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  1. I'm offering free fully colored dragon paintings to whoever wants one! You just have to fill out the form below:

    Dragon Type:
    [What kind of dragon do you want? Ice dragon, fire dragon, shadow dragon, etc]
    Dragon Pose:
    Dragon Description:
    [Do you want a background for your painting?]
    Extra Information:

    Here is an examples of my art style:
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  2. If this doesn't appeal to you, don't worry about it. <3

    Dragon Type: Light Dragon

    Dragon Pose. Sitting or lying down. Thoughtful and curious. Looking up and examining something in the scenery. A bird. A flower.

    Dragon Description: A gentle young dragon, tamed by a maiden, he is fond of listening to birds sing and the warmth of the morning sunshine. Although he appears white on a cloudy day, his scales glisten with hints of gold, orange, and even pink in the sunlight. More of an Eastern style dragon (though body style could be Eastern or European), he may have small antlers like a deer (optional) and possibly mane or scruffs of hair.

    Background?: If you could incorporate cherry blossoms that would be super exciting. The scene in my head involves this guy just lazing about near a cherry blossom tree in full bloom, petals all around but you're the artist and I'm not too concerned.

    Extra Information: In my story, this guy was found as a hatchling and tamed by a young princess. Never new another dragon or what it meant to be one. At the beginning of the story, he's more a playmate or pet than ferocious beast but as things go on he develops into a fiercely protective guardian.

    Super excited about this possibility. Thanks for posting this.
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  3. Would you like updates?
  4. Updates are appreciated but not required if you're busy. I'll be around. :)
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  6. Dragon Type: I’d love if you could do two in one photo, one ice and another fire.
    Dragon Pose: Vocally fighting, however dragons do that. Perhaps just standing around, being angry at eachother.

    Dragon Description:
    “In the place of scales, his body is covered in a thick carpet of white fur, some of which covers his eyes at most times. Other notable features include an undershot and two stalagmite-like horns. At two meters long, he stands just below his cousin, Snap Dragon, but above most others when on hind legs. Other than this, he appears to be constantly shivering, and occasionally sneezing from a perpetual common cold.”

    Snap: “In the place of scales, his body is covered in a thick and rough skin, occasionally dotted with a lighter green than the rest. Other notable features include an undershot and three horns, two on each side of the back of his head, and one on his snout. His face is framed with a red plate on each side, and his back is lined with spikes. At just over two meters long, he stands above his cousin Cole, and most others when on hind legs.”

    Reference images, although it’d be great if you could draw them as actual dragons, not… plants.


    Background?: No, thank you.
    Extra Information: Note they can’t go too far away from each other because of a curse. Also aren’t they too fond of eachother.
  7. Would you like updates?
  8. No thank you, I cannot expect you to add that to your schedule as well.
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  10. And to all considering. My dragon is GORGEOUS so far. <3
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  11. I'm thinking of requesting a dragon wrapped around a big fancy wheel of sorts (it's for an RP I'm working on -- I'm looking for reference images of all the gods/goddesses and other important mythological things). That would mean that I need a fair amount of detail in the wheel, as well (like, a whole bunch of different symbols carved into it). Is this something you'd be up for? (I'll be sure to give you more info and fill out the template and all if you say you're cool with this.)
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  12. That sounds like it would be a lot of fun! I will definitely give it a shot :)
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  13. Awesome! I'll get a form filled out soon. ^^

    Edit: Actually, it might be a day or two to finish the form. ^^"
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  14. Dragon Type: No element type — neutral would be best. He just needs to have gold-colored skin.
    Dragon Pose: Wrapped around the outer edge of a large wheel (more info on that later), crawling around the wheel and therefore turning the wheel as he moves. (Let me know if my wording doesn’t make any sense. >.< )
    Dragon Description: A long, serpentine dragon, with four short legs and no wings. Gold in coloration. I don’t have much set-in-stone besides that, so you can do whatever feels best, I suppose.
    Background?: No thank you.
    Extra Information: There’s a halo above his head — but it’s not a typical, circular halo. Instead, this halo is shaped like an infinity sign. (Does that make sense or should I find some sort of reference image?)

    The Wheel:



    So, bear in mind, this is a VERY rough mockup. I only made it so that it would be easier to explain what I want. Obviously, in the real version, I’d want the sections of each ring to be more evenly cut (as I can tell just by looking at this that these are not equal slices…), and I’m thinking the thickness of them might vary considerably in the real version, as well. I’m kind of letting you decide on that one. Same goes for the colors — I wanted to color every section in the mockup so that it’s easier to see where things begin and end, but, I’m not totally sure what I want all the colors to be. I’m not even sure if I want some of them to have colors at all. I also want each panel to have some sort of symbol on it. But, I’ll get to the details about all that in a minute.

