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  1. As big-budget video games get progressively less and less scary, we look to the indie developers to remind us that horror games have the potential to make you shit yourself with terror; games like Amnesia and Lone Survivor show just what even a small studio can do with this type of game.

    I love it, even if such games often leave me never wanting to sleep ever again.

    There's actually a lot of really awesome horror games out there that are completely free to download and play; some really shit-your-pants stuff that are great experiences. I thought I'd share a few that I know of with you.

    'Slender' is a game based on the Slenderman myths (surprise surprise). The concept's pretty simple; you are alone in the woods at night and are attempting to collect eight pictures scattered about the locale. The second you collect the first page however, Slenderman starts coming after you, growing more and more persistant the more pages you collect. You've no weapons or skills to fight back with, just your flashlight and the ability to run like hell (and those are both finite). It's some really, really creepy stuff and a truly atmospheric experience.

    [size=+4]SCP - CONTAINMENT BREACH[/size]
    'SCP - Containment Breach' is a game based on the SCP Foundation stories. In short, you are an employee of an organisation that captures, studies and contains various unearthly and terrifying entities... and the facility you're in has just suffered a containment breach, letting all manner of horrible things loose. The game is still in it's early days but it has a lot of potential; worth a look.

    [size=+4]1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg[/size]
    Another very unique game, this. Taking place in the First World War, '1916' slaps you in the middle of a German trench filled with lots of gribbly things out to get you. Claustrophobic and nerve-wracking, it's another one of those 'you can't fight them' games with mechanics that force you into a flight mentality. Really spooky shit.

    [size=+4]THE HOUSE 2[/size]
    All the previous games I've shared require downloads and installations, which is maybe something you're not fancying. No worries, got you covered; 'The House 2' is a browser-based interactive game in which you explore a creepy old isolated building. You can guess where it leads from there. It takes a little while to load, but stick with it.​

    That's all I got for just now, folks. Hope you find something that makes you shit yourself. If you have any free horror games that you know of please feel free to share them with the rest of us.
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  5. Adding another couple to the list, as far as free goes...

    Exmortis 2
    "Very atmospheric point-and-click flash games with fantastic art and two of the only flash games
    to be scary without relying entirely on screamers. You wake up deep in the woods in front of an
    abandoned, run-down house and no memories - surprise! The house is full of pissed off dead
    people. Exmortis 2 takes place a few years after Exmortis 1 and is even moodier, given the
    setting. Both can be found on Newgrounds Exmortis 3 was released in 2009 but came with a
    ten dollar price tag, so naturally nobody's ever played the fucking thing."

    I also have a couple not-so-free suggestions. These are horror mods for various games so you'll need those before you can play them.

    Cry of Fear
    A mod for the Original Half-Life (Which goes for about $10 on Steam right now.) It's a pretty good ride for a mod,
    well made but still has its share of bugs. Though it has been patched since the last time I played it. Hope you're
    not afraid of the dark, though.

    Nightmare House
    Nightmare House 2
    I've never played them personally, but from what I've seen, these two looked like
    they were pretty fun. Fulla atmosphere at least. The second one looked like it
    borrowed from F.E.A.R. so that's always a plus.

    "This is a Single Player Modification for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. Both are required!
    This is a re-make of Hen's Map Pack Nightmare house, created in 2005. Nightmare House: Remake is here
    to bring you back the old memories, and get you ready to its inheritor, Nightmare House 2."

    "Nightmare House 2 is a free, horror-themed first-person-shooter game, and the
    direct successor of the first classic horror map pack "Nightmare House". Nightmare
    House 2 is based on the Source Engine by Valve, also considered a modification
    (mod) made for Half Life: Episode 2."

    Ghoul's Forest 3
    A mod for yee olde Doom 2: Hell of Earth. There's isn't much to it, but what little there is is still great. A
    giant forest map and only 4 (New and original) enemies. You're to kill them before they kill
    you. And they're much much better at it. Short description for a short mod, but well worth a
    play for any horror fan.

    You can find videos for all of these on Youtube if you want to see what they're like/spoil them...
  6. I've played a bit of Nightmare House 2.

    'A bit' largely because I reached a point where I had a sudden outburst of "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE" and fled from it like a terrified schoolgirl.
  7. D: I know it's not free, BUT.
    A good horror game: Lone Survivor :D
    I'm addicted.
    And scared. :D

  8. Grumpy & Gibs, I will enjoy these!
  9. Let me share the awesome of unknown games with 16-bit graphics, creativity, and a lot of scary.

    First place goes to: Ib
    This is a fantastic game even though it has such primitive graphics. You start out as Ib, a small girl who is visiting a gallery with her parents, when something goes horribly wrong. I will not spoil the details for you, but the story is quite well-written for a game of such caliber, the scares are excellent, chill-inducing and horrifying at the same time. I recommend it to anyone who prefers some good scares over good graphics. You may need RPGMaker2003 to play this game, but it is free. Additionally, the game requires your system locale to be set to English, and not recognise Japanese characters, or a crash may occur. If you have trouble with the game, just google "Ib game" or "Ib game crash." You can also contact me if you have any issues.

    Second place goes to: .flow
    A game that relies mostly on atmosphere, high octane nightmare fuel and dialog. You play as a person named Sabitsuki, a complete shut-in who refuses to leave her home. You spend the game exploring her mental landscape, which, to be honest, can be horrifying, interesting and terror-inducing at the same time. Once again, the graphics is not that great, but the game has some genuine scary moments, creepy places and a lot of secrets to explore. I am not sure if RPGMaker2003 is needed for this one, but it is a definite plus.

    Third place goes to: the white chamber
    Oh boy. This game basically introduced me to horror as a game genre. Its graphics is simply amazing for what it is, the cutscenes included in the game are simply great, and the story is interesting. What's more, it comes in multiple languages! You play as a woman awakening from a coffin with no idea where she is. Again, I would not like to spoil any story elements, but it is not what it looks like. The game is fairly easy to complete, but there is a walkthrough somewhere out there if you get stuck as there is a part of the game that is a little bit tricky to figure out.

    And that was all for now. I hope you enjoy your games!
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    But, on a serious note, The House 2 was crazy good.