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((Revived and Updated - Additional Characters in Comments Below))

Hello! I'm on the search for more partners again! Please don't expect too many fancy things from me, as this is the extent of my BBCode ability haha But anyway, here's some info about me~
I'm a 29 y/o female living on the west coast of the US, so Pacific time. I'm open to communication, prefer to Rp in threads but can do PMs if that's your preference, and am only looking for M/F pairings (but I can play either gender or double, if that's what you like to do), or platonic pairings of any kind.
Most of my ideas involve superpowers or magic of some sort, as that's what I like to use to spice things up, but it doesn't have to be the main focus of the rp, and I prefer romance to be a more natural, slow burn rather than instantaneous soulmates. If you’ve got an interesting modern or otherwise more realistic plot you’re interested in instead, I'm always willing to hear ideas!

Send me a PM if you're interested in any of these characters, or propose your own ideas if you like my style but are craving something else! These characters are presented as I've imagined them, but I'm open to discussing most details about them and their worlds and can adapt them to fit scenarios you have in mind as well. Some of my characters come in pairs or groups, but you don't have to feel pressured to make more than one yourself, and if you like one a lot but not the others we can always discuss adapting them to be in their own.

I’m always interested in hearing others' ideas, so hit me up if you’d like to chat about plots!

What you can expect from me~

-I still can't keep track of what the difference is between literate and semi-literate, but I write in full sentences of varied lengths, with proper paragraph breaks and punctuation
-Anywhere from 2-8 paragraphs per post
-3rd person, past tense
-One post a day, most days, with warning for any long gaps between posts
-Will be upfront and honest if I've lost interest or don't think we'll make good partners
-Not open to any smut

What I'm looking for in a partner~

-Over the age of 18
-A firm grasp of spelling and grammar, though mistakes here and there are normal
-Willing to help plot and discuss ideas
-3rd person, past tense
-2+ paragraphs per post
-2 posts a week or more, ideally
-If you're not into the rp anymore, please just tell me. I've been ghosted with no warning so many times I've lost track

  • These two started out in a world sort of like X-men, where people with powers are looked down on and sometimes hunted. In their original storyline, they moved to a city for outcasts like themselves to live among other people with gifts like theirs, but it was a group rp and died before they could do much 😅 So they've been revamped! Sonia has become 'Soarin' Sonny', a sort of pop-up street performer and social media star who uses her flight ability to bounce around performing to or singing songs, with Reed's fire for help with special effects! Can be used in a crime fighting sort of rp, a celebrity/fan rp, or even just a slice of life + superpowers.

    Name: Sonia "Sunny" Lockhart
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'3"
    Powers: Flight. Sonia can make herself weightless in order to achieve liftoff, and afterwards controls her body's movements by the manipulation of bright blue rings of energy which appear around her wrists, ankles, and waist. For greater precision she can manifest more of the rings around her legs, arms, and torso, but doesn't generally need them and they sap her of energy much quicker. She can make others weightless as well, by forming one of her rings around their waist, but as its much more difficult to control and most people don't like being moved around like a puppet, she generally only uses it to lower people in need safely to the ground.
    Personality: Sonia likes to make people smile and always tries to remain positive. She's quick to tell a joke about anything at all, and isnt easy to offend so she doesn't mind when friends make jokes about her as well, but isn't a pushover. When she needs to she'll stand up for herself, and will defend her friends or those in need even more vehemently.
    History: Sonia grew up in a wealthy family, going to private schools and never worrying about money, living a mostly well-adjusted life until her powers manifested in her late teens. Her friends didn't abandon her immediately, but didn't leap to her aid or defense either, when it became known she had powers. She let them drift away and started over when she graduated, and around that time had a chance encounter with Reed. Thinking he was interesting (and lonely), she imposed her company upon him until he accepted her as his friend.