    This mockup represents what the panels visible on the surface of the wheel will look like. I’m thinking the wheel itself should appear to be made out of gold, and would have spokes coming off of the end of it (if that makes sense). This also means that there would be gold in-between the rings, showing that they’re not all attached to each other and that they can move independently of each other (if that makes sense ^^” ).

    Now for details about each ring:

    Center Ring: These two panels represent day and night, and I think the colors here already sort of reflect that. But, they were chosen very arbitrarily. Feel free to tweak these colors until you get something that looks good. As for the symbols, I was originally going to ask for any symbols that you think could easily represent night and day — but, now I’m thinking, if it’s not too much for you, could you put a lion on the day half and a wolf on the night half? Positioned so that they look like they’re chasing each other? If it’s not too much, of course — I know I’m asking for something very detailed as it is! If this is too much, then any sort of generic day/night symbols would be fine.

    Second-to-Center: These four panels are supposed to represent the four elements (air, water, earth, fire). Again, I chose arbitrary colors that more-or-less represent the elements already, but which could easily be tweaked. So, just use any colors you think would be appropriate. As for symbols, just use whatever you think would best represent air/water/earth/fire.

    Second-to-Outermost: These panels represent the “persuasions” as they’re called in my RP, which are based off of the minor arcana suits in a tarot card deck (swords, cups, pentacles, wands). The symbols, in this case, should be fairly obvious (just do a sword for “swords”, and a cup for “cups”). The only one that’s a really specific symbol is “pentacles”, but you can easily look that up on Google Images and base it off of that. As for the colors — I made most of these here fairly similar to the colors I used for the four elements, since each “persuasion” more-or-less corresponds with one of the elements (swords = air, cups = water, pentacles = earth, wands = fire), but, again, the colors here aren’t heavily set-in-stone, either. Do what you think works best.

    Outermost Ring: These 12 panels are supposed to represent the 12 Zodiac signs (which I would like to have in order, going clockwise). Like I said, I colored all these panels so that it would be easier to tell them apart, but, I know how hard it can be to make a bunch of different colors all look right together. o.o So, if you want, you can just make that entire ring silver. If you do really want to color them, then I would prefer de-saturated versions of the colors I already have here.

    I know I was really vague for a lot of this, so feel free to give me a poke if you want clarifications or guidance on anything! And thanks so much for taking up this complex request!! ^^”
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  15. Thank you for writing up the form! I will slowly begin to work at this detailed piece. Do you want updates?
  16. Yes, updates would be great. Thanks!
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  17. You're offering free art? Not a lot of people do that. Sign me up :P

    Dragon Type: Not elemental - just a purple dragon.
    Dragon Pose: Anything that will demonstrate how majestic and awesome she is.
    Dragon Description: She's purple. Any shades of purple will work. She's shiny, and very elegant and beautiful. She has big wings and she has frills. She'll have a long, slender head and very wise lavender eyes. If you give her any jewellery, I'd prefer silver, not gold.
    Background?: I'd like her to be inside a cave, but not a dank and gross cave - the walls have glowing gemstones embedded in them and there's a pool of pure blue water in the cave.
    Extra Information: Take all the time you need with this one, I have all the time in the world :)
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  18. DragonType: A fire and shadow dragon hybrid
    Dragon Pose: Wings extendedlooking down on a would be dragonslayer getting ready to roast him/her
    Dragon Description: surprise me. ^.^
    Background?: A dwarven mine
    Extra Information: Take your time. ^.^ I always say that if you want a piece of good/excellent quality art, you don't rush the artist. Updates are not mandatory, but appreciated none the less.
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  19. Thanks for requesting! When I do start working on this I will definitely send you any updates I have!
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  20. Before I put in a request, I would like to ask if there would be a possibility first, before I waste time putting the request.

    Could there possibly be two dragons drawn in an image? Smaller, of course, and less detailed if you'd prefer, but I was thinking maybe.... One is an earth dragon, male, with the typical all four paws. A bit very serious looking. Though a secondary dragon would be much smaller and would be the typical... Chinese "snake" dragon, female, and perhaps more airy? And furrier, fluffier... Or perhaps a little feathery?

    The pose perhaps being the male earth dragon has a a forepaw risen to keep the airy dragon from flying too far high and getting endangered, but she, the air/sky dragon, was maybe not annoyed, but rather just playful in appearance?

    The setting maybe could be at a high point in a mountain where the earth meets the clouds, at the sort of balcony of a cave.
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