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  1. So what would a Graphics Shop be without a little pizzazz~?

    Welcome to my Graphics Shop! You can obviously see my name, but I'll do the banal thing and introduce myself anyways. I am firejay1, though pretty much everyone leaves off the 1, and as the title states, I do free image modifications, banners, headers, and yes, blueprints. This is my first time doing a shop and boy am I excited.

    Now. First thing's first, of course, you have to get a glimpse of what it is I can do before deciding whether or not you want me to work on your stuff, don't you?

    Be aware that if I'm especially proud of it, I will add your request to these samples unless you specifically ask me not to.
    RP Banner Ads (open)

    Gif Banners

    Regular Banners

    Character Banners (open)


    extra Multiples


    Headers and RP Deco (open)

    (pssst, the stuff in this thread are also examples of my work)


    Image Modifications (open)

    Before: [​IMG] After: [​IMG]

    Before: [​IMG] After: [​IMG]

    Blueprints (open)

    Hand-Drawn: [​IMG] Digital Ver of Same House: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Later Improvement after Input: [​IMG]

    1. I have no form. Request what you want in as much detail as you want, and do it in one shot if possible (please don't spam my thread with too many multiple posts if you can help it).
    2. I won't look up character pics from a description, though I will from a face claim.
    3. Tell me if you want me to change anything.
    4. I can't do drawings.
    5. If you want a blueprint, do please read the paragraph below that starts with the aquamarine text.
    6. Don't expect your request quicker than two weeks.
    7. I will display samples of the work I do for you unless you ask me not to.
    8. Don't ever PM me for a request. Ever.
    9. You may request multiple items at once, or come back and ask me for more stuff after I've finished your first request. I don't have a limit.
    10. Don't ask me if I'm open. I'm always open. ;)

    So in case you haven't noticed, I do not have a "form" for you to fill out. This is because I don't care what you want. Just kidding. The reason I don't have a form is because I actually enjoy doing things from scratch. If you have a very specific idea in mind, feel free to mention that you want certain color schemes, images, themes, catchphrases, genres, heck describe precisely what you want in morbid detail if you like, but I DO NOT REQUIRE IT. I do, of course, ask that you tell me everything that you want (and I mean EVERYTHING), but be aware that otherwise I will exert all of my creative freedom without bounds. I love to experiment with different styles and am constantly changing, so if you give me a non-specific request, you may find that I have done something different from my old works, and I am just going to consider that my right as an artist. The only thing I will not do is look up character photos for you from a description. I can work with face claims. If you only give me a face claim, I will freely search for pictures of them. But don't tell me "I want my character to be a pale-faced guy with blue hair" cause I don't want the aggravation of trying to decide exactly what KIND of pale-faced guy with blue hair you're thinking of. Be aware that I appreciate writing samples or descriptions of your character's personality or of your RP as it helps me get a better feel for what I'm gonna do, but again, not necessary.

    Unless your request is very simple or very specific, I will typically do multiple different types and kinds of the same banner or header and will offer all of the multiples to you (this does not apply for simple image mods and the blueprints). If you don't like some, you don't have to use it, just keep the one you like. If you like all of them, feel free to rotate them, or do whatever you like with them. Point is, once I've done them, they're all yours to do with as you will. I will also provide you a coding box with the links in it for your convenience, and these will include smaller versions of the work if they are rather big normally. I will put these in this thread unless you specifically ask I PM them to you for privacy or whatever, you don't have to tell me the reason. I would like it very much if you tell me if there is something that you do not like or appreciate, and am perfectly willing to make changes. I like honesty, not flattery.

    ~ The blueprints are a special thing that I offer. ~ I know this is labeled a graphics shop, but I will actually NOT do the blueprint on the computer unless you specifically ask me to do so. I hand-draw all of my blueprints on graph paper (one square = one square foot), and what you will receive is a picture or scan of that drawing. Blueprints are not drawings of the house or anything like that, I cannot draw to save my life. Instead, they will be bird's eye views of the interior structure of the house. Rooms, furniture, stairs, the house or building to scale. You are allowed to be as specific or non specific with descriptions of these as well, but I am not going to do more than one version of the blueprint, though you can still ask me to change things. If you want a digital version of this particular item, I will design the blueprint first by hand, then transfer it into a simple program that will not only give you a simple blueprint, but also a visual of what the house interior would look like. I use SweetHome 3D or HomeByMe, both of which have only outdated and ugly furniture and nothing good in the way of roofs, so I do not guarantee stylistic beauty, only proportion consistency.