    Name: Antony Reed Macias (Goes by Reed)
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9"
    Powers: Pyrokinesis. Reed has the ability to create and control his own fire, which will only burn what he tells it to (I.e. It could sit on his hand or arm and not burn his skin or clothes). Any fire not originally created by him is very difficult for him to control. He can't tell it what it should or should not burn, and it takes a lot of concentration and energy to tell it where to move, or to put it out entirely.
    Personality: Reed is very quiet. He has a hard time trusting people and tends to just sit back and let himself be underestimated, letting anything other than physical assault slide right off of him as if he hadn't heard it at all. He prefers to spend his time outside in nature rather than around large groups of people, and relies on the few friends he's managed to earn himself to do any of the more extroverted interactions for him. If someone needs rescuing, or a task needs doing, he'll do it himself if no one else will, but tends to wait and see if there are any other volunteers first.
    History: Reed grew up in the foster system after being taken from neglectful parents at such a young age he doesn't really remember them. He mostly stuck to himself, with just a few friends for most of his life. His powers manifested when he was 16, after he ran into a house that was on fire to be sure the old lady that lived there wasn't inside since no one else volunteered and no one knew where she was. She was away from home and safe, but when he opened a door and was knocked down by blowback, he was found surrounded by an open ring of fire, none of it reaching his body as if being held at bay. It was only afterwards that he realized he had done it himself, and found himself being looked down on for more than just his poor, orphaned status, now labeled a freak and a criminal as some accused him of starting the fire himself. His life and friend group only improved after meeting Sonia. He had gotten into the hobby of bouldering and free climbing, often alone, and gotten himself stuck in a place he was trying to figure out how to get down from when she floated up to help him, and summarily refused to leave his life. It took a while to wear him down, but he did finally accept her friendship (and sometimes charity), and is trying to find a way to live with his powers.

  • 'Soarin' Sonny' had been growing in popularity for a year or so now, ever since Sonia had tried out the persona doing little hovering tricks and flips on YouTube and TikTok at the beginning. Her usual cheery, friendly nature had attracted people to her quickly, and the moments that she was 'real' with her fans about not always feeling peppy and honest about what things were easy or hard had only endeared her to them more fully. Performances, livestreams, dance tutorials, and even Get Ready With Me videos had kept her fans going, even though it was a lot of work. Lately she and Reed had been stepping it up, adding in more pyrotechnics and more tricks, having Sonia float over the audience dropping 'fairy dust' in the form of biodegradable confetti as she went, and had even hinted at beginning to pluck people from the audience to fly up in the air with her. Now, though, they were trying their hand at night shows, where the glow from Sonia's powers would let onlookers spot her in the dark as the show began.

    "Almost ready? It's cold up here!"

    Reed twitched at Sonia's voice, almost having forgotten he was wearing an earpiece with her on the phone since she'd been silent for the past few minutes while he helped organize the setup. It was always a quick thing, her pop-up shows, something blasted on social media just a few hours before it was supposed to happen, and sometimes not even that long. Occasionally she had scheduled performances so more could show up and see her, but she always told him that having everything happen fast and unexpected kept people wanting more, her more dedicated fans constantly refreshing feeds to make sure they didn't miss anything. Taking advantage of people wasn't something Sonia liked, but keeping attention on social media was a fickle thing.

    "On schedule," he murmured back as he checked on the speakers again, and glanced around to be sure the lighting around them would work well enough, even though they'd decided it would weeks ago. "Remember not to go too high or we'll lose sight of you."

    "You worry too much!" She teased, with a smile he could hear. "If I drift too far, it'll just be a glowstick show, that's all."

    He rolled his eyes and just did a final sound check with Chase, someone they hired to handle technical problems like large speakers for an outdoor space rather often. Besides him, it was just Reed, Sonia, and Claire, a neighbor and friend that often came to help hand Sonia props or direct fans when they got to be involved. Everything was set, so when they were sure it was time, he did a final check on said props to be sure each had a tiny flame ready and waiting, hovering at the back of his attention, and got the phone and gimble they used for livestreams ready.

