Free Kindle book: NORNS (12.12.2014)

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  1. Hello, lovely people of this lovely and friendly forum!

    Next friday, 12.12.2014, the kindle book NORNS will be available for free. So. Feel free to grab it if you like.

    It's available on (or the other amazon sites depending on your nationality).

    What's the book about?

    The story begins with the Norns. They are based on the female beings in Nordic mythology who weave fate and control the destiny of men. But soon enough the story focuses in on Rún, a teenage girl who loses her father. This particular girl grabs the attention of the Norns. Mostly because her father's untimely death is accidentally caused by a Norn. Yes, very awkward. As is their attempt to sweep the problem under the carpet by sort of erasing him from everybody's memory. And making it up to Rún by giving her better prospects. But she never asked for better prospects. Or a dead father. Or losing parts of her memory. So she is very confused to wake up in a different reality. And it might not come as a shock that she struggles to find her place in this new reality.

    Then there are townsfolk and castles, a prince and a squire, a reverend fighting devils and witches, farmers going about their mundane lives, a visit to the Underworld, a meeting with the ruler of the Underworld, and you know, all sorts. Because it is epic.

    p.s. THANK YOU lovely forum for having a guest friendly advertisement area. You won't believe how daunting it can feel to try to GIVE stuff away for FREE. I mean. I hardly believe it myself.