    I have a life. I am a college student of rather average grades in an extremely difficult school and an extremely difficult major in that extremely difficult school. I have to work hard to do well, and will always put my real life first. When I am not in class, I work in a lab every weekday and it is not unusual for me to get home after 7 most days. I don't have a 9-5 life, I have an 8-7 life. I greatly enjoy requests (like, really really really REALLY love them) and feel like just the practice and experience is worth it, which is why I offer them completely for free, but I can not guarantee that they will always be quick. If you need something before the weekend, I do advise you look elsewhere because I usually can only get to these requests on the weekend, if that. Since I put any work someone requests of me on high priority, I will usually get them to you in two weeks or less, unless it is during midterm/finals season, in which case I will warn you, and you may have to wait a bit longer. I can usually get simple RP ads, headers, or image modification requests (change in eye color, etc) out in a few days, but character banners and blueprints will often take me the full two weeks, as it requires me to sit down and work seriously for hours, often taking me a whole day. Digital blueprints will take me much longer as the software is clunky and slow on top of the time it takes me to design it out in the first place.

    Also, since a couple of people have asked me this, I thought I should just add that I do not have a limit on the number of items you can ask for. Of course, if a lot of people are asking me for stuff and you ask for characters banners for three different characters and five different RP Ad banners, I may warn you that I will lower the priority for your stuff simply because the quantity is so large I would rather be able to work on other people's simpler items first. That said, I don't expect anyone to be asking me for that number of stuff and it doesn't worry me excessively that that might happen. Feel free to ask for more than one item at a time, and also feel free to come back and ask me for another item long after I've finished working on any of your stuff. Heck, you could come to me every month and ask for a new one for as long as I'm on this site and running this shop. No guarantees that it'll be quick, but I won't say no to anything in terms of QUANTITY, though I do reserve the right to refuse to do something I don't want to do. Until I decide to close this shop for good, my doors are open to anyone and everyone.

    And lastly, DO NOT SEND ME PM'S. I ask that you post all requests here in this thread, so that I can keep this thread current and my inbox clean. If you send me a PM for a request I will ignore your request flat-out without response and leave the conversation. If you do it more than once, I will blacklist you => I won't ever work on your stuff and I also will refuse to roleplay with you outside of bumping into you in a group RP I do not GM. I will also not accept you into any group roleplays I may or may not run. No exceptions. No warnings. I know this sounds a little extreme, but this is because I like people to actually put the effort into READING the things I write when it is relevant. So the same rule applies if you prove to me that you did not at least read the overview. Yes, I know the paragraphs are a lot to read, and it's okay if you screw up here and there, miss something, ask me a silly question, but trust me I can tell when people have flat-out not read my instructions, descriptions, rules, and I deeply do not appreciate it. Don't ask me to draw anything, don't tell me you want Victorian furniture in your digital blueprint, don't ask me to get it done in less than two weeks, do not ask me if I have a form to fill out, and don't just try to describe your character to me. If you can avoid those things, we're solid.

    I probably sound scary and picky af, rn, but I am a pretty friendly person, so do feel free to just ask me questions, check in on your request, or send me a PM if you want to chat. I would also actually prefer that you describe your request in a conversational manner, as it puts me at ease (the other reason I don't have a form). Just please don't spam the thread too much, as a matter of consideration for me. I'm the type who is almost always on Iwaku (even when I shouldn't be), so I'll usually respond to posts, requests, etc, within 24 hours :) Thanks!