    "All right," he said finally, careful to wait until he was done speaking to start the live feed, "When you're ready."

    "Coming in!"

    There was already a small crowd milling about in the open courtyard, the lights of an average metropolis and all the nearby buildings adequate enough for them to see by, and a round of eager cheers went up when the bright blue rings of Sonia's powers appeared in the sky atop one of the nearest buildings, ten stories up. Reed watched as she walked out, mostly a silhouette without enough light to illuminate much detail, her arms held out at her sides and wobbling along as if she were walking a tightrope that wasn't actually there. The wobble turned into a flail, and then a sudden drop that had the crowds gasping, and Reed counted seconds in his head as he trailed the camera slowly down after her. It was all a part of the act, Sonia slowing as she got near to the ground, just close enough to snag two batons out of Claire's outstretched hands, then shooting back up still upside down like she was attached to a bungee cord. Right as she started to rise, perfectly on queue, Chase started the music, and Reed ignited the small embers on the ends of the batons into full on flames that trailed behind her on her twisting ascent.

    The cheering after that would've made Reed flinch if he hadn't gotten so used to it.

    "Helllooo, lovelies!" Sonia's bright and cheery laugh came through the speakers over the music as she rose higher and higher, twirling a baton in each hand with no fear of the flames. So long as they belonged to Reed, she never had to worry about getting burned. "Who's ready to fly with me tonight!"

    The screaming was not something Reed had ever enjoyed, but at least it meant her fans were still hooked. So long as Sonia was paying their rent, he supposed he couldn't complain. He just had to man the camera, and pay attention for the moment she would swoop down for the hoops Claire would hold up so he could ignite them as well. In the meantime, Sonia would be doing the much harder work of flying, singing, and interacting with fans.

  • 6AB7C1EC-FF1F-4A94-B6D4-269EC1029B5D.jpeg
    Name: Korin
    Age: 25
    Personality: Korin is independent, as he's felt he always needed to be. He's confident enough in his own strength but would always prefer to avoid causing other creatures, of any sorts, pain or injury. Beyond that, despite his willingness to be friends and give someone the benefit of the doubt, he's inexperienced and not very good at associating with others.
    History: As far as he knows, he's lived with a pod of mers whose colors don't match his all his life. His memories only go as far back as the age of 9 or 10, when a mermaid talented in magics named Minamet found him and took him to be cared for amongst the pod. When he was old enough for it he started to wander further and further away from them, and the safety of numbers, and used everything she'd ever taught him to survive by himself in the open ocean, with a cave as a home base but with much of his time spent exploring outside of it.

  • Korin had always been a bit of a loner, though not always of his own choice. His colors had always been different from the others; he stood out, drew attention, made traveling dangerous for them. Minamet, the mer that had raised him for as long as his memory went back, had always told him he would find his place some day, but he had yet to meet a pod that had colors like his. So when he was old enough for it he started to wander further and further away from her and her pod, and the safety of numbers. He used everything she'd ever taught him to survive by himself in the open ocean, with a cave as a home base but with much of his time spent exploring outside of it.

    The human ships were his favorite oddity. She had always told him to be careful, that they could be dangerous, but he had learned much about them over the years. He liked to follow them around from beneath where no one could see, sometimes doing small things like removing unnoticed plants or sea life from their steering mechanisms, sometimes simply hitching a ride by hanging on to the bottom. Humans were really not suited for the ocean, he realized very quickly. They weren't very good at catching fish, and their boats crashed violently through waves during storms but sometimes without success. He took it upon himself to add a few things to their nets here and there, when he watched them struggle to catch enough to feed all the mouths on board, and had more than once over the years dragged a barely conscious figure back towards their vessel when the currents tossed them overboard, or used some of the magic tricks Minamet had showed him to support them with the water until they were dragged back up by their fellows. Once, when one had been stuck treading water with some sort of injury, he had even spent nearly an hour just swimming circles beneath them, deterring sharks from coming too close until they were finally able to be picked up again.

