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  1. Hello! I'm Angie, and I want to do all your graphic requests! :D
    I'll tell you what I offer to make, give you some examples of what I can do, and even give you a form to fill out for each! OH and don't forget folks, these are all free!
    What I offer:
    Character Tags - Special decorated pictures to go with your roleplay post.
    Banners/Blends- Any type of banner or blend!
    Roleplay Boxes- Div boxes to house your threads/characters/roleplay posts in!

    I will be taking up to five requests at a time!

    Here's the request form:
    Type of Graphic Requesting:
    Font: [From]
    Text: [What do you want it to say?]
    Anything else:
  2. can you do animated because I'm looking for a gif banner siggy
  3. Are you taking requests? If so, here is my form:

    Name: Dragonid Tales
    Type of Graphic Requesting: I would like a banner please
    Photos: I don't have specific images I would like to use. I would love a rocky or mountainous background with several realistic dragon pokemon and the name of the roleplay in the center.
    Theme: Fantasy/Anime crossover.
    Font: If you could see what looks best that would be great ^^
    Text: Just the name of the roleplay, please.
    Extra: If you could find a realistic Noivern to work into the picture that would be amazing ^^"