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  1. Welcome to yet another Greensea's Shop
    Greensea's confidence therapy
    (Last one was closed last year)

    So... this is something that I haven't done since forever, I guess? since I don't have the confidence I had in the past due to my lack of skill (I tend to feel underwhelmed seeing people draw amazingly, it's really amaze me to see a lot of talent gather in here ^o^). Well now I'm going to try regain or at least gain some confidence with my drawing whether it's bad or great ^^~!

    About my drawing style,
    I can't do anything else beside Anime and even that still tend to change the style from time to time though. As for realism to semi realism, I haven't done that since a long time though I can do their nose and mouth but not with their eyes.

    As for now I don't have any example though I can show you my past Deviant,

    well I can only give you link (note, my drawing style has change!)
    Practice #1

    GreenSea's Junkyard #1 [Free Adopt/OPEN]

    Lisette Alcatraz OC

    If you all are interested in request here's the sheet:

    But what's a shop without a rule?
    1. I only do headshot and I'll color it if possible (I'm still learning how to block and shading)

    2. About drawing time, I'll draw ASAP but a week is the longest

    3.You don't need to credit me, just put it on good use~ though you can't claim as your as well

    4. I'll only take 3 request at most on my waiting list.

    5.I can take harsh criticism, so bring it!

    Q & A
    Q:Will you do portrait request?
    A:Not... yet maybe if I have the confidence to

    Q:So where do you do your request?
    A:Laptop, I use Photoshop​
  2. -Name- Arikizo
    -Gender- Male
    -Age- 20
    -Features- angular brown eyes (similar to this), with slits instead of pupils (like a snake, because he's a dragon); messy layered brown hair that fades into a crimson red at the ends, ends a bit above his ears at the shortest points and a bit below his chin at the longest; his ears are normal; he has a pair of horns on his head (like this; face shape is also similar)
    -History- Ari was almost kicked out of his clan because he was found to be too weak for the dying dragon kind. His lungs are too weak to allow him to fly or breathe fire. His supposed saving grace came in the form of a desperate king and queen seeking protection for their young son, who was bound for an unhappy arranged marriage with the son of a rival kingdom. He took the task to prove his strength despite his disability, and has fought for years to protect the prince as he grew older.
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  3. Got it also the horn picture is block on my country could you please send me a new link~?
  4. done~! hope it's alright

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    try 1.png

    no color
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    try blank.png
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  5. That's wonderful! Thank you so much!
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  6. No prob~! also thanks, glad you like it ^^~!
  7. -Name- Issac Felvine
    -Gender- Male
    -Age- 27
    -Features- An white patch rests on his left eye, with a brilliant purple eye paralleling it. Dark black hair hangs over his face and falls to the back of his waist. His body was slender and his skin pale he resembled the moon on the smallest crescent. Two strands of hair on either side fall down onto his snow white face and barely covering the straps to patch on his face. His eye is a brilliant beacon in the dark, almost resembling a purple flame, his eye itself is quite sharp and his eyebrows angular and slim, always an nuetral expression rests on his face but mistaken for silent angry more than often.(I tried to paint a good picture for the hair but this is what i was basing it off but alot longer[ and also for the face shape as for the medical eye patch[ )

    -History- Issac was an easy going citizen of Ever Night, he didn't indulge himself too much in the Sins of the city he would've fit in to any old city like a regular person. Fitting in with demons angles and all sorts of other creatures was not a small feat. Issac was pretty normal besides his Purple eyes that were there ever since a accident happened in the center of the city with some unknown cargo. His father took care of him and was a caterer to the Rulers of the city the King and Queen. But one day Issac learned the truth of the city and why they were locked away from the rest of the world why everyone forgot everything when they left the city. Issac tried to expose the truth for he was most cunning anyone the King and Queen had met. They decided to break the rules of the city and to spill Issac's blood. With their immense power they tried to kill him but the accident made it impossible to kill him. So they held him captive and he escaped and was captured many times back and forth. Finally they had come up with a solution to stop this they took they city's Guardian and monsterous beast and took out one of its eyes and with immense magic implanted it into his left eye socket where they previously removed his other eye, this made him forget everything he only knew his name and the name of the city as well as common knowledge of the city.
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  8. I'll get it done soon~!
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  9. @ZeroHunter
    Shoot I messed his hair up tell me if you want to change it!
    With color
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    Without Color
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    mkmkko 2.png
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  10. That's almost perfect like the only thing is his hair is longer in the front until about midway down his face and in the back all the way down to his waist o and his eye is also purple other than that this is a absolutely perfect.
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  11. I'll fix it soon~
  12. -Name- Rainie Belen
    -Gender- Female
    -Age- 17
    -History- To put it short, she was sexually abused by both of her parents, her mother got sick of her when she finally didnt allow her to abuse her anymore, and shipped her off to her grandmothers, where her grandpa (a crazy fucker) taught her all sorts of martial arts. (weird! i know!)

    Facial Type: Slightly squared jaw, slightly pointed chin, big eyes, thin lips, slightly plump cheeks, short hair that covers her right eye.
    Eye Color: light electric green in her right eye, and dark brown in her left.
    Hair Color Dark brown
    Hairstyle: Sloppy, one eye covered, feathery hair on the sides of her head, a baseball cap.
    Skin Tone: Slightly tanned.
    Complexion: mostly clear
    Accessories: glasses, bottom lip piercing, a piercing in her left eyebrow, and two piercings in each ear, a scar on her right cheek (its also on the side of the eye that is green) she is usually mad, so maybe she is snarling? or like, menacingly showing her canine?

    I would LOVE IT if you made this for me!!

    Maybe base it a little off of this pic of emma porsche, like, the face.
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  13. Oh hi there, fellow countryman! Naturally, I must request your artistic expertise!

    Name: Ellie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 years old
    Features: Snow white hair, ruby red eyes, very pale skin.
    History: An albino orphan left on the doorsteps of a random house, Ellie was taken in by an elderly couple who never had children of their own. The girl grew up to be a curious child, always hungry to try new things and let her mind - and body - wander, sometimes to the point of venturing away from home, much to the dismay of her adopted parents. She dislikes the sun as her albinism caused the sun's rays to hurt her if she's exposed for too long. Ellie possesses an unusual affinity to the supernatural. She claims to see spirits, fairies, and other mythical creatures, making others think she's a child with a highly active imagination and has a plethora of imaginary friends.

    Note: She is my PC in this RP I am doing. (OOC) Finding Our Way: Pray4Me x Izurich | Her full profile is there. :)
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  14. *bows* thanks for the request everyone it means a lot to me~!

    and lol XD~! I'm not a good artistically but I shall try my best~!XD we should make a group where all indonesian Iwakuian hang out~!
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  15. Okay so I'm re drawing everything~ hope this time it's spot on~!
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    req done.png


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    Okay so I've got 2 emotion cause I'm not sure she's a quiet type or the cheerful ones~
    quiet type
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    Cheerful type
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  16. @GreenSea OMG! Lovely! :D Just one thing, her hair is supposed to be long, back-length. :) Sorry I didn't mention it before! >.>
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  17. GAWD DANG IT!!!! okay Imma change it asap~! wait which one do you prefer the quiet type or the cheerful ones?
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  18. I wanna try the former. :D
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  19. This one~?
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  20. @GreenSea Yessssss! Absolutely wonderful!
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