    It had been easy enough avoiding the humans' collective gaze, and he was sure that if anyone had noticed that his stretch of ocean had fewer deaths and better fishing they would never know why. If any had ever seen him at all, it could only have been in faint glimpses, in the middle of storms. His scales were many of the same colors as the ocean itself, so he was sure they must think he was just a particularly benevolent fish, if they ever saw the flash of his tail disappearing into the depths from underneath the surface. But Minamet had warned him, and like everything else in his life she had been right.

    He had thought, foolishly, that when Thoris and Astrit had come upon him one day and asked to come with him on his trip out to look for boats they were merely curious, or even wanted to help. It was one of those things that Minamet had told him were 'too good to be true', that the two mers suddenly wanted his company, but he was so used to being alone he'd forgotten how to look for it.

    "It's easiest to toss them in when they're starting to rise up," Korin explained, a couple of squirming fish in his hands as he led them to where a boat had a decent sized net in the water. "So they don't just fall right out again, but you have to be careful since some of the lines can tangle you up."

    Thoris, the younger of the two males, made a soft, interested sound, staring up at the boat as they went. "You sure know a lot about these creatures, Kor. Have you ever been snagged in one?"

    Korin shook his head, focused on the way the net moved so as to dart along beside it and push the fish in his hands into its path so they would be scooped up. "I watched them for a long time before I got close, so I know how they move." And he had his whale bone knife, attached to his waist on a braided belt of undersea vines. If he ever got caught, he could just cut himself free. "They'll pull up now, so we should move back."

    "What do you mean?" Astrit said, and Korin should have known something was strange about his tone even as he turned to look at him. "Don't you want to say hello?"

    "What -?"

    Astrit wasn't much bigger than him, but he was strong. The shoulder in his chest caught him by surprise and slammed him backwards, and smaller, quicker Thoris was right there, a rope in hand that wound twice around Korin's wrist and the net before he could recover from the blow.

    "Hey- Astrit, stop! That isn't-!"

    Funny. The words caught in his throat as the net suddenly yanked upwards, pressed his free arm into his chest and gathered his tail in so tight he couldn't push himself free. His knife was on the opposite side as his free hand, the angle just slightly too wrong for him to reach it in time, and even if he could've gotten to it he was already free of the water seconds later.

    It all happened so fast. He remembered wincing as the net bounced against the side of the boat on its way up, and then, suddenly, he was hitting the surface of it with a heavy thud, squinting in the undiluted sunlight as his eyes struggled to adjust. The switch from gills to lungs was automatic, and nothing he hadn't done before, but the panic had him by the throat, the sudden onslaught of voices all around and so loud in the open air he felt like he was suffocating. He had to get back in the water. He was still close to the edge - if he could quickly cut himself free of the net he could toss himself back over.

    At least, that was his intention. The first fearful hesitation was enough for one human to react, and something hard cracked against his skull before he could even reach for his knife.

  • Conan is an OC from waaay back that I've just been thinking about recently. He started out in a high school era Spy School rp where the spies had kemonomimi animal traits - namely wolf ears, tail, and fangs for him, with a nekomimi enemy-to-lovervpartner. Later he resurfaced in an rp of lab experiments that also had animal traits, and again had his wolf fangs and angry growl. Things like that aren't necessary, but sort of explain his personality, and I'm totally open for them, or any other scenarios you think it might be fun to use him in :)

    Name: Conan Caldwell
    Age: varies with setting
    Personality: Conan has the anger issues of a person with a lot of feelings and no idea what to do with them. He's quick to get into a fight if riled, and even quicker if it's to defend someone else, always seen as gruff and unfriendly despite being very soft and vulnerable beneath it if one were to take the time and find those parts of him. Despite all his pent up rage, he would never hit someone innocent or undeserving, and believes wholeheartedly in protecting the weak and stopping bullies.
    History: Growing up in a rich household gave Conan everything he could have ever asked for, and nothing he wanted. His parents were always away working, and had no idea how to deal constructively with his anger, only hiring new nannies each time one left and moving him to different schools each time he gained too many infractions. As he got older, knowing his parents saw him more as a scandal than a son, Conan's focus quickly switched from getting his parent's attention to caring for his younger brother, Noah, and making sure he didn't grow up unloved, even going so far as to try and curb his own behavior at home so they could keep the same nanny, and being quiet so as not to take away the love his perfect angel brother received from their parents.
    Other: He carries a small stuffed frog keychain around with him, a good luck charm his brother won at an arcade once, and has a deep love for animals big and small.

