[Free-High Casual] A Rare, Wild Search Check Appeared! [MxM and FxF]

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  1. I don't usually offer a forum based rp.
    I'm only going to accept ONE (maybe two, depending) partner/s.
    I will post if a spot has been filled.
    Currently accepting 2 partners.

    Partner 1: Open
    Partner 2: Open

    I'm in the mood for a few fandoms.
    While I rarely offer any pairings based on real life series and such. Sooo yeah..
    Either way, I'd still prefer to imagine it in anime form.
    And I'll do my best to play whatever character I end up playing as accurately as possible. Though, be warned there's a possibility the character might be a little ooc/crackish.

    I can do free to high casual, depending on my partner and the story.
    I will try to match quantity as well as quality.
    I CAN do smut, but it depends on how comfortable I am with my partner. If we were to incorporate that, I'd prefer to do it through PMs, as I'd be more comfortable with it private~.

    I only do MxM. Do NOT ask for straight. I might be interested in FxF, but only if the plot's right.
    I play the passive character in both yaoi and yuri.

    I've been rping for about 7 years now if not more, and I'm extremely well written (in my own opinion).

    The only things I need to ask of my partner are:
    Fast, and quite frequent replies. One a day is acceptable. But I'd love it if someone could post more than that.
    Be friendly to me! I like talking ooc. It makes me much more comfortable.
    Be open minded~.
    Play the dominant character, whether it's yuri or yaoi.

    I'm open to originals.

    So. Fandoms I'm willing to do currently. Here we go. (The roles with *'s beside them are the ones I'd prefer to play.)

    Sword Art Online
    Oc x Oc

    Sherlock (BBC)
    *Sherlock x John

    Star Trek
    Spock x *Kirk

    *America x England
    Italy x *Germany

    Zaya* x Shizuka [Genderbend]

    Possible Pairings

    School Secretary x Teacher (Yuri is a small possibility in this case=Also happy to play either role, but I might prefer the Secretary)

    Idol/Celebrity x Assistant/Employee*

    God x God (OCs)

    Rival x Rival

    Fashion Designer x Singer/Model*

    I want bittersweet moments. I like drama and some tension as long as it's resolved happily.
    For example, in the Designer x Model pairing, one of the scenes I have in my head for a possible scene later is the two get into a rather serious relationship, but they both have their careers, and each are very dedicated to it. So when the model is offered a big, long contract in Paris, s/he accepts, even though it means s/he'd have to leave their lover behind. Of course, they're very, very reluctant, and quite sad.
    So the designer escorts him/her to the airport, and the model gets on the plane. The designer watches it take off, thinking the model left him/her with a broken heart. But after a bit, s/he turns to leave only to see the model character run up and embrace him/her, having decided against going to be with the designer.

    Sooo clique/corny...BUT I LOVE IT. So that's the kind of stuff I like in my roleplays, those emotions.

    I may add more. If you have any questions as to if I'd do any specific fandom, ask.
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  4. I would love to do a type of rivalxrival original plot and storyline. I have been role playing for about 3-4 years. I may not reply EVERYDAY, but I usually reply about 5 out of 7 days a week and more than a few replies when I do reply.
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