    Current Requests
    Image Edits, Character Banner, and Logo for Joan

    Completed Requests
    RP Banner Ad for neobendium
    RP Banner Ad for Lucleigh
    Image Modification for Enchantress
    Simple Character Header for Isla
    Naruto RP Ads for Kosaki
    Extra Image Mods for Enchantress
    Two RP Ads for LadyNeko
    RP Ad for Necropolis
    RP Ad for Daz
    1x1 Request Ad for JadedWaifu
    RP Ad for Lulunopia
    RP Ad for Shayla
    Image Mods for Takashi
    Character Banner for Crimson77
    Ad Banner and Image Mods for Vanta Black Heart
    Image Mods for An Otaku
    Ad Banner for Dahrinn
    Image Mods and Character Banners for Joan
    Character Banner for IceQueen
    Banner Ad for Zarkun
    Image Mod for Kit Kat
    Character Banner for Illin
    Banner Ad for Rapping-Monster

    My Life Status
    I am now super free. I won't be forever, as I'm starting school in August and taking a two week vacation in April until the 18th, but you can ask me for a lot! Do be aware, however, that I am attempting to switch software from Photoshop to Krita because Photoshop's subscription policy sucks, so in particular gifs may be difficult for me. (Joan all your stuff is low priority b/c I know it's not urgent and you chill. Hope you don't mind.)
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  2. @LucLeigh

    I'm really so so so sorry for the delay in this.

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  3. Can you make me a rp banner gif, naruto related?
  4. I can! My life is crazy until Friday. But after that I am free for some time. Do you have any specifics for this banner?
  5. Uhm.. no, just make it look good. lol

    Can you make one with a moon in it? Sorry if i asked this at random...
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  6. Could you do an image modification for me.

    It's not a crazy amount of detail I want to change just a couple of things.

    This is the picture....
    Image to be modified

    I was wondering if her hair could be darker, like a pitch charcoal black.
    Hey eyes could be like a glossy glowing red.
    And her skin tone a light brown (I have a picture of the skin tone)
    Light Brown skin tone example

    Also if there is a way to hide the tattoo coming up from the sleeve that would be great if not I understand.

    I figured I would just throw all the details in one response if that's alright.
  7. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Throw all the details in one response, I mean. Thank you so much. I am fairly confident I can do all of those modifications, though the covering of the tattoo might make the skin color there a little bit funny-looking. I'll see what I can do about that one. :) I am currently ecstatically free, and since this request is the simplest, will probably start with this one, so I should be able to get it to you today. The only thing is that I appear not to be able to access the skin tone example link. Could you perhaps find another one?
  8. Yay!!! I try to make things as simple as possible. Heres another link its a random picture but the skin tone is nice, and its alright if the tattoo cant be covered.
  9. Would you also like me to get rid of the tattoo next to her eye?
  10. Oh wow I didnt even notice that one. Yes please if you can.
  11. @Enchantress

    Here you go, dear. Thanks for your patience. If there's anything you'd like me to change, please tell me.


  12. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you.
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  13. Hello! I'm not asking for anything terribly complicated, just a transparent thread header of the name: Wang Li Shou

    It's going to be decorating a character sheet at the top, so not too big. I'd say a little wider than my current signature but the height reasonable, perhaps about the size you made your "overview" thread decoration?

    I really enjoyed the font you did for House of Rat and if you could do the color in This Gold (#ff9900), I would appreciate that as well.

    If you need an idea of how big, here's the character sheet :)

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  14. Hows my submission progress?
  15. @Kōsaki. Thanks for checking in. Sorry it's been taking a while. :) I confess I have been struggling a bit with direction. I have a joke one for you, though. ^.^


    @Isla, it is not necessary to tag me, because I am keeping this thread under close watch :) but thanks anyways. I do have two House of Rat banners, though, and they use different fonts. Could you tell me which one specifically you were referring to?
  16. I've only seen one House of Rat edit where it says "House of Rat" in the headers and rp deco section. The second one. I'd like the font of that, thank you very much!
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  17. I don't want anything girly or homosexual, its suppose to be a bit dark and serious. That should help with direction a bit more.
  18. Am I able to request a second image modification, I didn't know if two were aloud.