  • 15DF34E7-FF60-4C9D-8F05-224FFB01C4EB.jpeg
    Arthur lives in a world where vampires (and other creatures, if it suits us) are known to humans but not popular, for obvious reasons. Vampires tend to live in small communities wherein life is necessarily night-centric, catering to their specific needs but otherwise mostly normal living - and if a human is willing to be hired out for live feeding rather than vampires feeding from predrawn, preserved blood bags, they get highly discounted room and board.
    Arthur is one of these humans, once a promising young violin prodigy, but the pressure got to him and he disappeared off the music scene years ago. Now he lives inside one of these vampire communities as one of their most popular meals, as he'll cater to the whims of his clients far more willingly than others, chasing the drug-like high of the feed. Most feeders only stay temporarily, for financial reasons, and leave the second they can, but Arthur seems to be sticking around. The problem is that he's noticed he's been losing little chunks of memory at a time and the empty gaps are only getting longer as time goes on and he continues to sell his body as a meal to monsters.

    YC might find him interesting, or simply want to help, but otherwise with some tweaking he can fit into other vampire plots you might have in mind yourself. To make it easier to use vampires in roleplays, some former rp partners and I kind of tweaked them a bit, adding in things like the ability to heal the bite by licking it or putting their own blood on it, so their feeder doesnt die, and having a sort of venom/toxin that basically feels like getting high so prey wont fight. But if you'd prefer more violent and dangerous vampires, and less integrated into human society, I could possibly be convinced ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Here's a short sort of starter I've used for him before:

    The rain was the first thing Arthur noticed as he came to, soaking through his clothes to his underwear, through his shoes to his socks. It wasn't the worst sensation he'd ever felt, nor the worst way he'd ever woken up from a night of drinking, but he was sitting on a bench, outside, in the rain, and he had no idea how he'd gotten there. How much had he lost this time, he wondered, anxiety crawling through the mud that appeared to be filling his brain. Everything was slow, muted. All he could hear was rain and all he could think of was trying to puzzle out how he'd gotten to the bench.

    When it finally hit him, Arthur managed a faint, exhausted sort of smile at the memory of where he'd been and what had happened. One of his regular clients had hired him out for a niece to feed from him, because the girl wasn't very experienced with live food, and because Arthur would do whatever they wanted. They'd given him the smoothest whiskey he'd ever drank in his life - and kept giving it to him until he could hardly stand up on his own, until it did its job and changed the very taste of his blood.

    He'd told her he would need water after. He hadn't thought he would need to explain that the water was for drinking.

    It was almost funny, Arthur thought as he used the arm of the bench to get to his feet and start making his way back to his apartment - and perhaps he would've continued thinking it was funny if the earth didn't immediately start to rotate under his feet the second he let go. He made it three or four dizzy, wobbling steps before finally drifting so far to the side his foot slipped off the concrete into the grass and he suddenly found himself lying in the mud. Maybe he would just sleep there, he thought as black crept quickly in at the edges of his vision, and started to close his eyes. It wasn't as if he had much choice.

  • Medieval/Fantasy setting-

    Nel/19-ish: Very soft, shy, fae-touched boy, spends his time talking to animals, working hard, and walking barefoot through grass.

    Malia/35-ish: Strong, motherly faerie, works as healer/matriarch at a Dragonry, corralling and healing unruly adult dragons and guiding new hatchlings to health.

