess I'll just show you my attempt! XD

    Rei (open)
    Late afternoon sunlight filtered in through the wide French windows of a simple workroom as Rei bent with intense concentration on the task before him. Just a little more. He trimmed an excess of roughly 1.56 cm off a branch, set another to incline casually at a precise 52° angle... and it was perfect.

    The upright chrysanthemums blooming with life, the twigs and branches arranged with precision to mirror the casual bend of nature to the wind, the seemingly haphazard wildflowers near the base invoking a meadow's elegant riot of colors... It was perfection! The ultimate rikka style ikebana arrangement!

    The look of serious concentration had gone, and Rei surveyed today's masterpiece with a grin, larger than what many others would think him capable. "It's beautiful," he said to no one in particular, as the grin melted into a softer, more subtle smile.

    The tinkling of chimes interrupts his reverie, and he got up from his chair to tend to what was probably a customer walking through his shop door, the satisfied smile never leaving his face.

    I hope that was okay >.<
  10. Hugely interested in applying for Rin (my RinHaru feels have been multiplied after the last episode)

    I haven't written anything other than OC's in a very long time, so apologies in advance if my portayal sucks butts. If it's okay with you, could I get this written up after I finish work?
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  11. Heuheuhehuhueh :3
    *whispers* Rinharu...
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