Free drawings/designs.

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  1. I used to draw allot, before school and I’d love to practise again, but have no idea as to what to make. That’s why anybody that sees this is free to tell me what to draw for you. Keep in mind that I am a “traditional” pencil and paper person( I'll send you a picture )and also that I have 0 skill. If all that is all right with you and you have something you want drawn (for free); feel free to tell me!

    I don't/can't do anime-style. I'm sorry. To tell a bit about myself.
    My style is a bit more new-school / semi-realistic. My father is a tattoo artist which has influenced me to have drawn mostly tattoo related styles. Too bad I mostly burn all my works hahaha. I mostly doodle portrait and skulls, but I am willing to try whatever style you want. Porn/nudity is ok, but only tasteful.
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  2. I'm the DM for a DnD campaign that I have been running for a while and I really wanted to surprise my players with "professionally" done portraits if you'd be interested? There's only 3 players, so it's not a huge workload )
  3. Alright, I have something for you. Superhero genre.

    face and body size based loosely on actress Michelle Rodriguez.

    Age roughly 24
    Former Israeli army
    Former Shield Agent
    Genius / Super genius intellect
    Wears agent style armor with a utility style belt and a gun belt.
    probably wears a green arrow style hoody
    should have some sort of stylized bird of prey logo somewhere.
    Armor coloring grey and blue.

    Let me know what you think so far. If you need more I can cut and paste character bio for you.