    Any setting-
    C92F59DC-4B1D-4BF5-93F4-58352D5B228E.jpeg 5B8FE383-D7B9-42B5-908E-C08FD9E92E52.jpeg
    Nameless: Kitsune character I only have general vibes for. Could be played younger or older, sheltered and clueless about what he is, or simply unaware of how powerful his magic can be. Could be chosen as a witch's familiar, saved from captivity, or just randomly appear in his forest to make friends with someone when they get lost in it.
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For more examples to draw on and spark ideas, here is another pair of characters I came up with a couple years back that are currently unavailable to use but still near and dear to my heart

E & L are more a story about helping a tortured soul and finding family in unexpected places than anything super actiony, I just like to spice things up with superpowers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Name: Evelyn
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Superpowers: Evelyn has what is referred to in her universe as Sight with a capital S (known as elemental scrying by the superpowers wiki). If she is touching water, she can then see into areas she isn't physically present in through any other source of still water. This creates a very small, faint glow of blue light in whatever source of water she is looking through, and a more pronounced blue glow in her own eyes.
On top of this, she also has what she refers to as Insight (also known as claircognizance), wherein she gains knowledge of facts she's never learned on her own, most often without her consent or control (i.e. when she first meets a person she can get no insight whatsoever, or she can tell that they're about to get divorced, or thinking of starting a new job, or other such things). Touching an object someone else has touched can give her glimpses into what happened around it.
Third and finally, she has a somewhat weak technopathy, enough to send untraceable messages or give electronics simple commands like on/off.
History/Storyline: Evelyn grew up with a therapist mother and a lawyer father, so suffice to say her childhood wasn't exactly normal, but she was well loved and cared for. After being used by supposed friends and boyfriends as a party trick and, in more black corners of her life, a tool, she moved far away from home to start a new life. In this new city, she used the combination of her abilities to become known simply as The Informant. If someone wanted information on their enemies, business partners or opponents, and knew the right people to get in touch with, they would contact her. As her messages can't be traced, no one knew her identity.
One day, she noticed someone using Sight just like hers to look at her in her home, and out of curiosity she decided to communicate with them. When she was finally able to follow the source with her own Sight, she found an exhausted looking young man in a dark, somewhat bare room, and after days of communicating in writing and simple yes or no questions, discovered he was being kept against his will and had been for a long time. Her Insight eventually told her how many people he had killed, but she knew something was wrong and set about finding someone to free him. She revealed her identity to this person and part of the organization they worked for, and was able to reveal the fact that the killer (Luca) was under the mental control of the man keeping him and not truly responsible for all the deaths in time to have the right person taken down. Since then, she's spent a great deal of her time trying to take care of Luca and help him re-enter the world.
Personality: Calm, calculating, and hates not being in control. Evelyn generally seems content and self-assured. With strangers she is rather stiff and resistant, but for known entities she will relax. Friends are treated softly, but having been taken advantage of before she treads lightly around anyone that asks too many favors.
Other: As a defining visual trait, Evelyn always walks with an umbrella or parasol. Rain makes her Sight difficult and temperamental, and on sunny days she burns easily.

Name: Luca
Age: 21
Height: 6'0"
Superpowers: Luca has the same Sight as Evelyn (Elemental scrying via water), as well as the ability to form energy constructs which he refers to as The Shadow. The Shadow will sometimes act on its own should he come under attack and not react in time. He forms black energy into walls, ropes, or sharp tendrils that can crush most wood and stone, but cant cut straight through metal - bash and dent it, yes, but not cut through. This energy has mainly been developed for brute force, slamming or slicing through human opponents, and not for anything that requires more care or precision. Luca has learned to be a battering ram, and is still working on more gentle ways to use to his strength.
History/Storyline: Since he was a small child, around 10, Luca has been kept by a man who kept him compliant through mind control, sedation, and psychological manipulation. His parents were first, to make sure no one was looking for him, and after the few years it took to make Luca give up and stop fighting the man used his power to slaughter countless people. As Luca was always dressed in a full face motorcycle helmet and leather jacket - both to hide his identity and mask his young age before he grew up - and his powers left no evidence behind, authorities had been scrambling to find him before Evelyn did. Trapped as he was, he often used his Sight to take random glimpses of the outside world, and she was the first not to panic at his Sight's presence, to calmly invite him to stay instead. When she eventually found him and got someone to save him from the man that controlled him, he refused to speak to anyone until he could see her again, and trusts no one more than her, and the person that physically freed him (a character by the name of Shiver).
Personality: Quiet. With very little experience with people Luca is confused by most social interaction and highly naive. He'll go along with most anything without questioning whether it's normal or not, and doesn't appear to care what's happening to or around him as long as he isn't being attacked or otherwise hurt. After so long living in captivity like he did, Luca is a confusing mix of touch-starved and uncomfortable with people. He will let people he trusts do just about anything as long as they'll be in physical contact with him somehow.
Other: Afraid of sleeping alone in the dark

For weeks after initial contact, Evelyn had been leaving a bowl of water on the ottoman in her living room, waiting for the moments Luca was alone long enough to visit her. She had taken to keeping a large notebook and marker nearby to ask yes or no questions, or to tell him something she thought might cheer him up. He was always so tired, always so distant, and only a handful of times had he tried to mime anything at her to ask anything back. After a while, he had taken to drawing hesitant letters in the air, and she did her best to decipher them and answer. In the end, she had all the information she needed: Luca was being kept. Trapped. Used. She had to help him.

Despite a long streak of stubborn independence, she knew she was in over her head. Not only were her physical fighting skills sorely lacking, she didn't know what kind of gift could possibly keep someone as strong as Luca so thoroughly contained. Surely if it held him, it would have no trouble with her. Out of necessity, she spent another painfully long week gathering as much information as she could on prospective candidates, finding someone she was relatively certain was the perfect man for the job - strong, experienced, as virtuous as one could perceivably be while also tending to act as a lone wolf, and with a gift that would completely nullify the threat of both Luca and the man holding him. It was an added bonus that he had been fighting to dismantle the Lombardi family for longer than most had managed without being bought off or killed. He would jump at the prospect of taking away their biggest gun.

As one would expect from any private detective who actually wanted clients, the man's office was easy enough to find. All she had to do was walk past the front doors while he was inside, a casual stroll but with a short enough distance between them for her technopathy to make contact with his cell phone. Later on, in the middle of an otherwise average morning, she sent the detective a message with no source, a known trademark amongst any locals that had ever used her services, or any who heard from those who had.

I have information for you about your Ghost. It read. I'd like to meet in person. Come alone to Grand Bell Park, 12:30, and have a seat. I'll find you.

If mention of the Ghost Killer wasn't enough, she was sure the added lure of being the only one to meet the mysterious Informant in person would draw him in, and as long as he was alone she would let him. For a camouflage, of sorts, she dressed in business attire, a brown plaid skirt, a black blouse, a deep purple sweater, black tights and small heels. Disarmingly similar to the number of office workers who often took walks through the park for their lunch, if not for the black and purple parasol perched above her head. Still, "Umbrella Girl" was a somewhat known figure to some of the more observant, long-time locals, and seen as harmlessly eclectic, largely ignored. Like a magician's misdirecting hands, the moniker drew attention to all the wrong places.

The detective was sitting on a bench, as instructed, and she walked down the paved path in his direction with eyes that wandered, looking up into the trees as she went, as if she hadn't noticed him at all. They drifted to a mother and child sitting on a blanket in the grass as she took a seat on the opposite end of his bench, settled in with crossed legs and began casually scrolling through art on her phone to pass the time. She let him stew in annoyance at her presence a little while, surely thinking she would scare off The Informant and ruin his meeting. Finally, before he could choose another bench, and without so much as touching her screen, she sent him another message.

On your left.

"Hello, detective." She said aloud once he'd had time to read it, and when he turned to see her more clearly she gave him a small smile, not quite mocking enough to be called a smirk. "I know. Not quite what you expected. Everyone seems to think I'll be a man, and much older. They would sooner guess you, rather than me."

Truly, she was sure this older, tougher man was what all of her clients pictured when dealing with her. She was taking a risk by letting even this one learn her face, but it couldn't matter enough to stop her, not when Luca was still suffering.

"I'll get right to business. You've been chasing the Ghost for a long time." She didn't make it a question. It was her reputation and her business to know things, not guess them. "I can give him to you. But only if you're willing to accept my words as truth, above all else. Do you think you can do that, Detective?"

If she was going to keep Luca safe, this man was going to have to believe her when she said that all the death and destruction wasn't his fault, and that he deserved to be freed rather than imprisoned. If he wouldn't believe her reputation for complete and total accuracy, it wasn't going to work, and she was going to have to find out how to walk away after telling him she had the information he wanted most.
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Had an idea for a Magical Girl type rp a while back and drafted up some characters I really liked, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. The world that was originally decided on for them was a mix of things like Shugo Chara, wherein their powers are represented by a little sprite that follows them around (in this case, in the form of small animals), and the webcomic Sleepless Domain, in which magical girls are a sort of celebrity guided by different sponsors, and every night patrol the city killing monsters before they can break through a magical barrier keeping those that are indoors safe.

Can be young, for true Magical Girl style, or have the lore tweaked so they can be older 👍

Name: Zaralia (Zara, Zee) Hymeadow
Hero Name: Burning Blaze (placeholder, might change, open to suggestions)
Age: 16
Powers: Smokefall, Eye of Flame, Destiny Sword
-Tosses small bells that create smokescreens, which can affect monster's breathing, but most often are only visual to protect her own teammates
-Looking through a small purple flame on her hand allows her to read the auras of any creature in her vicinity, allowing her team a headsup to nearby monsters before they come within visual range
-Manifests a glowing red energy sword with which to slice through or beat back monsters
About: It's rumored that a magical girl's powers formed in a moment of anger or fear will go bad, or else wither and die, and Zara believed this wholeheartedly. So when a monster managed to break past the barrier into her family's home on the night of her Dream, at 13 years old, she became briefly famous for ignoring her gifts and viciously beating it half to death with a bat until a hero arrived to purge it. She believes in trying to make herself as strong as she can be, even when untransformed, and can often be seen training in her weaker human form, with the goal of being able to defeat at least small monsters even after her powers leave her.

Name: Moonbay (Moon) Hymeadow
Hero Name: Permafrost
Age: 16
Powers: Close Combat, Subzero Smash
-Enhanced strength and agility allows Moon to jump higher and move faster than most, with his strongest blows coming from swift kicks and swings of his tail, his own body being his deadliest weapon
-If he can sit still long enough to gather the energy, he can gather freezing energy to use in an attack that can freeze a monster's whole body, or else cover the ground in ice to stick them in place.
About: After witnessing his sister beating back a monster on a rare night when their parents weren't home, he became infatuated with the idea of being able to hit things as hard as she had, to protect her and others the way she had protected him, and the way the hero that came to rescue them did. Days afterwards, he received his own Dream and gifts, and feeling powerful in his new form has had a very carefree attitude about all they do. It was that or always be afraid, and he never wanted to be so afraid again.

Name: Sophie McCane
Hero Name: Star Shine
Age: 17
Powers: Flight, Star Bursts
-Uses wings to fly
-Manifests bright golden star shapes from a shining moon wand, as energy bolts to throw at enemies or more solid (though temporary) platforms to help her teammates gain height when needed.
About: Her mother was once an extremely popular, beautiful magical girl called Crystal Quartz, and as she struggles to live up to her mother's legacy she can often be very vain. Despite worrying more about her appearance and reputation than training all the time, she is always ready to help protect her friends.
Small version of this >.> More birb than owl, but this was the closest I could find
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